Last Call for July: Unveiling the Exciting Treasures Inside Our Seoulbox

As July draws to a close, the countdown begins for your last chance to grab our spectacular Seoulbox filled with a handpicked assortment of Korean delights. Bursting with the vibrant spirit of South Korea, this Summer night themed Box promises an unforgettable journey through delectable snacks, quirky goodies, and cultural gems that encapsulate the essence of Korean traditions. Don't miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the charm of Korea's rich heritage, as we unveil the exciting treasures awaiting you in our limited-edition Seoulbox.

Sweet Treats

Mint Chocolate Banana Kick Puffs

Bags and bowl of mint chocolate banana puff kicks with bananas on a teal background

Image Credits

Indulge in the delightful fusion of flavors with our Mint Chocolate Banana Kick Puffs, a unique and refreshing twist to satisfy your snacking cravings. Blending the invigorating essence of mint, the decadence of chocolate, and the natural sweetness of banana, these puffs are a flavor-packed treat that will take your taste buds on a delightful adventure. Discover the perfect balance of zesty and sweet in every bite, and experience a snacking sensation like never before with Mint Chocolate Banana Kick Puffs!

Thin in Thin Hotteok Churros

Box and bag of hotteok churro crackers and split crackers

Image Credits

Imagine a thin and crispy churro infused with the delectable flavors of the traditional hotteok, boasting a perfect harmony of sweet fillings and a satisfying crunch. With every bite, you'll experience a delightful contrast of textures and flavors that will leave you craving for more.

Choco Heim (Black Edition)

A box and unopened bags of Choco Heim wafers

Image Credits

Known for their elegant cookies and cakes inspired by German and Austrian desserts, Crown’s Choco Heim products are light and airy with balanced flavors. These particular wafers are made of chocolate with dark chocolate cream filling. Enjoy with tea or coffee.

Lotte Sandwich (Jeju Green Tea)

An opened bag of green tea sandwich cookies with unopened bag behind it

Image Credits

A delectable treat that combines the rich flavors of Jeju green tea with the delightful goodness of Lotte's beloved sandwich cookies.

Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Mochi Cookie

A plate with two chocolate chip mochi cookies and two bags of the same cookies

Image Credits: Image via LINE SHOPPING

A chewy and indulgent delight, blending the classic taste of Hershey's chocolate chips with the delightful texture of mochi in every heavenly bite.

Espresso Con Panna Biscuit

Opened espresso con panna biscuits with cup of espresso topped with whipped cream

Image Credits

Another cookie that is perfect for your afternoon tea or coffee break, Haitai’s Espresso Con Panna Biscuit is melt-in-your-mouth coffee goodness. Enjoy on its own or dip into a cup of real coffee. (Whipped cream optional but recommended!)

Sweet & Sour Peach Chewy Candy

Fruity chews in pink and purple boxes on a pink surface with a yellow background

Image Credits

Tantalizing blend of juicy peach flavors and delightful chewiness that will keep your taste buds dancing with every delicious chew.

Savory Bites

Crunchy Crunch BBQ Flavor Ramyun  

A bag of BBQ ramyun snacks with a bowl of same snacks to the side

Image Credits

A savory delight that combines the fiery taste of BBQ with the satisfying crunch of ramyun noodles for a truly irresistible snacking experience.

Sesame Crisps

Two green bags with an orange face and sesame chips inside

Image Credits

A delectable snack that delights the senses with its nutty aroma, crunchy texture, and irresistible blend of sesame goodness.

Corn Snack (Stir-Fried)

Two bags of corn chips, one stir-fried and one cheese-flavored

Image Credits

Yes, we have another corn snack for you. These corn-flavored crisps come with a stir-fried seasoning that level up a nutritious item. If you prefer something cheesy, there is a cheese-flavored option as well.

Potato Chips (Dip’n BBQ)

Thin potato chips and a bag with a smiling chef on the front

Image Credits: Image via Sarang Mart

Speaking of barbeque, these chips from Oh!Gamja will make your taste buds explode. With crunchy potato chips and a dip with a kick, you’ll be able to enjoy the flavors of a BBQ grill from the comforts of home.

Nemo Snack (Sweet & Spicy) 

A bag with a red pepper and a sheet of corn sticks

Image Credits: Image via lizzycooksblog on Wordpress

Meet Nemo the Pepper. A classic school snack, it comes in several flavors including Spicy (in this month's box), Fried Chicken, and Bulgogi. Nemo Snacks are chewy and addictive. If you don’t like sharing, then make sure to keep them hidden away!

Merch and More!

BTS Hazelnut Coffee

A white canned coffee and purple canned coffee with a bowl of hazelnuts and a bowl of coffee beans

Image Credits: Image via

It’s back! This coffee combines the sweet and nutty taste of hazelnut with ARMYs’ love for BTS. It’s the perfect drink for streaming Kpop music videos or getting through a season of your favorite k-drama in one night.

BT21 Brush

A circle of plastic BT21 hairbrushes

Image Credits: Image via AliExpress

A must-have makeup tool adorned with adorable BT21 characters, adding a touch of cuteness and fun to your daily beauty routine.

1chopick Potato Mask Pack

A white 1chopick face mask with three potatoes on a blue surface

Image Credits: C#Shop Cosmetics on Instagram

An enriching skincare essential infused with the nourishing properties of potatoes, providing a rejuvenating and hydrating treat for your skin.


Cover of July 2023 Seoulzine

Image Credits: Image via Seoulbox

We always include a Seoulzine in our boxes. Put together by the Seoulteam, it includes snack descriptions (including allergens), articles about the month’s theme, and some fun activities. Save your Seoulzine so that you’ll remember all the interesting facts you’ve learned from this month's box!

How to Order Your Korean Snacks!

Are you ready to give Seoulbox a try? Amazing! Ordering your box is a simple process. For our snack boxes, there are two options: regular (Signature) and vegetarian (V). The steps apply to both.

Seoulbox homepage

Image Credits: Image via Seoulbox

First, go to the “Shop” dropdown menu on Seoulbox’s homepage and select the box you’d like.

A Seoulbox standing beside a list of subscriptions

Image Credits: Image via Seoulbox

Next, select the type of subscription you’d like. Seoulbox offers one-time, 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions. You can always change your subscription after receiving your first box.

Opened Seoulbox on top of a gray blanket

Finally, pay and wait for your Summer Nights to begin. Don’t forget to leave a review on our site and tag us on social media. Let us know how you liked the box and any suggestions for improvement!

In conclusion, time is running out to experience the magic of Korea's rich heritage and flavors with our exclusive July Box. Don't miss this final opportunity to immerse yourself in a culinary adventure filled with delectable Korean snacks and cultural treasures. From the tantalizing taste of our Mint Chocolate Banana Kick Puffs to the quirky charm of our curated goodies, this box is a gateway to the heart and soul of South Korea. So, seize the moment, grab your July Box now, and indulge in the wonders of Korean culture from the comfort of your home. As the days pass and July bids farewell, let this limited-edition box be your window to a world of enchanting flavors and cherished memories. Embrace the essence of Korea with our Seoulbox, and get ready for the journey of a lifetime filled with delectable surprises and delightful discoveries. Don't miss your last chance to savor the taste, the culture, and the magic of Korea. Order your July Box today and let the wonders of South Korea come to life right at your doorstep.

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