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Korean BBQ:

Korean barbeque is the common way of grilling meat in Korea, it consists of meat usually beef, pork, or chicken. 

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However, in some restaurants, they may serve grilled eel which is a well-known dish in Korea.

What is special about Korean BBQs?

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The unique thing about Korean barbecues is that you’ll be able to grill your meat and eat it afterward. Since there are no specific rules in the cooking method you’ll be able to grill the meat to your preferences. 

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In Korea, the barbeque dish is called Gogi gu-i which means “meat” and “grilled dishes.” It is often found in roadside restaurants which is highly appreciated by the netizens. 

Korean BBQ is also known to have various kinds of grills. Some places have long air vents that help with the smoke, with the mesh grille, and in other places there is just a modern grill pan. 

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Now, you may find different kinds of Korean barbeque restaurants all around the world. If you are keen to visit one, search for Gen Korean BBQ which is known as a modern Korean barbeque franchise that has outlets around the world.

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Types of Korean BBQ

There is a wide variety of meat to choose from, from different parts of meat to whether it is marinated or not! 

The most famous dish will be bulgogi, it is known as fire meat as well it is grilled directly on the fire. It is made from thinly sliced beef meat and is marinated with various ingredients. 

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Another most eaten dish is galbi, which is beef short ribs that are also marinated with soy sauce and other ingredients. Koreans prefer eating galbi when it is grilled using charcoal as the meat will taste its best during that process.

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For pork dishes, there are two dishes one is dwaeji bulgogi which is similar to beef bulgogi, where the only difference is the meat used. 

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The other one will be samgyeopsal, which is pork belly. This dish is categorized under unmarinated meat as it is grilled and eaten with dipping sauces.

There are some cases where people marinate the pork belly before grilling but it is not necessary. 

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Lastly, dak galbi which is spicy stir-fried chicken is common in the Korean BBQ menu.

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Koreans also enjoy dak gu-i which is grilled chicken that is not marinated. 

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Besides that, Koreans are a fan of eccentric meat like chicken feet, pork intestines, or even cows tongue. These parts are also eaten at Korean barbeques, we have more details of it here.

Korean BBQ Etiquettes You Should Know!

Koreans are particular when it comes to table manners, we got you the insights of the etiquettes you should know when you go to a Korean BBQ restaurant. 

  • Keep the Table Grease Free 

Some restaurants may offer you a chopstick holder where you may place your chopstick on when they are not in use. Avoid placing them directly on the table as it will be not hygienic and it will leave grease on the table. 

  • Ask for Wooden Chopsticks

If you are struggling with using the regular metal chopsticks as they can be heavy, you may ask the waiter for wooden chopsticks which are much easier to use especially for foreigners.

  • Do not pile Banchan on your Plate 

If you are unfamiliar, banchan are side dishes that Koreans enjoy with almost every meal. It is important to have the side dishes accompanying your main dish. Keep in mind they are meant to be bite-size, so do not put the side dishes on your plate. 

  • Ordering a Bowl of Rice 

We all know having meat can be filling, but in Korean culture having a few spoons of rice will help digest all the grease you’ve consumed from the meat. It is also considered as banchan, so do not feel pressured to finish it. 

  • Drink Alcohol!

Koreans love to drink when they have a meal, especially at Korean barbeques! It is common to see each table ordering soju or makgeolli while eating meat. Keep in mind, do not take soju as shots and just enjoy the drink while eating. 

  • No Desserts After Meal!

There’s a saying that if you have room after having Korean barbeque, it will possibly mean you did not enjoy your meal to its fullest. Most Korean restaurants do not serve desserts so do not expect them after a meal. 

We hope these tips will help you when you’re visiting a Korean BBQ restaurant!

Let us know which tip helps you the most in the comments below!

If you are a fan of everything Korean BBQ, then try our specially curated Seoulbox for March where you may find barbequed flavored snacks! 

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