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Korean Subscription Box

You might want to own cool K-pop merch, or Korean pragmatic beauty products, or some tasty snacks?  The Korean Subscription Box is your answer!

How about we just get into the basics directly? Let’s learn about these pretty cool boxes. 

What you can read in this blog?


What is a Korean Subscription box? 

Korean Subscription Box

As a K-pop & k-drama fan, you eventually end up discovering Korean culture, music, food, beauty products, fashion, and whatnot. 

Korean subscription boxes are nothing but a bunch of lively products brought together by these lovely people straight from Korea. 

They give hope, love, and life to your dream of having Korea close to your heart by delivering these Korean products with you. 

Okay, sugar coated words to be kept aside, and think wisely - these items are more than enough to quench your K-culture thirst, aren’t they?

It’s cool to own this stuff, but what if you are not a fan of every Korean-related thing. Trust me, it can happen. 

Having a fond of just one category, say, Korean food, but you’re not really into Korean beauty products, it's possible and very much understandable. 

So what do you do in such a case? Well, nothing to worry about, just look out for - 


Types of Korean Subscription Boxes! 

Korean Beauty Subscription Box



From thinking maybe it’s the glamour of the entertainment industry that makes Korean actors and actresses look so good, to discovering that any common person has beautiful skin in Korea - we as fans learned a lot about Korean beauty. 

Looking at the skin of Korean people, we can clearly make out the reason behind it. Their food and skincare routine. 

Korean skincare subscription boxes include all the premium quality goods, from face masks, skin essence, skin refining serum, water-based cleanser, and many more. 

These effective beauty products will certainly enhance your skin for the better. 

K-pop Subscription Box


K-pop is nothing new to the world of music and enormous fandoms. Every k-pop fan wants to own merchandise. Rather, I’ve seen many collecting albums and their idols’ brand merch to give a cool pinch to their decorum. 

Since we’re on the topic, let’s see what we get inside these boxes. 

Well, we get merchandise that includes men’s & women’s t-shirts, light sticks, accessories, bracelets, tiny adorable features, and many more. 


Korean Snack & Food Box 


Korean Snack & Food Box

Korean food is all over the place. Do we really have to mention how sumptuous it is? Look at dishes like Kimchi Fried Rice, Japchae, Kimchi Stew, Bibimbap, and many more such savories - bet the pictures made you hungry, didn’t they?

Authentic Korean snacks, minute-maid food, packet delicacies, unique energy drinks that you see in K-dramas, and whatnot. 

You will be able to find these, and many more such mouth-watering treats inside the Korean snack subscription box. 


How to get a Korean Subscription box? 


How get a subscription box
How to get a subscription box

It's not that difficult as these are meant for foreigners like us, hence the shipping is all over the world. 

So, go to the box you have made your mind to buy and add it to the cart. 

Complete the necessary steps asked. Contact the customer service team if needed (Seoulbox team is helpful than ever, do approach them). 


What makes the Korean Subscription Box different?




The idea of a subscription box is one of a kind, also because Korea has much more to offer than K-pop and K-drama. 



Their products are widely hit and trending now. 

Considering it, if you’re one of these huge followers of the entertainment, culture, and especially food content, you should definitely go for these cute, quirky boxes curated with so much love and experience straight from Korea - the country you want to visit, or visited already and want to own something of it monthly or annually. 


Why Should You Own A Korean Subscription Box?


Dedicating a dry corner of your house to these favorite items that you’ve collected is never a bad idea. You can call that “Your happy space”. 

It is also a good way to learn more about Korean culture altogether. 


Korean Subscription Box without subscription - Is that possible? 


Many subscription boxes could be ordered for only a month. If you want to try these boxes out for yourself or gift them to your loved ones, especially if they take interest in Korean culture, it fits the best for them. 

Surprise them with a box filled with what they absolutely adore. 

Or give yourself one. Self-gifts never go wrong! 


SEOULBOX it is! 



Seoulbox subscription boxes basically include everything from K-pop merch, food, snacks, beauty products, some fun Korean language facts, words, and quizzes, and much more. 

And if you’re someone who can’t decide between what you like and don’t like, or even better, if you're just into everything related to Korea, then you should definitely go with the Seoulbox Signature box

We’ve monthly themes coming out and they are super cool. 

Just in August, we had our Jeju-themed Seoulbox Life came up that our customers absolutely loved. 

They said it felt like they were close to Jeju - the islands of the island. Any k-pop and k-drama fan knows this mesmerizing land rich with culture, tangerines, mountains, tea gardens, a lot of museums, and water everywhere.

My favorite part of the box was that it was a lifestyle box. From bottle to towel, you name it - everything perfect. 

And the Back To School theme described the life of Korean students as September is the time to go, back to school.

It doesn’t end here - we have this awesome-looking magazine that educates you with some quirky facts of Korea that you never were aware of.

The remarkable k-pop merch makes you want to wear them right away. The snacks work the best as your study break partner food. 

Have I told you they have something special for people like us? Well, the ones who are not fans of pork. 

Yep, pork-free 18 snacks and goodies packed inside a box named Seoulbox V. 



It fits the best to anybody who doesn’t consume pork, hence, it’s a Halal box for them. 


So, were all your doubts cleared about Korean subscription boxes? When are you getting one and sharing your experiences with us?


Author - Akshita.


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