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What are Korean Snacks?

Korean Snacks are produced in Korea and sold in supermarkets called „Mart“. With the growing interest in Kpop, Kdramas & K-food, Korean snacks have become increasingly popular.

The market of online sellers for Korean candy and snacks is still niche, but your search will be rewarded with some exclusive specialties right from the stores of South Korea. Snacks are your live-saver after a long and exhausting day at school, tiring meeting at work, or adventurous trips during vacation.

Easy to transport and access, they can be enjoyed everywhere with little to no time of preparation and a maximum of chopsticks to enjoy.

Korean snacks are quite diverse and every tastebud will find its favorite, we are sure about that.

A snack aisle inside a Korean mart, image credits:

What are the types of Korean Snacks?

Korean snacks come in all shapes, types, and flavors. From sweet to savory, mild to spicy, and light to fill.

The world of South Korean snacks leaves no craving out in the open. If you have little time but are in the need of a meal, that warms you up from the inside, ramen is your best friend.

These Korean noodles are widely available across the world, bringing you one step closer to the flavorful world of Korean Snacks.

If you are looking for something light and well-known by every Korean, you should try the Honey Butter Chips by Haitai Calbee.

Let’s see what the most famous snacks are in Korea.

Honey Butter Chips


Korean Commercials for the most famous snacks

What are the famous Korean Snacks available?

One of the most famous spicy Korean snacks is the Cosmos Tteokbokki snack. The rolls are coated with gochugaru and gochujang powder, both made from Korean red chili pepper to give them mouth-watering spiciness.

They are available on for £2.45 for a 160g package, giving you a good taste of Korea’s number 1 street food, Tteokbokki, which can be found on every street market you look.

Of course, we cannot send you a fresh meal, but these snacks aren’t a problem at all. 

Best Korean Snacks

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And just when your mouth feels like it’s burning, it’s the perfect time for Ice-cream. The Binggrae Samanco Ice Cream is a fish-shaped, cool snack, perfect for refreshing tastebuds that just experienced the strength of the Korean chili pepper.

This cone is filled with cream and comes in different flavors like red bean, strawberry, and green tea. Because ice melts, your best chance of finding this delicacy is at your local Asian supermarket, and make sure that you bring it to the safety of your own freezer as fast as possible!

Best Korean Snacks

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Watch BTS enjoy the Binggrae Samanco Ice cream here:

If you heard about Korean snacks before, you will recognize the Orion Kkobuk Turtle Corn chips.

These funny-shaped crispy treats look like little turtles. Their puffy consistency makes them not too heavy, leaving you to enjoy their sweet corn taste.

Four layers of crunch will remind you of the smell and taste of freshly steamed corn that you can buy at Korean Streetfood markets. You can find the turtle corn chips at for $2.99 or at your local Asian store.

Turtle Chips

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Lovers of Seafood will enjoy Sae-woo-kkang, Shrimp flavored Crackers made by Nongshim.

This snack is one of Korea's classics from1971, perfect to pair with Soju and rich in shrimp flavor. It might be not everyone’s taste, but as always some love it, some hate it. For lovers of Korean snacks that live in Europe, can be your go-to when you have cravings.

For 1.24  Euro you will get a package of 94g of delicacies. 

Shrimp Cracker

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Staying in the seafood aisle, roasted seaweed snacks are a big thing in Korea. Snacking away on the healthy green delicacy can help relieve a small hunger without overwhelming you.

This savory snack can also be added to Ramen or Ricebowls, making it universal to use. You will find seaweed at every store, but there are smaller sizes sold, that you can easily take with you and just eat out of the bag. 

Watch here how the roasted seaweed snack is made:

What are the Best Korean Snacks recommended?

Moving on to the snacks for chocolate and Korean candy lovers, we have Crown Choco Heim Cookies and White Heim cookies.

These Choco and White cream wafers come with a hazelnut filling and are the perfect to-go snack for work, school, or at home. They are available in a pack of 18 pieces and you can buy them at HMart for $5.99.

An even better idea is to get the White Heim cookies that are packed with other delicious Korean snacks in our SeoulBox V September. At the end of the article, you’ll find a promo code to even get your Korean Snack experience a bit cheaper than originally.

Choco and White Heim will melt in the sun, so make sure to store them in a cool place or even in the freezer for that extra bit of refreshment.

Korean Cookies

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The Classic Korean chocolate chip cookies cannot be missing from any list of the best Korean snacks.

The Chic Choc Cookies from “Lotte” come in a pack of 90g and can be found for $4.99 on The sweet snack is made with real chocolate chips with a perfectly crunchy outside and a softcore just perfectly backed at the Lotte factories.

Choco cookies

 Image credits:

The same brand is responsible for the Margaret cookies, which are soft and filled with cream and peanuts.

They are perfect for sharing them with friends or to eat while you’re having a hot drink. They are enjoyed by every generation. You can get a pack of 396g for $5.29 at HMart, but make sure to stop at your local Asian store to see if they have them too.

Supporting small businesses is extremely important especially in these hard times.

Korean Cookies

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If you can’t find the cookies anywhere, here is an easy recipe to make them yourself :

Another Best Korean Snack enjoyed by young and old is the Choco Homerun Big Ball made by Haitai.

These crunchy, chocolate-filled round biscuits let you enter the realm of your chocolate dreams once you crunch through the outer layer and reach the sweetness of the milk chocolate. A pack of 146g can be found for $2.99 at HMart. 

Homerun Balls

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Enough chocolate yet? We don’t think so! That’s why we included the Mushroom Hats made by Orion into our Seoulbox Signature for September.

This Bestseller of Korean Snacks is shaped like little mushrooms with a chocolate-coated top and a crunchy stem. A lot of fun for the whole family.

Make sure to use our coupon code at the end of the blog article when you check out to taste your new favorite snack. We can’t wait to see you try the ‘Choco Boys’.

Mushroom Hats

Why is it recommended to buy Korean Snacks from subscription boxes?

As you might have noticed all our favorite snacks can be found at online stores, that are either focused on Korean food specifically or stores that sell Asian products internationally.

H mart Korean snacks

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But you will have a hard time finding all these products in the same place for a reasonable price. The shipping cost of food can reach unwanted heights, especially if your order is above a certain price due to taxes and customs.

The import cost for food is high enough by itself, building up the price of the original product but there might not be an online store in your state, adding shipping costs onto it.

Your normally priced Korean product will become a luxury item and we don’t want you to lose all your money on just one item.

That’s why we dedicate our passion and hard work to building the perfect Korean subscription box for you.

SeoulBox BTS

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what makes Seoulbox better than others?

Subscription boxes like Seoulbox spare you one large step of progress. The company is located in Seoul, South Korea, and delivers Korean products directly to you.

We don’t have to ship out the goods to a third-party seller located in another country first. Our Customer Team is steadily working to make your Korean Snacks delivered as fast as possible.

Our Co-founders Suji and Raj hunt down the best Korean snacks in local markets and collaboration with small businesses are no exception to make you experience the full Korean snack world in just one Korean subscription box.

The selection of food and goodies changes every month with a dedicated theme. The topic of our box as well as its contents is kept top secret until the very last second.


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Disclaimer: The prices may vary due to currency fluctuations. These are more of an orientation. Please also keep in mind to support your local and small businesses. We greatly appreciate your support!

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