BLACKPINK: The Movie amazingly records 500,000 worldwide!

BLACKPINK: The Movie amazingly records 500,000 worldwide!

Amazing records by 500,000 worldwide audiences in just 5 days after its release of BLACKPINK : THE MOVIE  in theaters.

Blackpink, the worldwide beloved female K-Pop group decided to celebrate their 5th¬†anniversary alongside their blinks by releasing the ‚ÄėBLACKPINK: The Movie‚Äô. This made the blinks even more excited and happy to celebrate their beloved K-pop idol group's anniversary which great joy.


These amazing artists have grown exponentially since their debut in August 2016, they have been loved since day one. Performances, memories, laughs and amazing moments have been captured for all blinks in ‚ÄėBLACKPINK: The Movie‚Äô. Not forgetting the hard work and struggle they went through!

‚ÄėBLACKPINK: The Movie‚Äô held their premiere on August 4, and after just 5 days they received over 500,000 worldwide audiences, signaling the movie‚Äôs box office success. Which was said to be a great achievement for the fandom as well as the group.

BlackPink Movie

 The was set to be released exclusively through CGV (Korea’s largest multiplex cinema chain), with special screenings in ScreenX and 4DX formats.

The movie was also released overseas in more than 3,000 cinemas with plans to expanded to 4,200 (with the easing of restrictions on COVID-19 in Southeast Asian countries) and in more than 100 countries.

As of now, Blackpink’s largest audiences are in Mexico, United States, Brazil, Turkey, and Japan. And it seems to be growing rapidly day by day.

Ticket sales opened on July 29 for BlackPink : The Movie however, Blackpink’s fandom is so amazing that it was sold out in just 13 minutes.

As a Blackpink fan who has already seen it, I cannot recommend you enough this movie, it is a great experience you would not want to miss!

Congratulations to Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa for their amazing career!


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