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Discovering the Best Korean Drama Snacks with Seoulbox

If you're a big fan of Korean dramas, then you've probably noticed how the characters are always snacking on something delicious. Thanks to SeoulBox, we can now indulge in these delicious snacks ourselves. Our April box is K-drama themed and it's filled with delicious treats from your favorite Korean dramas. From sweet to savory, there's something for everyone to enjoy. This blog post will dive into this month’s box and discover everything you need to know about snacking in Korea. Here are some of the snacks you will find inside the box:

Cream Hot Chicken Ramen


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Cream Hot Chicken Buldak Ramen has recently gained popularity in K-dramas as the go-to comfort food for characters in distress. It’s a dish that has captured the hearts and taste buds of many, both in Korea and around the world. Its unique blend of spice and creaminess, combined with its easy accessibility in Korea, have made it a dish to look out for in K-dramas and beyond. You cannot miss out on this one!

Roasted Seaweed Peanut Bites 


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These small, bite-sized snacks combine roasted peanuts with seasoned seaweed and other savory ingredients, resulting in a delicious and addictive treat. Do you remember your favorite characters munching on seaweed soup on their birthdays? Here is the quick and crunchy version of it! Due to their crispy texture and umami flavor, they make for a perfect snack to munch on while watching a K-drama. 

Crunky Pepero


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One of the snacks in the box is the famous Crunky Pepero, a long thin cookie stick coated in chocolate. This snack has been a Korean favorite for years and is often seen in K-dramas. There is even a national day for Pepero! It’s on the 11th of November and it is tradition for Koreans to gift Peperos to each other. While you snack on Pepero, you should check out your favorite idols playing the “Pepero game”, of which you can see a demonstration below.  

Pepero game

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Strawberry and Vanilla Wafer 


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Strawberry and Vanilla Wafer are crispy, light, and sweet treats made of thin layers of wafer biscuits filled with creamy vanilla and strawberry filling. They're perfect for satisfying sweet tooth cravings and a delightful snack for tea or coffee. Besides their yummy taste, these wafers are also a great conversation starter among K-drama fans. Imagine enjoying these treats while you marathon your favorite K-drama with your friends. It's a great way to immerse oneself in Korean culture and appreciate its unique snacks.

Honey Rice Crackers 

 rice crackers

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These bite-sized crackers made of sticky rice and coated with honey are commonly featured in K-dramas. They regularly appear during scenes involving tea drinking, family gatherings, or romantic moments between the lead characters. The crunchy texture and sweet flavor of Honey Rice Crackers add a unique touch to these scenes, making them even more memorable.

Fun fact: Honey Rice Crackers have a deeper cultural significance in Korea. According to Korean folklore, they were initially created by an artisan in the Joseon Dynasty over 500 years ago. The artisan was on a mission to make a rice cake that would not spoil during long journeys. He came up with the idea of coating sticky rice with honey, which acted as a natural preservative.


Bacchus Jellies Sour


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Have you ever seen a K-drama without a soju-drinking night and a terrible hangover the day after? Probably not. You might have noticed that hangover cures often appear on the screen. Bacchus Jellies Sour is made with the energy drink Bacchus, believed to relieve hangovers. Try out for yourself what all those hangover cures are about!

Snacks are not the only K-drama experience you obtain by purchasing our boxes! In fact, you will receive many other exciting goods, such as K-lifestyle and K-pop merch, amazing K-beauty products, and our magazine “Seoulzine”, perfect for diving even more into Korean culture! If you want a more detailed look at our box, check out our unboxing video, which is ASMR lovers-friendly.

April Box

From sweet snacks like Wafer and Pepero to savory treats like seaweed peanut bites and Buldak ramen, our boxes are filled with various authentic Korean snacks that are sure to satisfy your cravings and allow you to experience the life of your favorite k-drama characters. Plus, many of these snacks are not readily available outside of Korea, making our boxes the perfect way to try something new and exciting. So whether you're a die-hard K-drama fan or someone who loves trying new and exciting snacks, our April SeoulBox of Korean snacks is a must-try.

Our Korean snack boxes are not just about the taste, but also about the experience. You can have an immersive experience of the K-drama you love without leaving the comfort of your own home. Get ready to indulge in a sensory journey that will take you straight to Seoul, Korea.

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