What is Seoulbox?

Seoulbox is the ultimate Korean experience delivered straight to your door.

Discover an epic side of Korea with a colorful new theme every month!


Which goodies will I get from my Seoulbox?

It varies from month to month because we curate a box each month theming around different parts of Korea. However, every month you'll get 1 Kpop goody, 1 K-Beauty treat, 1 packet of ramyun, 1 Korean drinks and various Korean lifestyle items along with snacks and candies.


Is there any vegetarian option?

Of course 🌱 As a company promoting diversity and rich cultures, we do our best to cater to different backgrounds and styles. Our Seoulbox V is vegetarian.

Large portion of snacks in Seoulbox is plant-based.


Is it gluten free?

Most of our snacks contain grains, so it is unfortunately not gluten free.


Do you have a halal option?

Yes we do! Click here to get your Seoulbox V, which is both halal-friendly and vegetarian.
*Some items in the box are not halal-certified, however all snacks are meat-free, and we hand-pick snacks free from any meat-based ingredients such as gelatine


How do I buy a Seoulbox?

You are able to purchase Seoulbox by visiting our website (yes, here 😉).


How muhc is a Seoulbox?

Seoulbox Signature and Seoulbox V start from $32 a month, and the price varies depending on the lenght of subscription.

Seoulbox Life starts from $49.95 a month, and the price varies depending on the lenght of subscription.


Can I get my product personalized?

We currently do not offer customized Seoulbox. However, the Seoulteam is working hard to provide the option in near future!




How much is the shipping?

Shipping is $12.50 per box.

However, please note we are not liable to cover any customs or import taxes if happen. We do our best to help you get your boxes in time and with minium hassles.


How long does it take to dispatch?

Your box ships out generally within 2 to 3 days after purchase.


How long does it take to arrive?

It takes typically 3-8 days to arrive after dispatch.


How can I track my parcel?

When your Seoulbox is dispatched, you'll receive an email confirmation that contains a unique tracking link for your parcel.


For DHL customers: Please click here to track your box.

For FedEx customers: Please click here to track your box.

For Royal Mail customers: Please click here to track your box.


Can I return or refund my order?

We always aim for make sure our customers love our products, but if you do need to return an order, we’re happy to help. Just email us directly and we’ll take you through the process.




What types of subscriptions are available?

There are three products in current lineup: Seoulbox Signature, Seoulbox V, and Seoulbox Life - our brand-new Korean lifestyle subscription!

Choose Seoulbox Signature if you are a foodie or want to receive a gift box with a good blend of snacks and goodies.

If you are a vegetarian, go for Seoulbox V! It's Seoulbox Signature free from meet.

Want to experience Korean lifestyles or discover new sides of Korea every season? Seoulbox Life is an excellent fit for you 🙌

You can explore all of them easily here.

You can purchase them either on a rolling month, quarterly, or annunal basis. SeoulBox Life offers seasonal and annul options.

There's one-off trial option prepared for you if you just want to try out.


How can I pause/cancel my subscription?

Sad to see you go 😰 You can pause your subscirption in your Seoulbox account settings. You can canel your subscription anytime by contacting our support team: We are happy to help!


It needs to be done before the next charge date, which you can find from your account settings. If the charge is already been made and the box has been dispatched, we can't issue you a refund.


My card has expired/stolen/damaged. How do I continue my subscription?

Sad to hear so! Hope we can take some part to relieve your concerns. You can update your payment details on your account page.




I am an influencer and would like to do an unboxing collaboration with Seoulbox!

Please contact us via Our team will reach you 🤝


How can I be your affiliate partner?

You can enrol yourself for our affiliate program. You'll earn $5 per each successful referral. Once approved, you will access to digital assets and ad copies on your affiliate dashboard.


I want to refer a friend. How much would I get?

You can refer Seoulbox to your friend through our referral program. Both you and your friend will earn $15.


Do you have any other question? 🧐

We are here to make sure all your questions answered 🙌

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us via following ways:


Social media: @unboxyourseoul