The Dating Diaries: Roommate

The Dating Diaries: Roommate


Continuing our "Dating Life in Korea Diaries" (you can check Episode 1 here) we now have an unexpected situation that came from meeting a guy through a app, keep reading this unique anecdote.

I once met one boy from the app, we texted for a few weeks, and everything was fine. 

Sadly, I had to return to my country for a few weeks, and we lost the connection. It was until Saturday night that I was out with my friends in Mike Cabin's (located in Hongdae) when a boy suddenly came to me and said: "Hey, I know you!". I froze at that moment; I couldn't recognize him (he looked a bit different in real life).

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He pulled out his phone and showed me our last conversation, then I remembered (NGL, I felt a bit embarrassed). We talked, and we texted again for a few weeks until one night when I received a worrying message from him. 

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He said he had a bad discussion with his family and had to leave home for a while. His friends were living with their families or were doing military service, so he was left alone. Without any kind of problem, he asked to come to live in my place for a few days. I was shocked (and probably stupid) when I said, "yes, no worries".

He came the next day, and we started co-living together; the good part is that we both worked the whole day, so we only saw each other at night around 9 pm for dinner and nothing else. 

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I'm happy to say that it made our relationship stronger, but always as friends! Nothing else happened between us. We wanted to stop living together to start -if it happened- a relationship. "Those few days" became a whole month!

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And our co-living experience was not always great… I'm a person who enjoys going out to socialize, but at the same time, I value my personal and lonely time, and it reached a point he was invading it too much without even noticing it. 

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Everything went "normal" until one day, I vomited. I admit it, I drank a bit too much, and when I got home, I passed out. He was really annoyed at me because I did it on the living room floor, but I couldn't control it. After thinking about it, I realized he didn't have any right to be mad at me. I cleaned all my mess, I didn't disturb him, and it's my house! 

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After that day, our relationship became a bit colder until the day I asked him to move out. It was mentally exhausting for me. 

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Nowadays, we don't talk; we even block each other because of a silly discussion. He thought I caught feelings for him, so I became colder. Honestly, I didn't. I was just sharing my space with a person I barely knew… 

My advice? It is ok to be good but put a limit. Because even though we lived together for a month, he never offered to pay for the rent. I had to ask to pay for a bill, which was only 20$, the rent + food + other bills were up to 600$. 

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I admit that if someone asks me for help, I will do it again, but now I have learned to set up limits on my personal and private space!

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