How ITZY celebrates White Day!

How ITZY celebrates White Day!


March 14 is quite a special day for Korean, called 'White Day' (화이트데이), it comes a month after V-Day and its about people giving gifts to those who gave them on Valentines.

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The K-pop girl band ITZY shared with MIDZY through their social media account how they celebrated their White Day.

The girls celebrated the day by dancing to the rhythm of Red Velvet, TWICE, IU, Girl’s Generation, and LOVELYZ. Each of the girls chose a song.

Lia – ‘Marshmallow by IU’


Chaeryeong – ‘Kissing You by Girl’s Generation


Yeji – ‘Candy Jelly Love by LOVELYZ’


Yuna – ‘What is Love? By TWICE’


Ryujin – ‘Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet’


It is always nice to see how idols share these moments with fans. Happy White Day Seoulmates!

If you want to learn more about the previously called Marshmallow Day, check out our White Day blog!

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