Winner Releases their Comeback Teaser After 2 Years

Winner Releases their Comeback Teaser After 2 Years


In a previous blog, we have mentioned that Winner is finally throwing a comeback as a whole in July and this will mark their 2 years hiatus since they have released their last album "Remember" and will also mark the first project to work on since the members have ended their military service. Winner have recently been posting on social media and interacting with the fans who are excited and highly anticipating the comeback.

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Winner recently also took over the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR Korea Magazine‘s July 2022 edition, they were wearing items from Spanish luxury fashion house Loewe, and the shoot was lensed by the talented fashion photographer Yoon Jiyong.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

As mentioned before; the new song is said to show WINNER's uniqueness and charm, so the group released the first teaser for their long-awaited comeback announcing that it is “coming soon” on July 5.

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Winner spoke about the release of the comeback in July, but they did not confirm the date till they posted the teaser of an airplane drawing a heart in the sky, and a yellow sign mentioning cutely that it is “reserved for inner circle” (Winner’s fandom).

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Winner released the teaser on their official Instagram account, and yet to release and share more details and teasers about their new project. Stay tuned and follow Winner to see what's new.

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