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We started off with the very beginning of Blackpink! 


Can you believe it? It has been 5 years already!

It feels so good to see them right from their rookie days. These fabulous ladies have nothing but been mesmerizing.

They have made a humungous name for themselves. From record-breaking performances to collaborating with the legendary Lady Gaga for Sour Candy, these girls have done it all!

On that note, BLACKPINK: The Movie has been released Blinks!

Now that we’ve gone through their career we thought of checking out how these four admirable ladies grew up as fashionistas in their vocation considering they are one of the most influential fashion devotees.


1. Boombayaah

The girls passing the whole rookie aura.

BlackPink Boombayaah outfit

Through Boombayah these four gorgeous ladies were introduced to us.

Can we talk about how adorable do they look?

Not only that, but they have this pinch of savageness to them. Blackpink has an image of being fierce in their M/Vs and we are all for it.

BlackPink Boombayaah outfit Jennie

Their outfits in the debut music video strongly encompass any 2010’s popular culture vibe. It makes sense as Blackpink was the group targeted for the international audience.

Those checked skirts were one of the trending fashions in the early ‘10’s. Let’s not forget it never goes out of fashion.

The vibe these attires gave us were all sassy school girls!

BlackPink Boombayaah outfit Rose

Chokers were an important accessory, especially if you wanted to slay any outfit by adding some twist to it. But these specials ones somewhere resembled the Punk Goth Metal spike leather collar – firey as usual.

BlackPink Boombayaah outfit Jisoo

From Rosé’s yellow boots to suspenders, to Jennie’s rocker jacket to the full-black outfit.

From Lisa’s blondes to fishnet stockings and green with the combination of white and black and thick bracelets shining on her hands.

BlackPink Boombayaah outfit Lisa

To Jisoo’s elegantly presenting herself with a simple and cute white shirt – a complete first love look.

This style marked the beginning of their career!


2. How you like that!

How you like that BlackPink Outfit

Are we talking Trendsetters!? These four ladies have to be there then.

Everything about How you like that was mind-boggling. From that massive hit drop to the traditional modernized clothes.

Jennie with the black shorts, black boots, and the pink floral jacket was cute and had a boss lady look at the same time.

How you like that! Jennie

Jisoo went all fire-y with the blood-red lace midi dress. The girl pulled it off with a black leather belt.

How you like that Outfit

As disclosed by the members, it was their creative mind behind showcasing their culture through outfits in the music video – thus, Hanbok.  

How you like that Jisoo Outfit

“We usually decide on things through a meeting. All of us brought over similar ideas, proposals. We want to show Korean culture in the music video,” detailed Jisoo.

How you like that Lisa outfit

Lisa made that basic triangle top look lavish by topping it with the embroidered cashmere Celine jacket. Her outfit was completed by basic line denim shorts.

Rosé was exceptional in an all-white look. The teddy crop jacket she wore looked huge yet powerful on her. The high white ponytail was the icing on the top.

She presented a queen with the crown and necklace.

How you like that - Rose

All the girls looked heavenly beautiful in those evening gowns.


3. Pretty Savage

They were known for their savageness - from songs to looks, fashion, and then they made a comeback consisting of Pretty Savage as a song of their discography.  

Pretty Savage

Blackpink’s live stage performances made huge headlines last year, so did their outfits.

Jennie gave us a stunning look with her crop top and her ensemble jeans which came from Pony Stone and Vetements respectively.

But the most creative thing ever was combining Adidas Leg Warmers on her arms. It made the outfit stand out.


Pretty Savage BlackPink


Image courtesy: MBC K-pop

Jisoo amazed us with her bewildered look. She put a Tartan & Tulle Mesh Fargo Corset Top on from Vivienne Westwood.

Again something unique was her re-styled sweatshirt from StarterXNBA Phoenix.

Pretty Savage Jisoo outfit

That short Jersey dress gave us an LA high-school vibe. It was evocative of the LA Laker's colors.

Plus her baby pink color hair tied on two low ponytails – another splendid high-school girl aura.

To suit it with the best accessories ever, Rosé wore white planet platform sneakers by Maison Margiela!

Pretty Savage

Lisa was looking foxy with the Let’s Hook up Underwired Corset crop top by Polly. But the highlight of her outfit was certainly her Flynn Jeans by Pony Stone.

Pretty Savage Concert Blackpink

If you ask us, the girls are wild, fierce, and graceful!

So, which outfit were your favorite Blinks? And who pulled it off the best according to you?

Let us know!


Author - Akshita.


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Brian Parisi | May 20, 2022

Inspiring ladies with powerful performance. Keep doing great job Seoul Team and Akshita

Jay | October 15, 2021

Yes , I really like their outfits, jewelery everything, they are really very hardworking.Blackpink put so much effort not only there song, dance but also in everything..they are best..

archita | October 14, 2021

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