11 Genre-wise Korean Webtoons To Start Reading As A Beginner [2021]

11 Genre-wise Korean Webtoons To Start Reading As A Beginner [2021]

These illustrators have created some of the epic Korean webtoons which you might know through Korean dramas now.

11 Genre-wise Webtoons To Start Reading As A Beginner [2021]
The Sound Of Your Heart

Back in 2006, when the writer and illustrator Jo Seok created The Sound Of Your Heart (마음의 소리), a webtoon which he released on Naver WEBTOON internet portal. Neither he nor we, might have thought of the power of these creators and this new word that took the innovative world by storm.

What You Can Read Inside This Blog?

Today we want you to learn more about this creation and how to get indulge in this creative world. 

What are Korean webtoons? 

Coming across Korean webtoons and Manhwa together might be confusing for some. What is a Korean webtoon and what is Manhwa? Bet you had those questions. I had to! 

So, here’s I’m breaking it down. They both mean the same. Yes, the world calls it “Korean webtoon” is actually Korea’s Manhwa (만화), which literally translates as Comic books. 

This term was originated from South Korea when the first webtoon came out, signified itself as a digital form of comic books. 


Korean webtoon

Youngsters and especially avid readers of these artistic theories are big fans of this initiation. They feel a connection with the creator. 

And if their read webtoons are converted into dramas, they have this clear vision of the plotline. But it’s just that now they get to see real people. Just like how a fictional reader feels to have this connection with fictional books that outsiders can’t understand well, that’s that. 

The sudden growth in Manhwa is understandable as they have done a tremendous job in making it convenient for anybody who wants to read it. 

One can easily access it now on their smartphones and tablets, on the Naver webtoons app, or on different publishing platforms. 

Not only that but the webtoons from foreign artists are being accepted to get published on Naver as well - which is tremendous, helps grow the illustrator and the internet system altogether. 

Now I can understand if you want to start reading incredible manhwas and you don’t know where to start from. 

Worry not, cause I’ve listed down the webtoons that too genre-wise, that you should commence your reading journey with. 

Genre-wise List of webtoons! 


Hell is other people 


Hell is other people
Image courtesy: Naver webtoon

What if you just want to save some bucks and hence end up living in a dormitory? No that’s not a catch. The people living there are, threatening

This webtoon is about a young man who moves to Seoul for finding work. As he is broke, so saving money comes into the picture. 

So, how will he survive in there with almost no money to go anywhere else? 

It’s a great start away for “mysterious” readers. 


Mystic pop-up bar



Mystic pop-up bar

Getting burned out from work has become rampant in today’s world. This is why we all do need a place to take that out.

Mystic pop-up bar receives a bunch of such burned out people who come there to rely on good promising food and Soju. And drinks are always free. 

So who wouldn’t go? 

They end up blabbering their struggles to the bar’s kind yet rough owner, Wolju. This magical woman uses power to better the lives of her customer. 

It has also been adapted to a 2020 drama, given the same name. 



Credits to the rightful owner

Memorist is about a detective gifted with supernatural powers. He later teams up with a noble criminal profiler. 

They both became a strong team to catch and imprison a serial killer. 

A drama was also adapted from the webtoon which has the same name played by Yoo Seung-Hoo and Lee Se Young.

My deepest secret


My deepest secret

My deepest secret is revolved around a young couple who are so in love with each other. Especially Emma, the lead character of the story, who thinks she is grateful to have a boyfriend like Elios. 

Elios loves her, but there’s a deep secret that’s laid inside their relationship. 

What’s the secret? And how would Emma react when it will be revealed. 

It is created by a Malaysian artist Hanza_studio (stage name), published by Naver webtoon.



Freaking romance

Freaking romance

The name tells us it’s a romance webtoon. But, the fun doesn’t stop here. 

The story is about a young woman who goes out in search of freedom and independence. She thrives to find herself, and well, her apartment. 

This sexy supernatural tale has a gallant ghostly stranger waiting for her in the apartment.  

Not only that but he also comes from another dimension. 

How will the romance ignite if he can’t see her and she can’t touch him? 

Well, that is something the creator wanted for us to discover. 


Romance readers must hop onto this one. 

Age matters 


Age matters

Approaching 30 in life, single, hopeless romantic, and hating all the three aspects of her life - that’s our lead character, the woman who aspires to acquire desperate love in her life. 

There comes our hero, an unsociable billionaire, hired as her assistant. 

Now he’s not happy about that either. 

The plot is all about how these two individuals meet and design their own rules of love, friendship, and dreams in life. 



Castle swimmer

Credits to the rightful owner

Castle Swimmer revolves around two young sea creatures who are desperately fighting for their own worth. 

They have been told their future by the people who died years and years ago. 

One of them is the guiding light for people, who are being respected as he is a beacon for them. 

While the other is the Prince, who has to kill the “guide” of people, to make them prosper. 

However, neither of them agrees with the future forecast for them. Rather, this fantasy webtoon takes you to a different lane of unpredictable adventure and romance. 

It has been written by Wendy Lian Martin, an illustrator from Iowa, currently writing for Naver Webtoon.

I’m the grim reaper

I’m the grim reaper
Credits to Deviant Art

Thinking of grim reaper, who might think this webtoon revolves around a bad person. Let me break that to you, it rather follows a woman named Scarlett, who is “Really bad”. 

That’s how the character sketch is. In the fantasy world, it is believed that you get assigned to gather some souls of the worst people on Earth. 

Scarlett dies a get an entry-level job of the grim reaper, and unlike our real world, you don’t have an option to refuse to do it. 


The red king

The red king
Credits to Deviant Art

Ivan is a handsome boy, who comes from a rich background, hates his life. He rather is a clear definition of “Money can’t buy happiness.” 

Known for drinking, partying, and always screwing up, this guy has done something that can make his entire family foundation go in vain. 

He helped a supernatural creature to steal a secret.

This brilliant concept has been created by Berline-based creative artist Heylenne.



Love advice from the great duke of hell 


Love advise from the great duke of hell
Credits to Unfins

Paul is a teenager, who has a massive crush on a girl, who he believes to be “the girl of his dreams”. 

He wants to be with her, but everything starts from his courage and approaching girls’ skills, which he doesn’t have. 

His parents have no clue and friends can’t help, so who should he rely on to help him? 

The guy ends up summoning a demon from the deep lane of hell. Really, a demon as a love-guru? 

Just thinking about it makes me laugh out loud. This webtoon promises big laughs from the very first chapter. 

This hilarious storyline is brought to you by Unfins (Damien) whose even Instagram feed stands proof of the wittiness. 


Boyfriend of the dead 


Boyfriend of the dead

The story is about a woman, thriving to save her life in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. 

She is bound to go out and search for food and shelter, but then she ends up with a guy there. 

Now, what’s new? Well, he’s undead. Read it to know what exactly does this mean!  

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Can they be used as a Korean study material? 

Let me answer without wasting your time - yes, of course. Not only Korean, but if you’re trying to acquire English, webtoons are always one of the best options as they have images, and they play a vital role in language learning. 

Apart from these above-mentioned manhwas, which were in English, there are Korean versions to it, especially for the ones created by Korean artists.

These particular webtoons work the best as a studying option, I can assure you that as a Korean learner myself. 

Rather they also have an audio app to listen to - great resources if you ask me as a language aspirant. 


So, what do you think about these webtoons? Which one will be your first one now? 

Author - Akshita.

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