A "Super" Return: Seventeen's New Album FML

A "Super" Return: Seventeen's New Album FML

It’s been almost a year, but Seventeen have made a comeback! Today, we’re diving into Seventeen's new album FML, the music video for “Super,” and the other tracks that have been released.

The Road to FML

Carats were thrilled when Seventeen leader S.Coups spoiled their next comeback on March 10, the first day of CARAT LAND 2023. The next day, Pledis Entertainment confirmed the group would be returning with a new album.

S.Coups spoiling SVT 2023 comeback

Image Credits: Tracy via SK Pop

The scheduler for FML was released on social media at the beginning of April. Fans eagerly speculated what the acronym stood for and were intrigued that Seventeen were deciding to go more explicit with their lyrics and song titles.

FML comeback scheduler

Image Credits: Pledis Entertainment via Allkpop

Three sets of photos were released. “FALLEN, MISFIT, LOST” came out on April 12, showing the members in a flooded house while dressed in dark or monotone colors. The images gave off a languid, resigned aura.

6/13 Seventeen members images from Set 1 of FML comeback

Image Credits: Seventeen via Instagram

Next came “FADED MONO LIFE” on April 13, depicting the members in a busy office environment. There were still darker colors present, but they were offset by white and pastel hues.

Group photo of Seventeen from Set 2 of images for FML comeback

Image Credits: Seventeen via Instagram

April 14 brought the trailer “‘F*ck My Life’: Life in a minute.” Over scenes of members fighting physical opponents or the drudgery of daily life, the narrator tells viewers that they “deserve to be happy” and to “break free from the perfectly unhappy world.” The video also includes a song spoiler for “F*ck My Life.”

The final set of photos, “FIGHT FOR MY LIFE,” were released on April 15 with a different vibe from the previous sets. Seventeen are shown in a boxing ring, gearing up for the match of a lifetime.

Group photo of Seventeen from Set 3 of FML comeback images

Image Credits: Seventeen via Instagram

FML’s track list was unveiled on April 18, revealing two title tracks: “Super” and “F*ck My Life.” Two days later, fans were treated to the Highlight Medley, followed by "Super" Teaser 1 (April 23) and Teaser 2 (April 24). Anticipation was high; FML broke the record for the most pre-orders with 4.64 million on April 23, beating BTS’ Map of the Soul: 7's (2020) 4.02 million.

Both FML and “Super” dropped on April 24. The music video leapt to the top of YouTube’s Trending page. Seventeen broke another record with 4 million copies of FML sold on the first day, the highest first-week sales by a K-pop group.

Seventeen's FML digital cover

Image Credits: Pledis Entertainment via Wikimedia Commons

There's still more to come. The official music video for “F*ck My Life” drops on May 8. Stay tuned!

Seventeen’s New “Super” Music Video 

While “F*ck My Life's” video has yet to be released, “Super” has gotten Carats everywhere hyped up. We have a lot to unpack, so let’s get started!

“Super” calls to mind the 2020 track “Fearless,” due to the tight choreography, simple yet classy outfits, and extreme confidence displayed by the members. Both songs also have anthemic choruses that will stay with listeners.

"Super's" music video stands out for several reasons. First, it's confined to one location, which is a courtyard in front of tall skyscrapers. The carpet and most of the background is red. Most of the lighting is also red, though at certain points it changes to gold, white, and teal.

Setting of "Super" music video (opening)

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

It's also mainly a performance video, with no cutting to other locations or storylines. This allows fans to focus on the members’ visuals and choreography, which involves the use of background dancers (another departure from previous videos) and is a combination of small hand-eye and large full-body movements.

 Background dancers in Seventeen's "Super" MV

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

The smooth transitions and jaw-dropping formations make viewers feel like they’re watching an awards show performance. Add to that the use of different camera angles, including close-ups and zoom-ins, focusing on specific members and dance parts.

Seventeen and background dancers in formation in "Super"

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

And let’s discuss the styling. Seventeen wears two outfits: Until the second chorus, they wear modern clothing. Some members are in all-black or all-white, while others mix the two colors and/or add blue denim.

Seventeen in blue/white/black outfits in "Super"

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

At the second chorus, they change into black hanboks with beautiful gold embroidery or gold shirts with black patterns and black pants. A few also wear jewelry or hair accessories. This is one way Seventeen incorporates traditional Korean elements into “Super.”

The8 (center) and Seventeen members in hanboks in "Super"

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

The other element is the geomungo that plays during the first part of the chorus. This deep-toned string instrument adds an old-school Korean feel to this upbeat song with hip-hop and EDM elements.

“Super” begins with chanting and a slow reveal of the setting. Woozi sits, raised aloft by dancers in black with covered faces. The song’s pace quickens, and he kicks off the song with the signature line: “Seventeen right here!"

Woozi and background dancers in Seventeen's "Super"

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

Wonwoo sings the first verse in a confident manner, telling listeners that he (and Seventeen as a whole) was able to make it to the top thanks to his strong will: “Faced everything, I’m so proud, I always win.”

Wonwoo and dancers in Seventeen's "Super"

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

Mingyu then sings “Darumdarimda,” a catchy word that means nothing but, when added to lyrics like “Let’s move on to the next world, go!” acts as a call to action.

Woozi, Jun, Mingyu, S.Coups, and Joshua in Seventeen's "Super"

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

Jeonghan raps the first half of the pre-chorus, which compares a true hero to being outside the limits of time and space. 

Jeonghan (centre) in Seventeen's "Super"

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

Seungkwan sings the second half, stating that he won’t give up or hold back even if he makes a mistake.

Seungkwan and Seventeen members in "Super"

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

Dino ushers in the chorus with the words “Feels like I turned into Sonogong.” Sonogong/Son Oh Gong, or Sun Wukong, is better known as the Monkey King, a powerful figure in Chinese mythology.

Dino and Seventeen members in "Super"

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

Vernon speaks for all the members when he tells fans and rivals, “We’ll never rest, every day make it make it / Don’t break ‘til we make it.” Their unwavering passion is what makes Seventeen the powerhouse it is today.

Vernon and members in Seventeen's "Super"

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

Hoshi (below, second from right) and DK (below, centre) call out, “I love my team! I love my crew!” saying that it’s thanks to them that they’ve come this far and will keep on going. Besides their exceptional dancing and self-produced tracks, Seventeen is also famous for its close bond between the members.

DK (centre) and members in Seventeen's "Super"

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

S.Coups raps the second verse, which talks about how Seventeen is changing their generation, working hard and not slowing down even if they mess up.

S.Coups and background dancers in Seventeen's "Super"

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

Joshua (below) sings “Darumdarimda,” adding lyrics describing Seventeen’s daily progress "to the sky," while Hoshi and DK perform the pre-chorus. 

Joshua and background dancers in Seventeen's "Super"

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

The camera tilts up and upside down, following a shooting star across the sky. 

Comet in the sky

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

We return to the stage, the members in their hanboks and The8’s gaze burning into the camera as he delivers the chorus. 

The8 in Seventeen's "Super"

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

After Seungkwan and Jeonghan finish the chorus, Jun sings the bridge, listeners that they should “Shove all the bad stuff together.”

Jun (centre) and members in Seventeen's "Super"

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

Flames flare in the background as Woozi says “Ping and out comes fire!” Seventeen’s producer exudes boldness as he calls on his group – and fans around the world – to gather their energy and shoot it into the sky. 

Woozi and members in Seventeen's "Super"

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

The chanting returns as the group and dancers go through the last powerful steps, finishing with a confident pose.

Seventeen group pose for "Super"

Image Credits: Seventeen via YouTube

This comeback was all that Carats were asking for and more. We can’t wait to see what FML’s other music video will be like!

The Rest of the Album: “F*ck My Life” And More!

“Super” is the second of six tracks on FML. We’ve already discussed this song, so let’s move on to the rest!

First on the album is the other title track “F*ck My Life.” The music could be described as “chill.” However, the lyrics are a cry against a world pressing down on young dreamers. The members’ frustration is apparent from the opening, “What a f*cking world,” as well as the chorus:

I’m the only fool in this f*cking world

Lost my path

Lost where to go

I’m the only fool

From now on Fight for My Life

For myself Fight for My Life

In a world where you’re used to being numb, I want to find myself

The verses also contrast each other. Verse 1 sees the members trying to laugh away and forget their hardships, while Verse 2 sees them depressed and wanting to give up their dreams. These lyrics resonate with Carats and K-pop fans in general, showing once again how relatable Seventeen’s music is.

Number 3 is the Hiphop Team’s song “Fire.” Set over a trap beat, percussion, and a loop of “Fire,” the rappers flex their creativity and achievements while giving a shoutout to the group (“For 12 years, 17 got my back now”). This hard-hitting track is more proof that the Hip-Hop Team, and Seventeen as a whole, has “got the fire.”

Next is the haunting “I Don’t Understand But I Luv U” by the Performance Team. Accompanied by electric guitar, its lyrics are sung by a person who has fallen for someone but is unable to speak their language. He assures his lover that “the language barrier is just a bubble” and that “I don’t understand...but I luv you.” It’s something that international stans experience. Even if they don’t know Korean, they're able to react to the emotions in their favorite groups' music.

The Vocal Team’s song “Dust” is next. Inspired by 80's hits, the instruments include guitars, drums, and synths. The melody is fast and moves freely, giving the track an airy and comforting feeling. Meanwhile, the lyrics are bittersweet, comparing the singer’s memories and longing for a lost love to dust. Our only complaint is that “Dust” is over so quickly!

The album ends with “April Shower”, whose soft vocals at the beginning are reminiscent of “_World." Distorted synths also give the song 80’s feels, while the melody is euphoric. Seventeen reminds listeners that April showers bring May flowers as they ask “Rain drop on me on me.” It’s the perfect note to end the album on. 

Did you like "Super" and FML? Comment your favorite track down below. Don't forget to celebrate with your very own Seoulbox Signature or V. Order one today!

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