In an interview, Korean boys were asked the question about dating foreign girls and their views towards international relationships. 


What To Read?

Dating in South Korea may be different compared to other countries. Koreans tend to follow strict dating culture as they are not familiar with diverse cultures. 

How Is Dating In South Korea Different From Other Countries?

How is dating in South Korea different from other countries?

Korean parents are generally very traditional; they believe every relationship should lead to marriage. You might get surprised if your in-laws start talking about your weddings during the first meet. 

Most Koreans are against their first son marrying a foreigner. It has been said that they have to continue the family line by marrying a Korean. 

Therefore, the trend of having a multicultural relationship in Korea is not normalized. 

Living in Korea would mean they don’t get to meet too many foreigners on a daily, they may feel the pressure to be dating girls of the same nationality. 

It is shown that almost every guy agreed that multiracial couples are absolutely fine. Looking at how the western culture is being influenced, most Koreans are breaking the date only Koreans stereotype. 

Looking at the current generation, many natives would rather date a person of other nationalities as they said it opens the opportunity for them to learn about other cultures and traditions.

Even with the language barriers, most Korean guys would prefer dating a foreigner as they are open to learning other languages. 

What Is The Dating Trend In Korea?

What is the dating trend in Korea?

I think since Koreans follow meticulous dating cultures, foreigners may encounter dating trends that they are not familiar with. Therefore, that could be a challenge for non-Koreans to adapt. 

Here we got some of the trends Korean couples which could be a culture shock to foreigners

  • Public Display of Affection 

Koreans aren’t the type to kiss in public or show off their love like they do in movies. They are more reserved and less open when being in a relationship. It is impossible to see couples making out in public.  

For some, even hugging could be an awkward gesture whilst being in a relationship. You might be stared at if you’re seen being overly touchy with your partner. 

So all that’s available is for you and your Korean boyfriend to hold hands while walking or even linking arms. 

  • Blind Dates 

Did you know blind dates in Korea are common? It is considered one of the safest options for dating. 

By the term blind date, we understand that it would be arranged by a mutual. In Korea, this term is called 선 (seon) which their parents would set their offspring’s up for a blind date with the intention of a marriage between the two.

Korea also has another way of blind dating where is called 미팅 which translates to the meeting. It is widely known among the younger generations, commonly by students in college. The meeting takes place when a group of boys meets a group of girls and they hang out. 

  • Celebrating Anniversaries 

We love counting milestones with our partners! Celebrating anniversaries yearly is a trend done by mostly every couple. 

However, in Korea, they count their milestones every 100 days! It is quite common among teenagers to celebrate. Expect to receive a ring as a gift on your 100th anniversary as it is a tradition among Korean couples! 

  • Matching Outfits 

As you know, Korean fashion has become a statement worldwide. Through the rise in K-fashion, Korean couples are into wearing matching outfits. 

You will see many various styles and fashions on the streets of Korea, as they match in color or even accessories.


Korean Dramas That Have Interracial Couples As Leads

Korean Dramas that have Interracial Couples as Leads

As interracial couples are on the rise in South Korea, some K-dramas support interracial relationships. 

  • Seducing Mr. Perfect

A Korean woman and an American man cross paths at the perfect timing and find comfort in each other as they try to escape their heartbreaks. 

The drama portrays how language barriers are just another obstacle you can overcome when you’re in a relationship with someone from a different culture. 

  • Golden Bride 

A love story on how a Korean-Vietnamese matchmaker fakes her marriage with a Korean man to get into the country to find her father. 

Even if the arrangement was mutual and they agreed to live as friends secretly, the two eventually fell for each other.


  • Late Autumn 

Get the insides of the romance between two settlers who meet in Seattle. Anna an immigrant from China meets a man, Hoon who is from Korea. 


Anna was traveling on a bus to her mother’s funeral after being let out on bail from prison where she met Hoon who approached her and asked her for money for the bus fare. 

The pair met again the next day when Hoon shows up at her mother’s funeral. 


With the rise of K-pop and K-drama’s many international enthusiasts have been drawn to Korean boys, and by that, there has been an increase of foreign citizens residing in South Korea. 

Itaewon Class

Hence, the opportunity of Korean boys searching for an international partner is very much possible. 

To conclude, I believe Korean boys are open to international relationships as they may take it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

We hope this article helps with your curiosity about whether Korean boys are open to international relationships!

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