We know you are a gourmand person and you love Korean snacks, which is why you might have already ordered one of our Seoulboxes or might plan on ordering one.

Korean Snacks Halal

Are Korean Snacks Halal?

If you’re not aware, South Korea is well known to be a country where meat and especially pork is very important and even essential in dishes. For example, Korean barbecue is very common and popular.

However, we know that according to your behaviors, religion, habits, health issues, you might not be able to eat all of the products, especially animal products.

This is why we decided to create an alternative box of the SeoulBox Signature which was first called SeoulBox Halal and which has been lately renamed into SeoulBox V. The V stands for Vegetarian.

Korean Snacks SeoulBox V

This alternative box is to help the one concerned to fulfill their craving for Korean snacks, Korean culture, and lifestyle within our boxes.

As in Korea, people eat a lot of meats and animal products, it’s very complicated for some vegetarian and Muslim people to find things to eat in South Korea in general and to know what to look at on the packages of Korean snacks when you are in a 7 Eleven.

Korean Snacks 7 Eleven

What are the important words to understand on a Korean Snack package?

To let you know, and to help you as it might be difficult to recognize, it isn’t because the words “eggs, milk, beef or pork” are mentioned that they are in the Korean snack for sure.

Indeed, in South Korea, it is usually written on the packages something like “달걀 쇠고기, 돼지고기 흔입 기능“ which means “may contain traces of eggs, beef, and pork”.

The Korean factories put this on the Korean snacks because they may be working with those ingredients for other products and that there is a very slight chance, there was a problem and that there are some traces in your Korean snacks that shouldn’t have any of those ingredients.

Of course, it’s very rare and shouldn’t happen, those factories just protect themselves by saying that if someday something happens.

To give you an idea, when we call the factories where we order the Korean snacks for the boxes, none tells us exactly that it’s meat-free for example just because they want to protect themselves and because the law is made like this in Korea.

Korean Snacks

How to find Muslim friendly Korean snacks and restaurants?

If you are Muslim and want to make sure the Korean snacks you want to buy or taste is Muslim friendly,  you can download the app called “Mufko” which is available in many languages like Korean (of course), Arabic, French, Uzbek, and so on.

You can download this app on Android and App Store! Mufko describes itself as the only platform in South Korea for Muslims. It helps you find pork-free products but also halal products.

Also, it is important to note that it’s still complicated to find halal food in South Korea except in a couple of streets in Seoul.

Korean Snacks Halal

How to find vegetarian or vegan Korean snacks or restaurants?

If you are vegetarian or even vegan, there are a lot of articles around the internet with restaurants in Seoul where you can go and tips to help you out if you are in South Korea.

Here again, you can find apps to help you find places like Vegefood. Vegefood is available on App Store and Android and is available in English and Korean.

If you want to scan Korean snacks, we haven’t found any Korean Vegetarian or Vegan app that makes it as well as giving good places or good recipes with the exact ingredients to buy, but any vegetarian or vegan scan from other countries may be working as well.

Korean Snacks Vegan

SeoulBox V and the SeoulBox V guide to download for free

We truly believe that it’s not because it might be more complicated to find vegetarian food or meat-free Korean snacks or Korean dishes that those persons and ideology shouldn’t be “penalized” and feel a barrier from the accessibility to Korea.

This is why in our SeoulBox V we tend to change each product with meat to meat-free Korean snacks and Korean dishes.

SeoulBox V

It’s important for us to help you to know what you could eat or taste if you were there and to make you try new things.

We decided to make a vegetarian box because every vegetarian item is halal while not every halal product is vegetarian.

To give you an example, for this month we replaced the crunchy chicken chips PpaDack by backed mini garlic baguettes, Jjeol bibim myeon by tasty ramen vegan, and Super Sour Cokie Jellies by Black beans barley bread.


To recap, here is the list of what you will be able to find inside your SeoulBox V this month:

  • Stainless Straw

  • Bubi Bubi bubble Lip Scrub

  • Italy Skin Tower

  • Dancheong Hand Mirror

  • Avocado Maskpack

  • French Fries Red Chili Flavor

  • Baked Mini Garlic Baguette

  • Arari Roast Egg

  • Tasty Ramen Vegan

  • Virak Cinnamon Punch

  • Misut Garu Grain Latte

  • Pororo the Little Penguin Cheese Crackers

  • Oh Yes Nonsan Strawberry & Banana

  • Rice Cake Pie Cream Cheese

  • Black Beans Barley Bread

  • Consommé Almonds & Cheese Snacks

  • 13 Zodiacs 8th: Sheep

Also, you should know that in your SeoulBox V, you can find the SeoulBox Signature guide on purpose to make you see what is inside the Signature Box.

However, you can download the SeoulBox V guide here:

If you are curious about what’s inside the SeoulBox Signature this month, you can download its guide here:

We hope that now you are more aware of your possibilities as vegan, vegetarian, or have any animal products restrictions, as well as about our SeoulBox V and the types of Korean snacks you can or cannot it.

If you have any recommendations about apps, tips, or if you just want to share your favorites vegetarian-friendly, vegan-friendly, or Muslim-friendly Korean snacks, please feel free to comment below!


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