Hello guys! How are you doing? Today we are going to talk about some lovely character we are all familiar by now, even if you are not a K-Pop fan, you have seen them before. Yes, those you have in mind, BT21 characters and TinyTan.

If you are new in the K-Pop world, lets have a brief introduction of BTS and its members.

BTS (Hangul: 방탄소년단)

BTS Bangtan Boys, more commonly known as BTS are a South Korean band under Big Hit Entertainment which was presented to the world in 2013. Jungkook, V, Jimin, Jin, Suga, RM, and J-Hope began with an approach to hip-hop but throughout the years they have included some other genres.

Their lyrics covers important subjects such as mental health, social dilemmas, personal issues to name a few, all this with one goal, to teach or help each and everyone of their fans how important is to love ourselves. 

Map Of The Soul: 7 They are South Korean’s best-selling artist achieving a selling record wit over 4.1 million copies in less than a month (notice that to receive this achievement an album most sold at least 1 million copies) with their album “Map of the Soul: 7”.


Jungkook (Main Vocals)

Jungkook The Golden Maknae of the group, for being the youngest and his great talent. Not only he as a great singer but also a songwriter; he has produced “Love is Not Over” and “Magic Shop” and has three songs as a solo: “Begin” from the album Wings, “Euphoria” from Love Yourself: Answer, “My Time” from the album Map of the Soul: 7.

V (Vocals)

BTS Member VKim Tae-hyung, besides being a singer and songwriter, he is also an actor. He debuted for BTS as a “surprise”, he was kept as a secret until his debut for the band. He has co-produced and co-wroted the song “Hold Me Tight” and has worked on several others such as “Fun Boyz”, “Run” and “Stigma” (one of his solo songs, the second being “Singularity”).

Park Ji-min (Lead vocalist)

Jimin Jimin, vocalist and dancer of the band, debuted with the single “No More Dream”. As well as Jungkook, he has released three solo songs, “Lie” from the album Wings, “Serendipity” from Love Yourself: Her, and “Filter” from Map of the Soul: 7.

Jin (Vocals)

 Jin Kim Seok-jin began his studies on acting, and then became vocalist of the band, after joining he has released and co-written three solo songs, “Awake” from Wings, “Epiphany” from Love Yourself: Answer, and “Moon” from the album Map of the Soul: 7. He and V participated on the OST for the K-Drama “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth”.

Suga (Rapper)

sugaMin Yoon-gi, is a songwriter, record producer, and rapper. He was able to release a mixtape named Agust D and following its success he later released a second one called D-2, under Big Hit Entertainment. He joined this company as a music producer, and thanks to this talent he has managed to write and produce quite a few lyrics on all the band’s albums.

RM (Rapper)

Rap Monster Kim Nam-joon, previously known as “Rap Monster” used in his time as a trainee, has a similar profile as Suga, he is also a rapper, record producer and songwriter. On 2015 he releases “RM”, his first mixtape and in 2018, “Mono” his second one, both under Big Hit Entertainment. He debuted in 2013, and has produced a variety of lyrics for the band.

J-Hope (Rapper)

J-hope Jung Ho-seok, rapper of the band but also songwriter, producer, and dancer. His first mixtape “Hope World” was released in 2018. He is the first member of BTS with a Billboard Hot 100 thanks to “Chicken Noodle Soup” (position 81), a song in which Mexican-American singer Becky G was featured.

He made his debut for BTS with the song “No More Dream” from their single album 2 Cool 4 Skool.


BT21 Project

 BT21They are a project that came to light in 2017, it was a collaboration between the K-Pop band BTS and LINE FRIENDS. Throughout these years since its launch, their popularity and fanbase has been on the raise continues to do so. 

Bts in Bt21 store The BT21 universe has expanded so much, to the point of having online shops and physical stores and pop ups located all around the world. You can find animated content as series and games to a whole bunch of merchandise (apparel, office, home & décor, toys, handbags, electronics).

BT21 productsBT21 characters, have done several collaborations to keep the brand evolving, to name a few we have: Dunkin Donuts, Monopoly, Icheon Airport, Converse, Facebook, Uniqlo and Bershka, among others.

BTS' BT21 Uniqlo collection: How to get your hands on a T-shirt | London  Evening Standard | Evening Standard

Each member of the band was involved in the creation of the characters, by giving ideas and drawing sketches. And it resulted in the creation 8 characters, one for each member of the K-Pop band, a one that represents Army.

 You can enjoy the process on the

YouTube Channel

, it’s called BT21 UNIVERSE and it consist of 13 episodes.


Without further ado, let’s take a closer look to BTS BT21 characters as described on their profile:

KOYA (The Gifted sleepyhead)

“Brilliant, multi-talented, is quite the ‘sleeping cutie’. KOYA naps with a mind heavily filled with thoughts”

KOYA is the representation of RM

Pin on home


RJ (Kind, loving, foodie)

“Loves cooking, eating. It’s usually in that order. The fluffy fur coat and compassionate soul make everyone feel right at home”

RJ is the representation of Jin

Bt21 Ok Rj

SHOOKY (Mini prankster)

‘Tiny SHOOKY loves pulling pranks, especially ones dropped on friends. The one thing he hates most is milk”

SHOOKY is the representation of Suga


MANG (Mystery dancer)

“Dancing runs in his veins. Wherever there’s music, MANG’s probably there breaking out some cool moves. Veiled under a mask, MANG’s true identity remains a secret”

MANG is the representation of J-Hope

BT21 Mang

CHIMMY (The pure-at-heart)

“CHIMMY always sports the signature yellow hoodie and is compelled to work hard on anything that catches his attention”

CHIMMY is the representation of Jimin

Bt21 Cute Chimmy

TATA (An off-the-wall, curious soul, Prince)

“TATA is a crown prince on Planet BT. Possessor of supernatural powers and a hyper-elastic body that stretches to great lengths”

TATA is the representation of V

BT21 Tata

COOKY (Brawny, hearty rumps)

“Don’t let COOKY’s perky appearance fool you. Always full of heart and boundless stamina, He’s that one friend you can always count on”

COOKY is the representation of Jungkook

Bt21 Cooky GIF

VAN (Guardian space robot)

“The sentient and all-knowing robot VAN seems to be knowledgeable in just about everything in the galaxy. Acts as protector of BT21, 24/7”

VAN is the representation of ARMY, and we can say it includes their staff and Big Hit Entertainment.

BT21 Van Gif



Tiny Tan ♡♡

Now, BT21 are not the only characters related with BTS on 2019 Big Hit Entertainment created the “TinyTan” formerly known as BTS Characters. These little animated characters with a chibi look resembles each of the band’s members were launched as part of BTS Pop-Up: House of BTS exclusive merchandise.

Big Hit Entertainment Explains How TinyTAN Will Help BTS's Career - Koreaboo

BTS TinyTan were re-launched in 2020 with the appearance from “MIC Drop” music video but were originally released with the appearance from “IDOL” music video. 

BigHit Could Plan A New Release With TINY TAN Brand - Somag News

We can say they are an animated K-Pop band, releasing some songs like “We are Bulletproof: The Eternal”, and “Magic Door”. They count with their own merchandise like plushes, clothing, hand bags, office, and much more.

As big as the brand BTS is, its normal to find out the Tin

yTan just like BT21 have also done some collabs, these ones being “Baskin Robbins”, “Downy”, “Facebook”, “Weverse” and “Haagen-Dazs”.

I Need U: Eat Haagen-Dazs and get adorbs BTS merch - Coconuts

TinyTan Characters

RM (Unbreakable Cuteness)

Kim’s chibi character tries to show RM charisma.


Displays his signature ending pose on stage which is a famous flying kiss.

Suga (Sweetie with Swagger)

His TinyTan shows chicness Min has.


His doll captures Jimin adorable attitude and features.


V (Precious Baby Bear)

Kim Taehyung’s doll try to reflect his free spirit and tenacity.


Jungkook loves art, and his character tries precisely to reflect his talents.


Looking how cute BT21 and TinyTan characters are, we can assume their goal is to connect with younger fans and ARMY in general, increasing the group and characters popularity.



 It’s not a secret how fans may have a bias on one or more of these lovely little guys, and who we are to blame, they are just too cute not to.


Did you know that we at Seoulbox couldn’t avoid so much cuteness and decided to share BT21 and TinyTan merchandise in several of our monthly boxes?

So far, we have added the following:

  • BT21 Mask Sticker
  • BT21 Diary Sticker
  • BT21 Headband
  • TinyTan Figure
  • BT21 Pouch
  • BT21 Plush Dolls
  • BT21 Socks

If you are curious and interested to enjoy a piece of Korea’s culture, music, and snacks you can get your SeoulBox here. You might be lucky enough to get a lovely BTS merch.

Please share with us which series of characters you love the most. =)

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