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Are you a huge fan of K-dramas? Get ready to binge some new content this April! Here’s the low down on all new Korean dramas set to premiere in the coming weeks that are sure to keep you so engrossed and entertained. From dreamy romances, suspenseful crime stories and gripping court battles, these exciting new series offer something for everyone. With thrilling plots and a fantastic line-up of actors, get ready for a true journey into K-drama heaven with unforgettable viewing experiences! So grab your snacks and find a comfortable spot—here is our list of must-watch K-dramas debuting in April 2023!

1. Paper Moon (ENA) - April 10

Paper moon

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Paper Moon is a K-drama based on the Japanese novel “Kami No Tsuki” by Mitsuyo Kakuta (2012). The drama is about a housewife named Yoo Yi-Hwa (Kim Seo-Hyung) who becomes bored of her life and her husband. In order to change her life, she finds a job at a bank, where she starts stealing money from clients. The cast includes Lee Si-Woo and Seo Young-Hee.

2. Stealer: The Treasure Keeper (tvN) - April 12


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In this drama, the main character Hwang Dae-Myung (Joon Won) is a civil servant of the Special Investigation Division of the Cultural Heritage Administration. After being accused of working with a mysterious thief called Skunk, who wears a black mask and steals cultural assets from the country, Dae-Myung joins the Karma team to hunt down the Skunk.

3. Bora! Deborah (ENA) - April 12


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Here is the romantic comedy of the month! This series tells the love story between the writer Yeon Bo-Ra (Yoo In-na), also known as Deborah, and Lee Soo-Hyeok (Yoon Hyun-Min), a publishing planner. Deborah is a famous dating coach and writes best-selling books about love. On the other hand, Lee Soo-Hyeok struggles with dating and dislikes Deborah, who claims to know everything about love. We are excited to see how things between them change when they meet! Joo Sang-Wook is also part of the casr as Han Sang-Jin, the CEO of Jinri Publishing Company and one of Lee Soo-Hyeok’s bestfriends!

4. Queenmaker (Netflix) - April 14


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This one is a politically themed drama! Kim Hee-ae plays the role of Hwang Do-Hee, a brilliant professional in image-making. With her impeccable skills, she starts working with Oh Seung-sook (Moon So-ri), a strong human rights lawyer who is a candidate to become the mayor of Seoul.

5. Doctor Cha (JTBC) - April 15

Doctor cha

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In this slice-of-life genre drama, Cha Jung-Sook (Uhm Jung-Hwa) is a housewife who gave up on her medical career during her resident years. However, she decides to return to her goals and start her medical resident course. She does so in the company of her strict husband, a chief surgeon at a university hospital, Seo In-Ho (Kim Byung-Chul).

6. Family: The Unbreakable Bond (tvN) - April 17


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If you love mysteries and spies, this one is for you. When Tae-Koo (Kim Nam-Hee) enters the lives of Kwon Do-Hoon (Jang Hyuk) and Kang Yoo-Ra (Jang Na-Ra), respectively husband and wife, the plot of their story changes forever. In a house full of untold stories, Do-Hoon is a secret agent for the NIS (National Intelligence Service). At the same time, Yoo-Ra is a housewife who keeps a secret from everyone. In order to disguise himself, the secret agent works a regular office job during the day. The plot of this drama leaves us with the need to know more ASAP!

7. The Good Bad Mother (JTBC) - April 26

The good bad mother

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The incredible cast for this drama includes Ra Mi-ran and Lee Do-Hyun, who you might know from the recent k-drama “The Glory”. Together with JTBC, it will be aired on Netflix, with two episodes coming out each week. The story tells of a mother (Ra Mi-ran) who lived her life and gave everything for her child (Lee Do-Hyun), a prosecutor who goes back to being a child after experiencing an incident and suffering from amnesia.

8. Dr. Romantic Season 3 (SBS) - April 28

Dr. Romantic

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After three years, Dr. Romantic is finally back with a third season! It’s not every day that you see a K-drama returning with more seasons over the years. Each season the support for this medical drama increases, so we’re excited to see if season three will do justice to one and two. This drama handles the lives of medical students, with the return of everyone’s favorite teacher, Mr. Kim (Han Seok-Kyu). For the romance fans, the love birds Seo Woon-Jin and Cha Eun-Jae, played by Ahn Hyo-Seop and Lee Sung-Kyung, will also return.

This year’s April line-up has something for everyone, from heartwarming romantic comedies to action-packed thrillers. The anticipation is building up for these new Korean dramas, with many expectations from the creative teams behind them. If you’re a K-drama lover like me, you won’t want to miss out on these upcoming debuts. Who knows, you might even discover your new favorite series! So, gear up, grab your snacks (we can deliver them to you!), and settle in for a ride full of entertainment and excitement.

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