Korean BBQ – Eccentric Meat Parts that Koreans Love

Korean BBQ – Eccentric Meat Parts that Koreans Love

Korean barbeque is now known globally as countries other than Korea are appreciating this known Korean dish. If you’re not from Asia, some meat parts may seem unusual to you as it is not normally eaten in Western cultures. 

It is known that Koreans love eccentric meat parts alongside alcoholic beverages! Here are the types of eccentric dishes Koreans enjoy. 

  • Gopchang (곱창) 

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It is referred to as the small intestines of a cow or the big intestines of a pig. Gopchang is often grilled and eaten in barbeques but it can also be included in hot pots or soups. 

Back in the day, Koreans turned to intestines as they are affordable and also rich in nutrients. 

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It was served as a health supplement to help recovering patients with weak constitutions and postpartum depression. 

Now, Gopchang is served in Korean BBQ restaurants and enjoyed with a bottle of Soju. It is a popular Anju in Korea, which simply means food consumed with an alcoholic beverage whether it being a main or a side dish.  

  • Makchang (막창)

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There are two different types of dishes, one is so-makchang which is the final or last stomach component in a cow or cattle. The other one is dwaeji-makchang which is the rectum of a pig. 

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Makchang is eaten grilled and served with doenjang sauce (soybean paste) and chopped scallions. Since this part of meat has a high metabolism content and is high in catabolism, it is made perfect as an Anju.

This dish is originated from Daegu and the regions surrounding Gyeongsang

  • Dwaeji Ggupdaegi (돼지 껍데기)

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Dwaeji ggupdaegi is known as pigskin or shell in Korean or pork rind in western countries. Pigskins are also famous in some parts of Asia; they are used in noodles or even eaten as it is. In Korea, pork skin is grilled or barbecued which gives it a crispy and crunchy texture. 

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Most Korean women love to consume this as pork skin consists of loads of collagen which is good for your skin's complexion. Other than that, pork skin is a type of saturated fat, therefore, it will not affect cholesterol levels and it is completely safe to consume!

Dwaeji ggupdaegi is also considered one of Korea’s Anju dishes. You may find most Koreans having this as a side dish while having a bottle of Soju during a night out.

  • Jang-Uh Gui (장어구이)

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Have you heard of grilled eel? Yup, this dish is widely eaten in Korea and served as a dish in Korean barbecues. Freshwater eel is known to be Korea’s summer food as it helps in restoring your energy levels during humid weather. 

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The eel is de-boned and marinated before being grilled. Restaurants usually offer you several ways of cooking them, whether you want it marinated in soy sauce, grilled with salt, or enjoyed with a dash of gochujang. Once it is grilled, you may dip it in soy sauce or wrap it in lettuce and top it off with a slice of ginger. 

Eels offer many health benefits which can help in preventing aging and wrinkles. Consuming eel will help your blood circulate better and improve your stamina. It is also rich in Vitamin A and E.

  • Dakbal (닭발)

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Is known as Chicken feet, which is not only known in Korea but in many different Asian countries like China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand. Dakbal however, is made with gochujang and sesame seeds which makes the dish spicy.

Koreans often have this as a drinking snack, it is mixed with Soju and the chicken feet are deep-fried so it will have a crunchy texture. 

These dishes are highly popular in Korean BBQ chains in Korea. If you ever visit Korea, here are some restaurants located in Seoul you should visit:

Wangbijib (왕비집)

This restaurant specializes in grilled meat. It is located not too far from Myeongdong station (we have the address stated below) If it’s your first time trying Korean BBQ, this place is perfect for you! It has a wide selection of meat and dishes to choose from. 



Being the most popular restaurant in Myeongdong, keep in mind that during lunch or dinner hours it will be packed with people. 



The menu consists of Premium Korean Beef that is about ₩36,000 for a portion of 150 grams which is priced lower than some places and offers premium quality as well. They also have pork belly and other meat cuts.  

Address: 26 Myeongdong 8ga-gil, Chungmuro 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea 

Daedo Sikdang (대도식당)

Nominated as the best Korean barbeque restaurant in Seoul. The highlight of the menus is porridge, fried rice, and sirloin beef. It is a traditional yet elegant restaurant that has several franchise stores.

The tables are low therefore you will have a full-on Korean experience while you eat sitting on the floor. 



The Seoul branch is the main restaurant and it has exceptional reviews online. They specialized in grilled sirloin from 50 years ago where the mouthwatering recipes are passed down by many generations.

The price range is quite high considering the popularity and premium meat served, it cost more than ₩40,000 for about 200 grams of meat. Many suggest visitors try their kkakdugi fried rice! 

Address: 431-2 Hongik-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Saebyukjib (새벽집)

Saebyukjib simply means “House of Dawn” where this restaurant is technically open for 24 hours! 



They serve the best quality meat at an affordable price. Not only that, it is said that they also serve the best stews which can cure hangovers! Make sure to try their doenjang stew if you had too much to drink.

The restaurant is also known for its thick yook-hwe which is the thick slice of raw beef served similarly to how sashimi is eaten. It costs about ₩28,000 excluding the service charge.



Address: 6 Dosan-daero 101-gil, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Hungry already? If you visit Korea, which are you trying first?

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