What is Packaged Korean Food?

With the increasing popularity of K-pop & Korean Culture, like BTS, the desire to try common Korean food consumed by artists in a show has grown bigger.

Of course, it isn’t possible to ship fresh food out into the world, opening up the possibility of packaged goods that often take inspiration from the original, like the Crispy corn snack that was included in Seoulbox’ May Box.

Korean Fried Chicken Snacks

Those delicious treats took inspiration from the spicy taste of the Korean Yangyum chicken dip that is traditionally served with fried chicken.

Fried chicken takes part in a lot of Kdramas like “The King: Eternal Monarch” where Lee Min-ho’s character Lee Gon enjoys it with his bare hands.

Korean Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is also often featured in Korean Mukbangs that can be watched on YouTube, like “Eat with Boki”, where viewers can watch the artist enjoy a meal right in front of the camera.

While there is packaged food, that can only take inspiration from freshly cooked dishes, there are foods that come dried and can be easily shipped all around the world.

If you watched a single video of BTS on YouTube where they share moments of their private group life with the Army, their fanbase, you will have seen them eat Ramyeon, which comes in a package or cup with dried noodles, a seasoning powder that is mixed with water to create the soup base and oil which is added to the dish.

Sometimes there are dried vegetable flakes in there as well. While some members prefer their Ramyeon spicy, especially Jimin, some others can’t handle spicy food at all like Taehyung, better known as V.

Ramyeon can be found in most stores that carry Asian products but specifically, Korean Ramyeon is being included in boxes that share Korean food with the whole world, just like SeoulBox.

Ramen - SeoulBox

Up to the current August box with the thematic Korean spa, there was at least one package of Ramyeon included in every single box and there are many more to come.

Rabokki Ramen SeoulBox Signature

So the best thing to do if you also want to try the foods that are consumed by Korean celebrities is to subscribe to our SeoulBox Signature or SeoulBox V, if you prefer the vegetarian alternative, to get the experience delivered right to your doorstep.  

Tasty Ramen Vegan SeoulBox V

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