Dating Life in Korea: The experience of a Foreigner Girl!

Dating Life in Korea: The experience of a Foreigner Girl!


Ever wonder how easy or difficult in can be to have a love/dating life in Korea as a foreigner with different etiquettes and customs in comparison to the West? 

Let's take a closer look at the dating experience of a foreigner girl in Korea:

As a young female foreigner living in Korea for the past year, I've learned the real meaning of "being in a relationship" here in Korea. The dating culture is all about showing how much in love you are with a person, so be ready to see couple outfits, matching rings, flower buckets, etc. 

I do not have any problem with this "dating culture," but coming from a European background, I would lie if I don't admit it sometimes causes me a shocking effect. 

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Generally speaking, things will be a bit harder if you're looking for a serious relationship, but you're a foreigner. As some boys have told me, "Korean girls are easier". Besides the awful connotation of this phrase, they are talking about how fast people date. As crazy as it might sound for the foreigners, in Korea, it is usual to start dating on the 3rd date is from there, they start to know each other. It is common to see people dating and splitting in a few months and back to the game. 

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Personally, there are three ways of meeting Koreans, one is through dating apps, the second is going out, and the third, and the most shocking one, is just to be stopped on the street! 

Koreans usually use dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, or Meeff to meet foreigners. There, they are primarily looking for a language exchange partner, then serious dating, but the most common is friends with benefits. Keep in mind that many of them are looking to "experiment" with a foreigner. They will blame the lack of diversity in the country, but don't be played! 

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The second way of meeting Koreans is as simple as going out. In my case, I live in Hongdae, a "youth" neighborhood where nighttime life is non-stop! Those places are full of young people who are out to have fun, like you. It is very common just to be sitting down and be approached by someone who will want to talk!

Personally, it is funnier meeting people this way than through apps. They are more honest face to face than in texting. This will also save you from many heartbreaks and being ghosted (consists of stopping replying to the other person, to disappear!) 

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Finally, and I have experienced this at least four times, it is to be stopped on the street and asked for your Kakao ID. With this, you can experience two types of approaches. Some will say, "you're beautiful. I would like to spend the night with you," or others will be subtle and ask your Kakao to know you more. 

Here's my case where a boy stopped me and in very shy mode said he was working in a café; he saw me walking down the street and thought I looked "very interesting" and wanted to know me. He asked my Kakao, we talked for a few weeks, and then he invited me to date. 

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Being a foreigner sometimes can be complicated; people want to "experience" and won't take you seriously. So, here's my advice if you want to meet someone: Set your intentions clear! If you want to play, you'll find tones of players, but if you're looking for something more serious, you should have patience... 

In my experience, I have met people in all three ways, and ranking them, I would say: 

  1. Apps: Use them if you want to have fun. In my case, I had fun but also met some close friends! 
  2. Going out: That's the best way of meeting someone. You will feel at the moment if you're matching well with that person! 
  3. Random approaches on the street: This is trickier, but you will also feel the vibes, so if you don't like the person, say no and leave! 

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I have had many funny experiences meeting people. If you want a series of blogs explaining them, leave a comment! You'll be shocked, promise! 

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