Today, we want to introduce you to four break-out stars for our first SeoulBox Life. In our Korean monthly subscription boxes, you might have seen a couple of times items created by us like chopsticks, the mask to wear outside. However, for our very first SeoulBox Life, we decided to put not one, not two, not even three but FOUR exclusive and unique products: the Map of Jeju Beach Towel, the Jeju Tumbler (called Jeju on a Bottle), Mr. Bong and Lovers of Jeju Mouse Pad.


The Map of Jeju Beach Towel 🏖

This is summer here in Korea and many other countries in the world. We’re sorry Brazil, we know it’s snowing over there, but we promise you, you can use all the items inside our SeoulBox Life right now and in a few months. So, let’s back to summer.

What do you think, when you hear summer? Sun, hot temperatures, holidays, beach, swimming pools, take some time off your phone and computer? Right. We completely agree with you.

This is why we thought of you while creating a beach towel for the SeoulBox Life. This unique towel consists of symbolic and popular places on Jeju Island. From Dol Hareubangs, Teddy Bear Museum, Osulloc, Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, to Jeju tangerines. How many places can you spot on our soft Map of Jeju Island Beach Towel?

Not going to the beach!? No worries, this Jeju Island Towel has you covered. Anywhere from the pool, water theme park, hot tube, fresh out of the shower, spas, and so on. This towel has you covered….Literally! Its cool yet settle colours makes this towel very priceless with its cute images of Jeju Island..

Not only could you use it as a towel for the summertime you could use it all year round! Why not use it after your shower or to dry your freshly washed hair, or even to dry off from all those Kpop idol dance moves that have you breaking out into a sweat. Better yet you could set up a little picnic with snacks from our monthly Korean subscription box. Show off your SeoulBox Life style no matter the occasion.

Also, this 80x160CM (31.5x63IN) towel is very thin and takes the minimum of place!

️To make your towel longer, make sure to wash it by hand without bleaching agent to keep our design very colourful and bright



The Jeju Tumbler – Jeju on a Bottle 🍶

To go along with our limited edition beach towel, here is our tumbler. We found something as cool as a Genie to put in the bottle. We have put the Jeju Island. This makes the perfect matching set! And please, who doesn’t love a matching set?

We know that in summer we need to drink a lot more water, this is why we decided to put one in the SeoulBox Life. To follow you everywhere and to keep you hydrated at any time. This bottle measures 5.8x5.8x20.5CM

(2.3x2.3x8 IN), which means you will literally be able to take it everywhere with you and to use fewer water bottles then, Mother’s Earth will thank you for that.

If you struggle drinking enough water or being enough hydrated during the day, you can put small slices of cucumber or lemon to give a great and refreshing taste to your water.

Otherwise, you can still pour inside your favourite tea or coffee with or without ice cubes, like one of the tea we usually put inside our SeoulBox Signature and SeoulBox V each month.

Plus, like the towel, with cute images of what makes Jeju Island popular you can't help but be swept away by its cuteness and want to explore Jeju Island yourself. Quench your thirst while exploring some places listed on the water bottle. Have fun exploring!!

️To keep the designs intact on the bottle, make sure to hand wash it without any dish scrubber


Mr. Bong 🍊

You might have seen him quite a lot those last weeks on our Instagram account. SeoulBox Life first-ever plush called Mr. Bong is inspired by Jeju Island’s Hallabong. This unique tangerine has once been picked from a tree by Raj and Suji, as the legend says.



Mr. Bong is 15.5 cm (5.9 inches) which makes him the perfect size to follow you everywhere you go. He is also quite adventurous! He loves any type of landscape, but his favourites so far are the beach and the parks with bushes or tangerine fields. No worries, he can’t wait to visit the world and take as many pictures with you as possible. Also, you should know. He loves to play hide and seek. He’s even the best! I mean, if he can fit inside our SeoulBox Life, her can hide everywhere!



As he is super soft to the touch, he also makes a great cuddle buddy, as well as a head pillow when needed, or even a late-night friend to watch your favourite idols on YouTube. Let’s not forget how he loves every Kdrama and is always ready to binge-watch a show with you. His favourite snacks are from our monthly Korean subscription boxes but don’t worry he won’t eat any of your snacks. Whatever the situation is Mr. Bong has your back.

️If Mr. Bong got dirt and need a bath, please gently wash him with soap not to fade out his beautiful colours and hurt him. Avoid bleaching agent and harsh detergents too, he doesn’t want to be laughed at by other tangerines because he lost his orange skin tone


Lovers of Jeju Mouse Pad 🖱

The last but not the least created item of this first SeoulBox Life is the mouse pad!

We know, we know, you want to take some time off your computer and enjoy the time outside if you can with the sun, your friends and your family. But still, you might need to work or you might be going back to school, so it might be helpful! Also, it’s the perfect item that will help you remember the summer once it’ll be over and it will warm you up a little bit. Plus, our first SeoulBox Life covers the whole summer, which ends at the end of September. This means you will need it at some point in the summer. 😉


Tell us which items from the SeoulBox Life you’re preferring so far and if you want us to create more useful and cute items for your everyday life!


Author - Camille & Kathy

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