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Q: What is Seoulbox?

A: Seoulbox is the ultimate Korean experience delivered straight to your door. Discover an epic side of Korea with a colorful new theme every month!

Q: Which goodies will I get from my Seoulbox?

A: It varies from month to month as we curate a new box each month theming around different parts of Korea. However, every month you'll get 1-2 K-Pop goodies, 1-2 K-Beauty treats, one packet of ramyun (or on rare occasions a similar product such as soup), 1 Korean drink, and various Korean snacks and candies. For example, in November '21 Seoulbox as of writing the FAQ page now (12th November 2021), you will receive x1 BTS Vanilla Latte, x1 K-Pop plush keyring, x1 beef bibim ramyun and 15 more Korean cafe and chocolate shop themed treats in your Wonka Cafe Seoulbox.

Q: Is there a vegetarian or Halal option?

A: Of course! As a company promoting diversity and rich cultures, we do our best to cater to different backgrounds and styles. Our Seoulbox V is both vegetarian and Halal. Please note that while not all products are officially Halal-certified, we have taken extra care and precaution to make sure the snacks are meat, alcohol and gelatine-free.

Q: Is there any allergen info?

A: Anything at your service. We understand that you are concerned about potential allergens or whether snacks from Korea are safe to eat. We shortlisted all main ingredients and allergens of each month's box both on website and Seoulzine - a monthly magazine coming withint the box.

Q: Is it gluten-free?

A: Most of our snacks contain grains so it is unfortunately not gluten-free. 

Q: How do I buy a Seoulbox?

A: You can purchase Seoulbox by visiting our shop here.

Q: How much is a Seoulbox?

A: Seoulbox Signature and Seoulbox V start from just $39.5 a month (excluding shipping), and the price varies depending on the length of the subscription. Seoulbox Life starts from $62.5 a quarter (excluding shipping).

Q: Can I get my product personalized?

A: We currently do not offer customized Seoulboxes, however, the Seoulteam is working hard to provide the option as soon as possible.

Q: What if I have an allergy?

A: If you have a severe allergy and suspect you may be allergic to any of the products included in the Seoulbox, then please get in touch with us so that we may verify the ingredient(s) for you. We are unable to provide a refund if you have already purchased and/or received your Seoulbox.

Q: Some of the products I’ve received are different to the booklet.

A: While we do our best to ensure our Seoulmates receive the correct product(s), we do not guarantee that all items described on our website or other social media will be available. The products included depends on the availability of the items. As a result, the products shown in the magazine will not always reflect what you receive. Please note, this does not impact the quality or value of the box itself.

Q: I’ve received the incorrect box, what can I do about this?

A: If you feel that you have received the incorrect box, then please get in touch with our customer support team at with photos clearly showing the box and/or its contents.

Q: I’m missing a shipment in my subscription (30+ days), what should I do?

A: If you haven’t received one of your shipments then please contact our support team at providing the order number if possible.

Q: I’ve received a damaged product, what do I do?

A: If you have received a damaged or broken item, then please get in touch with our customer support team at with photos clearly showing the product(s).

Q: I have not received my mystery merch.

A: Please note that mystery merch is only included in the following month’s box. For example, if you had ordered mystery merch in October then you will receive it in November (if you have purchased a box or are on a subscription).

Q: Do you provide gift options?

A: We do not currently provide gift options such as gift-wrapping and gift cards, however, we are looking to provide the option as soon as possible.

 Q: How does your one-time boxes differ from your subscription boxes?

A: When you purchase a Seoulbox subscription we guarantee that you box will be refreshed every month with a new exciting theme. However, with a one-time purchase we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same theme as the subscription box. It will depend on the availability of the inventory. 


Q: What types of subscriptions are available?

A: There are three products in the current line-up which you can find using the provided links:

Choose Seoulbox Signature if you want to experience Korea through snacks or receive a gift box with a good blend of snacks and goodies.

If you are a vegetarian, go for Seoulbox V—a meat-free version of Seoulbox Signature. You will get a copy of Seoulbox Signature magazine, but we'll email you a digital replica of V magazine.

Want to experience Korean lifestyles or discover new sides of Korea every season? Seoulbox Life is an excellent fit for you!

Q: How long does the subscription run for?

A: There are three types of subscriptions we currently offer:

  • Monthly—you will receive a box every month,
  • 3-Month—you will receive a box every month over the course of three months,
  • 6-Month—you will receive a box every month over the course of six months,
  • and 12-Month—you will receive a box every month over the course of twelve months.


We also offer a One-Time option should you wish to make a single purchase, and currently we only offer a Seasonal (delivered every three months) subscription for Seoulbox Life.

All subscriptions are cyclical and will automatically continue for successive periods until you opt to pause or cancel it.

Q: How can I pause/cancel my subscription?

A: We’re sad to see you go but thanks for being part of the family, Seoulmate! You can pause or cancel your subscription in your Account Settings. If you’re unable to do so then you can contact our support team at We are always happy to help! 

Please note that the cancellation of a recurring box shipment must be made 3 business days before the next billing date reflected in your Account Settings. If you cancel your subscription less than 3 business days (KST standard) before your next billing date your cancellation will take effect from the subsequent month and no refund will be provided.

Q: Can I pre-order next month’s box?

A: As these kinds of situations create a lot of confusion for our team, customers must be aware that the month in which they purchase is the Seoulbox they’ll receive. We do not take pre-orders. For example, if you purchased a Seoulbox in November then you would receive a November box, not a December box. 

Q: My card has expired/been stolen/damaged. How do I continue or cancel my subscription?

A: We’re sorry to hear about this! We hope we can offer some assistance and relieve your concerns. Should you wish to continue your subscription you can update your payment details in your Account Settings. If you need to cancel your subscription, then please get in touch with our customer support team.


Q: How do I delete my account information?

A: If you’d like to delete your account then please get in touch with our support team at 

Q: I’ve created an account but I can’t log in!

A: If you’re unable to log in to your account then please get in touch with our support team at and we’ll help you through the process.

Q: A second payment was taken out on my account, why has this happened?

A: We’re sorry to hear about this, Seoulmate! Please contact our support team immediately via Although you may receive a reply within 1-2 days, do be aware that the investigation may take several days depending on the circumstance(s). 



Q: How do I change the currency on your website?

A: All our prices are calculated in USD, however, if you need to convert the prices to get an estimate in your local currency then please click here

Q: I am an influencer and would like to do an unboxing collaboration with Seoulbox.

A: Please get in touch with us via Our team will reach out to you! 

Q: How can I be your affiliate partner?

A: You can enroll yourself in our affiliate program here. You'll earn $5 per successful referral and once approved, you will have access to digital assets and ad copies on your affiliate dashboard. 

Q: I want to refer a friend. How much would I get?

A: You can refer Seoulbox to your friend through our referral program. Both you and your friend will earn $15.

Q: Where can I find/purchase the products included in the Seoulbox(es)?

A: Unfortunately we’re unable to provide much information on where to find/purchase these products online. If you’re looking for these products to buy individually, we would advise you to check the name in our magazine and type it into a search engine.

Do you have any other questions? 🧐

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