Let’s get it straight - is Pepero day for singles? How many peperos did you receive? 😉

When people wished me a “Happy Pepero Day” in 2020, I was so confused as to what are they really celebrating. And that’s when I discovered this day on a magical date, and it’s importance. 

I’m sure you want to know what is it as well, don’t you? 


What Is A Pepero? 

Why to waste time, let’s just start with explaining what is it first of all. So, a pepero looks like this. 



Image source: Wikipedia 

A pepero is a thin looking like a pretzel stick deep covered in chocolate and giving a sweet and a bit crunchy vibe. It’s English name is Chocolate covered pretzel stick. 

Let’s talk about Pepero & it’s flavors later, and now dig into learning what exactly is this day!


What Is A Pepero Day? 

Pepero prep

Korea celebrates a lot of such unique days and one of the many is a Pepero day. Just like how on Valentine's day people exchange gifts with their loved ones, just like that on Pepero day people, especially couples and singles exchange these tasty pretzel sticks with their partners and or loved ones. 

Korea does celebrate Valentines day separately, but Pepero day is said to be the equivalent of the day. 


How Did It Start? & What Is The Meaning Behind Pepero Day?

It’s an interesting story behind the existence of this tasty day. Will you believe me if I told you this day has been mistakenly invented by a middle school-going girl? 

Yes, a student from Yeongnam district of South Korea gave a pepero stick to her friend wishing “Let’s be tall and skinny” and wishing good remarks. 

The day was set in 1994, and based on its invention story, earlier it was exchanged in the hopes of gettign thinner and taller, but since then, the meaning has changed to only showing affection for our people. 


When Is A Pepero Day? & What Do People Do On The Pepero Day? 

Happy Pepero Day Card Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - iStock

If you know even a bit of astrology, you must be aware of how 11:11 is magical. Now imagine Pepero day falling on November 11, which also is 11.11 on every year. 

We are talking about it because the main purpose why this day started was wishing to be thin and taller. People soon started believing that to see it’s true and maximum effect on body, eating 11 packets on november 11, on 11:11 am and pm at 11 seconds exactly would help it show the results much faster and clearly. 

The sales of Lotte increases immensely when the day comes. 


What is a ‘Pepero Game’? 

There are two members in this game - both of them covering two side of the stick. The game starts when the players commence eating those two sides. 

However, here it becomes sensual, as they have to leave only a tiny part of the stick. 

And some k-pop idols can be hilarious too. 


Flavors Of Pepero


chocolate pepero

Image credit 


Strawberry Pepero

Image credit: My Snakku 


Almond pepero

Image credit: Amazon.com 


nude pepero

Image credit: Walmart 

Nude Green Tea 

Nude Green Tea

Image credit: Seetracker Malaysia 

White chocolate 

White chocolate pepero

Image credit

Black chocolate 

Black chocolate pepero

Image credit: world.openfoodfacts 

Tiramisu cheese 

Tiramisu cheese pepero


Peanut pepero

Image credit: Amazon 

Double dip with white chocolate 

Double dip with white chocolate pepero

Image credit: World of snacks 

Blueberry yogurt 

Berry Yogurt Pepero

Image credit: Amino 

Cherry double dip 

Cherry Double Dip Pepero

Image credit: Seoul_cafe twitter 

Mint Choco

Mint choco pepero

Sweet Potatoes 

Sweet potato pepero

Image credit: Shopee 

Green Tea 

Green tea pepero


Cheddar Cheese 

Cheddar Cheese Pepero

Image Credit

Calamansi Yogurt 

Calamansi yugort

Yakult Yogurt 

Yakult yogurt pepero

Image credit: experimentalsso 

Strawberry Double Dip 

Strawberry double dip pepero


Peanut & Pretzel 

Peanut & Pretzel pepero


Star Flavor Of The Year - 2021! 

We’ve seen the wide range of flavors in Pepero so far. Each year, the company comes up with something or other. 

Dalgona Double Dip pepero

But one flavor you must try is indeed the world-wide sensation of this year, Squid Game’s  inspired Dalgona flavor. 

Which One Should You Go With? 

We told you the star flavor, here are a few of the favorites that we want you to try first. After that, you can always experiment with the packs. 

You can try the “dark chocolate”, the dark chocolate version, always the original chocolate and the crunchy one. 

How Much Does A Pack Of A Pepero Cost? 

It ranges between 2$ to 50$ depending on the variety of box. 

How Many Love-Related Days Are In Korea? 

Where the world has February 14th as Valentines’ day, there comes Korea with 12 such unique days. 

Diary Day 

The romantic year for couples in Korea starts from January 14 with Diary Day. 

Valentine’s day 

Who doesn’t know this? The world celebrate this special day on Febraury 14, which signifies showing love towards your loved ones. The same goes for Korea. 

White day 

This day falls on March 14th of every year and men have to buy gifts for their partners. They usually go for expensive ones, like jwellery, good-quality chocolates, accessories, etc. 

Black Day  

If the whole year is for those romantic couples, then one day of  month has to be for singles as well, right? 

April 14 is one such day wherein singles celebrate by eating Jjajangmyeon - the scrumptious Black Bean Noodles. 

Yellow Day

Exchanging yellow flowers, particularly roses - yellow or any other color too, is one way to celebrating this day which falls on May 14. 

Couples go to beautiful cafes to spend some “WE” time. 

Kiss Day 

Falling on June 14, this day obviously demands lovey dovey couples to kiss. But there shouldn’t be a day for that, right? Korean couples love this day though. 

Silver day 

This one involves exchanging of matching rings. It’s kind of equivalent to an engagement ceremony. The love birds wear matching rings in the hope of staying together. 

This day falls on July 14. 

Green day

Yes, as the name suggests, the day falling on August 14 is something related to the environment. 

Family, couples, and friends go to lush green places to spend some quality time by having tasty food and drinking soju and wearing green clothes can be an option too. 

Photo Day 

September 14 is the day when Koreans take photos. Some click random fun selfies, while some do photoshoots and then come some who throw parties on this day. 

All in all, its all fun and clicks on this day. 

Wine Day 

Friends, family and couples spend this day by wine partying. Exploring different kinds of wine is also an option. This day falls on October 14. 

Movie day 

Yes November 14 is about couples going on movie dates. Earlier people used to rent DVDs, but now since there are a lot of OTT platforms, Netflix being one of them, people watch movies at home with delicious popcorn. 

Huge Day 

Wrapping the year on another romantic note is the huge day. So, December 14 is all about embracing your families warmly. 


Sounds like a lot of history and information, doesn’t it? Made me feel like it too. 

Don’t worry and eat a Pepero, maybe from our own Seoulbox? We all love pepero as well. That’s another thing that we all are fans of different flavors and would do anything to defend our favorite bias, sorry flavors, like anything. 

wonka cafe

So, which one have you tried? Or would like to try? 


Author: Akshita

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