What is Kakao Friends

What is Kakao Friends?


These lovely colorful characters are part of KakaoTalk, also known as KaTalk, which is the most used messaging app in South Korea. They were created by Kwon Soon-ho and introduced in the app in November 2012.

These little friends, have been appearing in blocks of series, first we have:

Muzi series

Muzi (Danmuji)

Apeach (Peach)

Con (Crocodile)

Jay-G (Mole).

Kakao Friends Muzi SeriesCredit to rightful owner

Frodo series

Frodo (Dog)

Neo (Cat)

Tube (Duck)


Kakao Friends Frodo SeriesCredit to rightful owner


Ryan series

Ryan (Lion)

Choosik (Cat)


Kakao Friends Ryan SeriesCredit to rightful owner


Niniz series 

Penda Jr. (Panda)

Scappy (Rabbit)

Kero & Berony (Pinguins)

Cob &Bbanya (Crow and Hippo)

Jordy (Dinosaur)

Angmond (Seal)

Kakao Friends Niniz SeriesCredit to rightful owner


Since its release on the app, they have become a sensation among Koreans, and gradually increasing their fans all around the world.

Due to their amazing success, Kakao friends’ characters have a whole variety of products on their store, from simple things as plushes and apparel, all the way to food and electronics.

The brand is so big it has done collaboration with world renown brands like Vans, Cotton On and Nike.


Kakao Friends X VansCredits to the rightful owner


Kakao Friends X Nike SuperjoyCredits to the rightful owner

Let’s Get Some Information About KakaoTalk

As stated above, it is most known as KaTalk among its users. The messaging app is owned by Kakao Corporation and was launched on March 18, 2010.

It is the most used app to communicate in South Korea, and since its release, by 2017 they had acquired 220 million users registered on the app and 49 million of them were active each month.

As technology keeps upgrading each year, companies need to do the same with their services to deliver the best possible experience to their users; KakaoTalk app, was firstly introduced for smartphones (Android and IOS) but as of today it can be downloaded on Windows and MacOs as well.

What Makes It Unique In Comparison To Others? 

Well, they actually have a lot to offer to their users, among the services they offer with the app, you can find free chats (you will just need an internet connection), emojis (including our Kakao friends like Ryan or Apeach), KakaoShopping, Kakao Channel (Business platform), Kakao Mail, Themes (customizable UI), Kakao Wallet, and Kakao Lab, in which users test new features before they are released on the actual app.

What makes KakaoTalk uniqueCredits to the rightful owner

If you were wondering if you can use the app outside of Korea, the answer is yes! You can also enjoy these lovely characters.

Their goal is to connect the whole world, and become the leading messaging app everywhere.

Kakaotalk FunctionsCredits to the rightful owner

Depending on which platform you would like to uses it, all you have is to visit the corresponding app store or visit Kakao Corporation site, choose your desire platform and it will redirected to the corresponding site to download it, once done, you just need to create a Kakao account and you are all set.

Kakaotalk SettingsCredits to the rightful owner

Tips you should know when using KaKaoTalk


With KaTalk it is not necessary you open your phone’s browser to search for something you might want to show a friend, instead you can simply add the hashtag symbol (#) before the word you want to search on your search box inside the chat and Voila! You will get the result right away.

How to use KakaoTalk app

File Manager

You will have a dedicated space called Talk Drive where all your shared pictures and archives will get stored for you to have easier access and not worry about searching for a specific one on the thousands of photos you might have on your phone.

KakaoTalk File managerCredits to the rightful owner


Another great feature we can find on the app is the calendar, inside you chat you can find a calendar which will let you create an event and set a reminder with the date and time, and it will be sent to each person on the chat.

KakaoTalk functionsCredits to the rightful owner



KaTalk offers the possibility to have a chatbot from a specific brand in which you will be able to check prices, offers and order.

You just need to be sure that what you want to buy can be shipped outside Korea, not every brand has that possibility.

KakaoTalk ShoppingCredits to the rightful owner

Overall KakaoTalk is well built, it offers amazing and interesting services that other competitors don’t. You can be updated with the most recent news on your favorite K-Pop groups or K-dramas, among other things.

It’s worth checking. As Korean culture keeps growing it's just a matter of time this messaging app will be known by everyone.



Will you join us and our Kakao Friends on this app? Give it a try!


Author - Aldo.

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