After weeks of waiting, this special day has finally arrived. Today is BlackPink fifth birthday! We know there are a lot of blinks in our readers! You know them and love them since their very first song, but the time has passed and in only five years they have created a huge community.

BackPink 5th Anniversary

If you haven’t seen, they prepared quite a lot of surprises for their anniversary. First of all, a new BlackPink merch will be launched for this event and a movie about them has been filmed! The premier of it in many countries was on August the 4th. Finally, for the luckiest who will be in Seoul at that time, there will be a pop-up exhibition to celebrate this big moment.

However, before going through everything, let’s go back to them. Let’s go back to how Blackpink was created.

When did BlackPink debuted?

This year is about celebrating the debut of BlackPink . We all remember 2016 as their launch year. However, did you know that they were involved in YG years before? One by one, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa have been accepted into YG Entertainment in different ways. Jennie and Lisa are the first ones to be integrated into YG. Jennie was doing an internship while Lisa was the first one ever non-Korean to pass YG auditions. Both were accepted in 2010. Then Jisoo was integrated in 2011, followed by Rosé in 2012.

Altogether will form a few years later, in 2016 the famous K-pop group: Blackpink. The beginning of the group has been confirmed on August 8th at 8 PM, which launches their debut and career as idols.

You must remember their two first songs, Boombayah and Whistle, it feels like they have been released yesterday to me.

After that, BlackPink was in the K-pop and even the music history! They have been able to make awesome albums, being followed everywhere, got a lot of merch from clothes to any other type of goodies, passing by their famous light sticks. They are considered as the most popular girl K-pop group, before other K-pop groups like Red Velvet or Twice.

You know what I think is the best about them? It’s the fact that they’re all super supportive of each other. Jennie and Rosé have released songs by themselves and it never seemed to be an issue for the group, but only love and support.


When is their 5th Anniversary?

As today, the 8th of August is the 5th official anniversary of BlackPink , YG decided to make a lot of efforts in order to create a marvellous event around this particular date. BlackPink is such an important K-pop group that they had to think big this year! For this, they began their communication by talking on June 15th about the [4+1] Project.

A week later, they made an announcement video and began to give the details of everything like the poster movie, the ticket opening, the merch and then we’ve been able to see the trailers.

The second one, posted on July 28th, got in less than 7 hours, more than 1 million views, which shows the power of the blink community as well as the buzz and popularity around Blackpink.


The BlackPink movie

The movie, which is the main event, describes the group from the beginning and the CGV tickets for Korea have been sold in only 13 minutes on July 29th.

No worries non-Korean people! The BlackPink  movie is available in 100 countries in a total of 3.400 theatres across the world. They don't only propose 2D versions but also Screen X versions and 4DX versions. The Screen X is a three-sided screen which allows you to really be in a concert and we immersed more. On the other side, the 4DX gives more sensory feelings with heat, feeling the beats, the choreographies like on stage. But no worries if your theatre only makes one of those versions. It’ll be awesome no matter what and YG made sure the movie is breath-taking no matter what and that there’s not a better version between 4DX and Screen X.

BlackPink Movie

I think the best idea they made live is to be able in certain theatres to bring your OWN light stick. For example for 6 days, CGV Yeonnam 4DX Hall and CGV Yeongdeungpo Screen X Hall will permit once a day to watch the Blackpink Movie with a light stick. This began on August 4th and will remain until August 10th.  


From what we read on different platforms like IMDb, 70% of the movie is about performances and concerts while 25%-30% is a documentary. On the contrary to the Blackpink documentary on Netflix, the movie is more about feeling a concert and be closer.


What are the BlackPink Anniversary Merch For This Year?

Because they knew we were expecting perfection and uniqueness, they gave us what we expected: new things to learn, new things to collect, new things to feed our love for those four exceptional girls.

They made for this occasion ‚ÄúThe Album‚ÄĚ Photobook, inside of which a total of 208 pages of images that have never, EVER been published before of the 1st album of the Blackpink and big songs like Ice Cream, How You Like That and Lovesick Girls.



But guys, it‚Äôs not over yet. They added to that a ‚Äúdouble-sided history poster set‚ÄĚ, stickers, photo card set with the different appearances of Jennie, Lisa, Ros√© and Jisoo from their beginning to today.

Finally, in terms of merch, you can also pre-order the BlackPink  2021 Summer Diary in Everland here!

BlackPink Summer Diary

It contains a package box, a summer diary mini book of 32 pages, a special gift case, a summer diary DVD of 70 minutes, a Summer Diary Photobook of 152 pages, a mouse pad, a photocard, a top loader, 4 photos, a polaroid set, stickers, special coaster and a photo fan.

By the way, this is quite important news but now you will be able to find Blackpink merch on Weverse!!! This means probably merch sold on Weverse and way more communication and closeness with blinks!

The last and not the least surprise Blackpink did is… A pop-up exhibition!


When is the Pop-Up exhibition?

For 10 days, from the 21st to the 30th of August, a pop-up exhibition will take place in the caf√© building ‚ÄúThe Same‚ÄĚ which is located 6-3, Huiujeong-ro 1-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, just in front of the YG new office.

For those who are lucky enough to be in Seoul at that time, you will be able to celebrate the birthday of their debut within this space depicting the universe of the songs. However, for now, we don’t have more information. We will know how it goes and how they deal with it in terms of Covid-19 on August 10th.  Fingers crossed they will do it even with the Covid-19 measures.



We hope that you're everything BlackPink prepared for their 5th anniversary. Tell us in the comments if you have planned to watch the movie and give us your review!

As we have our BlackPink Giveaway going, here is the image to find for the hidden merch to get yourself additional bonus entry points!!!!


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