Main Ingredients & Allergens

Hello Seoulmate! Thank you for trusting us and enjoying snacks and candies. We are super strict in hygiene and stand firm in our safety standards. Also, we have heard from a few Seoulmates that either themselves or their loved ones have an allergy, and they'd like to know if they can have some snacks. So, we prepared the list within our Seoulzine (from January 2022 onwards) to fully disclose each month's selection's main ingredients and allergens.

Sugar? Yes. Fried? Sometimes! We don't hide: Korean treats are sweet and often contain artificial flavors. However, we are honest and proud to say: every snack featured in Seoulbox passed HACCP and follows strict health guidelines to ensure your wellbeing. If you suddenly want to check what's in your snacks, go back to this care list anytime. Reach us anytime via if you have further questions. Seoulmate support (we call them Team Gorgias internally) is always here to help you.

  • Soft Mellow Sweet Potato: Syrup, Sugar, Sweet Potato Powder | Wheat, Milk, Soybean, Pork
  • Pepper Ramen: Wheat, Palm Oil, Bone Broth, Pepper Powder | Wheat, Soybean, Egg, Milk, Beef, Pork
  • Qwasak Chip Truffle Salt: Potato, Vegetable Oil, Truffle Salt Seasoning | Wheat, Milk, Soybean
  • Croiffle Snacks: Sugar, Wheat, Corn Starch | Wheat, Egg, Milk, Soybean
  • Hoppang Jelly: Syrup, Sugar, D-Sorbitol, Jellatin, Dried Milk | Pork, Soybean, Milk
  • Crunky Garlic Bread Chocolate: Chocolate Product, Sugar, Dried Milk | Wheat, Milk, Soybean
  • Yogurt Tangerine Chocolate Chip: Yogurt Cream, Dried Milk, Lactose | Milk, Soybean
  • Hotteok Bungeo Ppang: Polyglycitol Syrup, Sugar, Egg | Egg, Wheat, Milk, Peanut, Soybean
  • Wow Black Lemon Gum: Sugar, Gum Base, Vegetable Oil | Soybean
  • Injeolmi Almonds: Sugar, Palm Oil, Dried Milk, Roasted Almonds | Milk, Soybean
  • Ace Special Mocha Blend: Wheat, Vegetable Oil, Shortening | Wheat, Beef, Milk, Soybean
  • Earl Grey Grapefruit Cookie: Wheat, Sugar, Margarine | Wheat, Soybean, Egg, Milk
  • Kimchi Drink: Water, Fructose, Carbon, Taurine, Ginseng Extract, Guarana Extract, Vitamin C
  • Hershey's Chocolate Chip Mochi Cookie: Wheat, Sugar, Syrup | Wheat, Soybean, Egg, Milk
  • Hot Fishcake Soup Tea: Salt, L-Glutamic Acid, Soy Sauce Powder | Milk, Soybean, Wheat, Chicken

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