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Have you heard about another Valentine’s day? If not, here’s all you need to know about the White day! 

What is White Day?

White Day is celebrated by men, to return the favor to their partners who have shown them love and appreciation on Valentine’s Day. 

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It is celebrated one month after Valentine’s day which is on the 14th of March. It is also considered as Korean valentine's day.

White day originated in Japan, where a confectionary company started selling white to men a month after Valentine’s day. It was started to allow men to repay the women for the gifts and affection they receive on Valentine’s day.

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It was initially called Marshmallow day but soon changed the name so it is much more universal and open-ended.

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How White Day is Different from Valentine’s Day?

In Korean culture, Valentine’s day is when women buy chocolates and gifts for their boyfriends or husbands. 

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A month later, the boy buys gifts, flowers, and chocolates to show their appreciation to their partner. Rumor has it then the value of the gifts should be 3 times more than what the women have given to them on Valentine’s. 

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Besides the gifting system, the other difference will be that Valentine’s day can also be the day where the women will confess their feelings to their crush. 

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Then, on White day the men will confess their love towards the women who came out to them during Valentine’s Day. 

White Day VS. Valentine Day Gifting Culture

During Valentine’s day, women will give men chocolate as a way to express their feelings. To return the deed, men will give white chocolates and flowers to reciprocate their feelings to the women.

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However, in the current generation, the gifting culture is much more modern. Men do not limit their gifts to white items anymore, whereas women would purchase more than just chocolates. 

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In the early times, white marshmallows and chocolates were heavily marketed as the color symbolizes purity and truth. Items such as white flowers and even white-colored lingerie were also included in the list of gifts. 

Popular Gifts for White Day

As the generation evolves, the types of gifts given have also changed. Now, people often purchase gift baskets that are catered for this day. Such baskets may include chocolate, sweets, soft toys, and possibly beauty items. 

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Bouquet is also highly popular these days. Most florists will sell unique-looking bouquets and often include heart shape designs. 

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Gifts such as Pepero’s, gummies, or candies are examples of gifts. Sometimes these companies would release specific products just for white day. 

Gift boxes are also highly popular, the snacks and items in the box are varied and would fit the perfect gift idea. Some boxes may include makeup or skincare products. 

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Happy White Day to all!

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