K-Snacks for Every Mood: A Guide to Snacking Like a K-Drama Protagonist

Feeling extra dramatic today? Maybe pining for a love that could never be? Daydreaming of moving to Seoul and taking on the world as bae seems like the only thing that makes any sense right now. So why not take some inspiration from your favorite K-Drama protagonists and snack accordingly? Eating snacks, just like life choices in drama land, has it’s own special flair– all you need is a map! Hang tight while we venture into K-Snack territory with this guide to snacking like a K-Drama protagonist.

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Crunky Pepero 


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If you're a fan of K-dramas, you've probably noticed a common snack that pops up in many of them: Crunky Pepero. This sweet and crunchy snack has become a staple in Korean dramas, often used as a comfort food or a way to bond between characters. It's no wonder why - the combination of creamy chocolate and crispy biscuit is irresistible! So next time you're watching a K-drama, keep an eye out for that familiar packaging and grab a box of Crunky Pepero to munch on while you watch.

Roasted Seaweed Peanut Bites 

 Roasted seaweed

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If you're a K-drama fan, then you've definitely noticed the rise in popularity of roasted seaweed peanut bites in recent series. These savory snacks are the perfect accompaniment to a long binge-watching session, and it's easy to see why characters in the dramas are constantly snacking on them. The combination of the salty roasted seaweed and the slightly sweet peanuts is addictive, and they're surprisingly filling for such a small snack. Whether you're munching on them during a romantic scene or a dramatic cliffhanger, roasted seaweed peanut bites are a staple in K-drama snacking. So if you haven't tried them yet, grab a bag and get ready to join the obsession!

Bacchus Jellies Sour 

bacchus jellies

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There's something about Bacchus Jellies Sour that just screams Korean drama. It's probably because those little packets of tangy goodness are a staple on pretty much every set. Whenever there's a scene where the actors are feeling tired or stressed, you can bet that someone will pull out a pack of Bacchus Jellies and pass them around. It's like the Korean version of Red Bull, but with a sour twist. And let's be honest, who doesn't love a good sour candy? Whether you're binging on K-dramas or just need a little pick-me-up during the day, Bacchus Jellies Sour are the perfect snack to keep you going.

Cream Carbo Hot Chicken Ramen 


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If you've watched your fair share of K-dramas, then you probably associate ramen with those steamy, late-night scenes where the characters slurp up their noodles with fervor. But have you ever noticed that they're almost always eating certain type of ramen? That's right, it's Cream Carbo Hot Chicken Ramen. This instant noodle dish has become a staple in Korean dramas and for good reason. The creamy, spicy broth combined with the chewy noodles make for a satisfying and comforting meal perfect for those emotionally charged scenes. So, next time you binge-watch your favorite K-drama, grab a bowl of Cream Carbo Hot Chicken Ramen and immerse yourself even more in the story.

From the classic ramen dishes to the crunchy snacks and chocolates, K-snacks have made a major impact on culture around the world. If you want to experience first hand what these popular snacks taste like, order our April box of assorted K-snacks. You can munch on Crunky Pepero while watching your favorite Korean drama, snack on roasted seaweed peanut bites with your friends and family, or enjoy the sweet and sour flavor of Bacchus Jellies Sour. Not to mention, if you're feeling brave enough, you can even give Cream Carbo Hot Chicken Ramen a try! Whether you're an avid fan of K-dramas or are just looking for fun new snacks to try out, ordering our April box is sure to satisfy your cravings. Give your tastebuds something new and exciting- try out our April Box of K-Snacks today!

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