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Korean fashion has been on the market since the high times of the Hallyu (Korean Culture wave). Fans have been inspired by their idols or their favorite actor or actress to dress up.

Korean influencers also shared their part in promoting the Korean way of dressing up through their socials. Slowly, the fashion trends are well loved and spread globally. 

History and Culture of Korean Clothing:

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Long, long time ago (dated back to the Joseon Dynasty), Hanbok (한복) was the trendy fashion of those times. The word “Hanbok” can be translated as “Korean clothing”. 

There are different types of Hanboks too! There are some for daily wear, ceremonial wear (such as weddings or funerals), and special wear (mostly associated with people of higher class like officials). Now, Hanbok is used as a cultural wear and worn during festive occasions such as Chuseok and Seollal. 

Many have also argued for the history of how the Hanbok was invented. The Chinese believed that the inspiration came from the Chinese Hanfu. While Koreans argued that it was a pure Korean invention. 

Trend in 2021:

You might wonder what is the most trendy Korean streetwear of 2021! Koreans love the aesthetics of being minimalist. Let’s look at some of the inspirations of Korean outfits:

How K-Pop and K-drama are hyping up the trends?

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From K-pop to K-drama, fans might be interested in dressing like their favorite idols. It is usually for them to feel more close to the idols or to keep up to trends through what the idols wear. There are a lot of fans so the inspired Korean fashion just becomes a trend for all. 

Where to shop online:

Since it is impossible to drop by Korea for vacation and shop your hearts out. So let’s introduce some of the online websites that are handy in case you are looking for some Korean style clothes.

For online shopping for Korean style outfits, you can visit:







If you are ever able to come and visit Seoul in person, you can find the best places to shop here

Famous Korean Brands:

You might now know about online shops to get Korean style clothes. But… what are some local Korean brands to know when talking about Korean fashion? Don’t worry! Let's get you into the local famous Korean brands you might want to shop at when you are in Korea soon! 


(Picture: Credits to the rightful owner)

This shop style promotes younger look and topping trends by releasing new clothes wear almost every week. 



The Studio K



This fashion line has a more industrial look, and this makes it unique as compared to other fashion lines. 

Which Korean fashion do you love the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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