SeoulBox V - Vegan Korean Snack Box

The 'V' is SeoulBox V represents Vegan.
Considering about the 8% total world population, and people who are vegetarian, eat vegan snacks and food or those who can't eat non-vegetarian items due to some other reason. We at SeoulBox introduced a completely unique box that doesn't contain any kind of odd snacks.

Yes, seoulmates it's true, now you can enjoy meat-free authentic Korean Snacks without any worries. So what are you waiting for grab the box now!

You will get the same box with all other stuff, like beauty products and k-pop goodies in it same as other boxes but snacks will be completely vegan.Just like K-pop fandoms go beyond boundaries, Korea and its authentic snacks and goodies should also be accessible to everyone who loves the country. Also, V stands for victory šŸ˜‰