What's Inside the April Korean Dramas Seoulbox?

What's Inside the April Korean Dramas Seoulbox?

Korean culture is more popular than ever, especially k-dramas. We've offered k-drama themed boxes in the past, and since you Seoulmates love them so much, we've brought it back. Continue reading to see what's inside the April Korean Dramas Seoulbox!

A Sweet and Savory Sneak Peek!

For this box, we wanted to bring you the flavors and foods that appear in our favorite k-dramas. Here are some of the treats and snacks you'll find inside:

Samyang Buldak Carbonara

Image Credits: Samyang Foods via Instagram

Delicious Cream Carbo Hot Chicken. Turn up the heat with these popular fire noodles. The classic ramyun-Netflix combo is made fancier and less spicy with the flavors of Italian carbonara. Cooking instructions can be found inside the Seoulzine.

Jinju Honey Rice Crackers

Image Credits: Image via Misung Eye Mall

Rich Jinju Honey Rice Crackers. Sweet honey, salty soy sauce (ganjang, 진간장). The two combine with these crunchy rice crackers to create a flavorful explosion. You might not have spicy tteokbokki (떡볶이) or popped rice like the characters onscreen do, but the honey rice crackers are a good substitute.

Ad for Orion Seaweed Peanut Bites

Image Credits: Image via Lazada

Roasted Seaweed Peanut Bites. If you've seen "Goblin," you'll remember the delicious seaweed soup (miyeok-guk, 미역국) eaten by some of the characters. These roasted seaweed peanut bites mix dried seaweed with peanuts to create an enjoyable bingeing snack.

Crunky Pepero packet and sticks

Image Credits: deliciousvietnam_ via Instagram

Crunky Pepero. In this Pepero, you get smooth chocolate and crunchy Crunky bits with malt puff flavor. A fun combination that you can eat by yourself or share with your partner. Maybe you can convince them to try the Pepero game with you!

An open bag of Strawberry Banana Kick

Image Credits: สินค้าพรีทุกชิ้น| carlyn/standoil SALE via Twitter

Strawberry Banana Kick. Banana and strawberry: Korea's all-time favorite fruit and Korea's favorite spring treat. Put together in this iconic corn snack, you get a sweet treat that you won't stop eating. It pairs well with banana milk, the Korean hit drink that's appeared in shows like "Goblin" and "Twenty-Five Twenty-One."

Bags of Bacchus Jellies

Image Credits: Donga Pharmaceutical via Instagram

Bacchus Jellies Sour. Bacchus is a popular Korean energy drink, but it was originally sold as a medicine for hangovers and colds. Now, you can get the same sharp flavors and boost of energy through these fun sour jellies.

A clear mug of tea beside an open book

Image Credits: Image via Kollecte

Orange Grapefruit Black Tea. Want to make your snack sessions a little more fancy? Pour yourself a mug of this citrusy tea, hot or iced. Serve with the cakes from this month's Seoulbox.

And as in every box, we've included some K-lifestyle and K-pop items:

TinyTan Plasters

Image Credits: Lillian Van via Etsy

TinyTan Plaster. These adorable BTS characters have appeared on YouTube, posters, cards, and now your own box of plasters (Band-Aids). Wear your favorite idol on your cut and heal quickly on this spring day!

Two boxes of facial masks

Image Credits: Image via Christma Derma Lab

Chrisma Derma Lab Moisture Barrier Mask Pack. Time to show your face some love. The masks contain five hyaluronic acids and other ingredients such as Ceramide, which keep the skin smooth, moist, and flexible. 

To see what else is in inside the Korean Dramas box, check out our unboxing video, or better yet, order a box to see for yourself!

How to Order Your Seoulbox

Ordering a Seoulbox is as easy as singing your favorite k-drama OST. (Or maybe easier.) With the options of the regular Seoulbox Signature and the vegetarian Seoulbox V, there's a box for all Seoulmates!

Three pictures of Seoulbox being packed

Image Credits: Image via Seoulbox

First, go to the Seoulbox website. Click on a button on the homepage (you can also scroll down) or on the dropdown menus at the top.

Picture of Seoulboxes from homepage

Image Credits: Image via Seoulbox

Next, choose how often you'd like to get the box. If you know that you'd like to receive a Seoulbox frequently, then we have 3-month, 6-monthly, 12-month, and monthly options. If you're trying it for the first time, get the One Time option. You can change your subscription later.

April Korean Dramas Seoulbox

Image Credits: Image via Seoulbox

Finally, pay at checkout. You're all set! Once the box arrives, don't forget to leave us a review and tag us on social media for your chance to win a free box. There's an extra contest inside this month's box. Check out your Seoulzine for more details!

With the Korean Dramas box, you will upgrade your k-drama bingeing experience. Open these snacks while watching one of the new series premiering this month. Trust us, the experience is worth it!

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