5 Must-Try Vegetarian Korean Snacks in Your Seoulbox V!

5 Must-Try Vegetarian Korean Snacks in Your Seoulbox V!

Korean snacks range from sweet to spicy to nutritious and still delicious. But it can be hard finding something to munch on if you're going meatless. Luckily, there are vegetarian options for you to enjoy. Let's look at 5 must-try vegetarian Korean snacks you can find in your Seoulbox V.

Steamed Chestnuts

A woman's hand holding a bag of chestnuts

Image Credits: Image via Seoulbox

Looking for that perfect camping snack? Try these steamed chestnuts. Cooked without extra sugars, they're both tasty and have health benefits like better digestion and an increased nutrient intake. A nut a day keeps the doctor away - give these chestnuts a try! 

Nan Nana Corn

Nan Nana Corn Bag with Sunflower in Vase

Image Credits: Image via Arumart

Koreans love corn snacks, and these chips are no exception! Crunchy and crispy, Nan Nana Corn also has a chili pepper kick. Pack them the next time you watch a football (soccer) game.

Hodamsi Rice Honey Oranda Puff Bar

Hodamsi Rice Honey Oranda Puff Bar

Image Credits: Image via 11th Street Co.

Have you heard of oranda (žė§ŽěÄŽč§)? It's a traditional Korean snack made with¬†puffed beans or wheat, seeds, nuts, and sweet rice honey syrup. A gooey treat that's perfect with coffee.

Eastwell Pocket Popcorn Strawberry 

Eastwell Popcorn Strawberry

Image Credits: Image via K Taste Online Catalogue

Spring is the season for all things strawberry. And strawberry sauce goes well with everything, especially popcorn. Forget the microwave-popped kernels and butter. Eat your way through this bag on your k-drama night!

Roasted Seaweed Peanut Bites

Roasted seaweed peanut bites

Image Credits: Orion World via Instagram

Dried seaweed and peanuts. Two distinct flavors - fishy and nutty - combine in this addictive snack. Need to eat something with your beer or soju? Fill up a bowl and crunch away.

How to Order Your Own Seoulbox V

We've only give you a sample of what's inside this month's Seoulbox V (Korean Dramas). With this vegetarian box, we're offering Seoulmates living a plant-based lifestyle their personal tour of Korea. Some of the snacks may be different, but we guarantee they're just as delicious!

Seoulbox V (homepage)

Image Credits: Image via Seoulbox

And ordering a box is easy as counting "1-2-3" (hana, dul, set; ŪēėŽāė, ŽĎė, žÖč). Go to the Seoulbox website¬†and¬†click on the "Shop" dropdown menu or the appropriate buttons on the homepage.

Seoulbox V 6-month

Image Credits: Image via Seoulbox

You'll then be able to select the frequency of your box. For first-time buyers, we recommend One Time. The four other options are 1-Month, 3-Month, 6-Month, and 12-Month. The 3-Month and 12-Month are the most popular.

Seoulbox V Photo April 2023

ÔĽŅImage Credits:¬†ÔĽŅImage via Seoulbox

Now pay and relax. Wait for your special package to arrive so you can experience Korea at home!

Do you have a favorite vegetarian Korean snack? Is there a plant-based snack that you'd recommend? Leave a comment below!

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