Winner is Preparing for a Comeback in July

Winner is Preparing for a Comeback in July


Winner is to release a comeback as a group in July 2022 as reported by Newsen Korea, the group is preparing a new album with the goal of releasing it in July and the title track is being filmed now, and this statement was confirmed by YG Entertainments.

Winner has been inactive for 2 years since the last comeback with full-length album "Remember” in 2020. Moreover, two members were serving in the military, so it’s such great news to hear that Winner is back as a whole.

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It’s reported that this new album which’s being cooked, is drawing attention because it will have new tracks released by members; Jinwoo Kim and Seunghoon Lee after completing their military service on December 31.2021 and on January 14.2022, respectively.

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The new song is said to show WINNER's uniqueness and charm, yet nothing was confirmed for sure by YG Entertainment about the concept, and neither the dates nor the comeback schedule was released. Once released we will post another blog to give you an update.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

The leader Seungyoon had recently dropped a hint to the fans by posting on his official Instagram account a picture of him, captioned as “Winner is in Summer Season”. Once he posted this photo, and the fans flooded the comments box with their cheering for a comeback.

Are you ready for Winner in summer?

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