Drinks That Pairs Well with Korean BBQ 

Drinks That Pairs Well with Korean BBQ 


In most western cultures wine pairs perfectly with meat, but in Korea, a classic red wine would NOT go well with the mixture of ingredients in your meal. 

Therefore, we have some alcoholic beverages for you to try. Pssstt.. We added a non-alcoholic beverage for the underaged ones too!

  • Soju 

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Almost everyone consumes Soju when they are out for dinner. It is one of the well-known drinks in South Korea. 

It is traditionally made with rice grains, wheat, or barley. However, in modern times, starch is used to replace rice, like sweet potatoes and potatoes. 

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Soju is like vodka but with various flavors. You may find apple, plum, strawberry, or even original flavored Soju.

  • Makgeolli

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Makgeolli is a Korean rice wine that is low on alcohol. It has an unfiltered milky taste which pairs perfectly with the meat.

It is referred to as a communal beverage rather than hard liquor, and you may find them being sold in plastic bottles. 

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It is said to be one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in Korea. During those times, different ingredients were used to create various flavors of Maekgeolli. Now, there are a variety of flavors such as chestnut, strawberry, and honey. 

  • Maesil-ju 

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It is traditional Korean plum infused with alcohol making it into plum wine or liquor. 

It is made with ripe hwangmae which are yellow-colored plums and is also known as Chinese or Japanese plums. 

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The plum is dried and soaked in Soju for about 100 days in a glass container. Sugar is added when the fruits are removed and can be consumed immediately. 

  • Maesil-cha

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This is the non-alcohol infused plum tea. It is traditionally made and is known as Korean herbal tea. 

The most common way to make the beverage is by mixing maesil-cheong which means plum syrup with water. Other than that, it is also made with maesil (fresh plums) or omae (smoked plums). 

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If you were to try the smoked plums, you may look for the name omae-cha in the menu as it is smoked plum tea. 

  • Carbonated Drinks

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Drinks such as coke and sprite are also widely enjoyed by Koreans. Occasionally, Fanta or Chilsung cider is an option when eating at a Korean barbeque. 

Chilsung is Korea’s number one carbonated beverage and their ambassadors are none other than K-pop’s biggest boy group BTS. 



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Let us know in the comments below which flavors are your favorite when paired with Korean BBQ!

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