Once you get the taste of Korea you would always crave more! Get some insights into Korean Snacks that are available only in Korean Convenience Stores!

Korean Snacks Found In Convenience Stores

Since Korea is home to various snacks and go-to food that has now been recognized globally.

 They have Korean snacks ranging from sweet to savory, where you can find them along the streets or on the go! With Kimchi and Tteokbokki making their way around foreign countries, snacks are made using their essential flavor for many to munch on.    

Therefore, here is a list of food sold in Korean convenience stores for you to try:

Hoppang (Steamed Bun Cake)

It is served warm and is usually filled with sweet red bean paste. At some stores or even stalls, you can find Hoppang’s being filled with meat or vegetables.

 As now Hoppang is enjoyed by many, a variety of flavors has been produced including buldak which translates to fire chicken. It is made out of heavily spiced ingredients resulting in the dish having a spicy taste.

 This steamed bun cake originated from Jjinppang which precisely means steamed bread. During the cold winter months, the bun is stored in warm cylindrical cabinets designed to keep them warm and fluffy.

Hoppang (Steamed Bun Cake)


Dosirak (Lunch Box or Bento)

Dosirak is known to be homemade and packed in steel or plastic containers. It was introduced by the Japanese in the early ’90s when Koreans adopted many other items like sushi rolls and seaweed.

 Looking at the ideally balanced dishes, Dosirak is now a go-to-packed meal eaten by many. It has been made convenient for everyone as it is available in almost every convenience store in Korea and even in train stations.

 It consists of bap (cooked rice), banchan (side dishes), soup, and different kinds of meat.

These lunch boxes contain many variations of combined dishes in each packaging, thus you will have a variety of dishes to pick from as different stores may consist of particular selections

Dosirak (Lunch Box or Bento)


Samgak Gimbap (Triangular Gimbap)

¬†There are two kinds of¬†gimbap¬†‚Äď one the triangular ones are mostly found in convenience stores wrapped in clear plastic and the other is rolled¬†gimbap¬†which is often made at home.

 The samgak gimbap is identical to the onigiri which is originated from Japan, they both share a similar shape and may even share liked fillings.

It is made to be convenient to consume and has a wide-ranging selection to choose from. You will often see tuna being the frequent variations in the stores as it can be eaten with kimchi, mayonnaise, and spicy ingredients.

Samgak Gimbap (Triangular Gimbap) Korean Snack

Gimbap Rolls

This is the common rolled-shaped gimbap where you can find in every restaurant and food stall. It is Korea’s most convenient food as it can be eaten anywhere and at any time!

 As Gimbaps is usually made fresh and eaten immediately, you can find ready-to-eat ones prepacked into plastic packaging in convenience stores and supermarkets.

 You can heat them in the microwave for about 30-40 seconds and enjoy them while they’re still warm. As for some, it is best to consume room temperature as they may contain ingredients such as tuna or vegetables.

 Korean Gimbap Rolls

Gamdongran (Soft Boiled Eggs)

What a great way to start your day by having eggs! Not just any eggs, this one is soft boiled and is ready to eat.

 It is known as ramen eggs as it is cooked perfectly with a runny yolk, made to have with a bowl of ramen.

But if you love eggs, you can have gamdongran on its own as it would be just enough for breakfast!

Gamdongran (Soft Boiled Eggs)

Ttingjak Mochi Roll

 Have you tried mochi rice cake wrapped with sponge cake? This savory dessert has an interesting mix you shouldn’t miss!

 As you bite into the roll, you’ll experience the bursting of flavors in your mouth! The filling is filled into the mochi and then wrapped by a soft layer of sponge cake.

¬†It comes in three different flavors ‚Äď Tiramisu, Green Tea, and Red Bean Matcha.

Ttingjak Mochi Roll


Vacuumed Packed Sausages (Hot Bar)

 Hot Bar aka eomukba is Korea’s go-to snack food and can be found everywhere! They are sold in vacuum packs in many different flavors.

 If you looking for some bursting flavors, try the ones with cheese! Just pop them into the microwave and they are ready to eat!

Vacuumed Packed Sausages (Hot Bar)

Honey Butter Snacks

 We love anything containing honey & butter! The sweet and salty combinations have a unique blend of flavor that melts in your mouth.

 It all started in 2014, where a Japanese company released their Honey Butter Chips that resulted in the Honey-Butter Craze in Korea.

 Now, you may find not only chips covered with honey butter but many other snacks. They even have honey butter fries!  

Honey Butter Snacks

Peel Sausages

 If you are a K-drama fan, then you must’ve recognized these peel sausages through the drama series Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. In the series, we know that peel sausages are her favorite snack.

 The difference between the sausages from the hot bar is that this one does not require heating up and can be eaten cold. Some of the peel sausages contain varieties of fillings.

 One of the most famous brands they have in Korea is called, Maxbon. Their sausages come in various flavors in both cheese and hot bar. If you’re a fan of spiciness, then you can try their mini cheese stick containing jalapenos.

Peel Sausages


Tteokbokki Flavoured Korean Snacks

 As you already know, Tteokbokki is Korea’s most popular street food bites. It has a spicy and sweet taste as the rice cakes are mixed with gochujang (Korean chili paste) and gochugaru (Korean chili flakes).

 To make it interesting, Tteokbokki is made into snack-like chips so you can enjoy a crunchier version of it. As rice cakes are made to be chewy, they may not be everyone’s favorite snack.

¬†The chips are made by following the identical form of a tteokbokki ‚Äď cylindrical shaped.

 Tteokbokki Flavoured Korean Snacks

Adorable Korean Gummies

 Considering how Koreans love gummies they even included them in juices, they are known to have many different kinds of gummies or jelly-related candies.

 We’ve tried gummies in our countries but did we try adorable gummies? They come in various colors and flavors that will complete your likings. 

¬†Additional info ‚Äď Korea is home to many bananas flavored snacks, so it will satisfy the hearts of all the banana lovers out there!

Adorable Korean Gummies


Originated from Japan, this fish-shaped pastry is Korea’s well-liked winter street food. It is usually sold along the streets, grilled, and serve hot.

 Back in the day, Bunggeoppang are often filled with red bean paste, but now you can find many different fillings in the pastry.

 They have modern liked flavors such as chocolate, peanut butter, or even Nutella.

Since it is now easily available in convenience-packed plastic, we suggest heating it in the microwave and consume the pastry while it's warm.  



Which Convenience stores you should visit in Korea?

 I bet reading about all the snacks made your mouth water, don’t you worry we got you covered with the places you must visit when you get to Korea!


Convenience stores you should visit in Korea
  • CU

It was formerly known as Family Mart and can be found all around South Korea! They are known for many snacks especially the mochi roll!

  • GS25

Known to be the second largest as it has many food supplies and even cooked food! Many would say this is a supermarket after looking at how wide the variation of supplies you can get at the store.


  • Ministop

This 24/7 convenience store has everything you need, from comic books to on-the-go snacks. To make it even more convenient, it has ATM access and offers bill payments.


  • Seven-Eleven

You may know the existence of this store as it has a franchise in several countries. However, you can’t miss visiting the outlets in Korea as they have a variety of Korean-made snacks for you to try!  


Convenience stores you should visit in Korea - Seven Eleven

Korea has many hidden snacks which have been kept a secret, so we hope this has sparked your interest in trying more K-Snacks!


Convenience stores you should visit in Korea

If you have not tried the snacks listed, we hope you try them soon and let us know which one is your favorite!

Since it’s difficult for you to fly to Seoul, we shall bring Seoul to you!

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A variety of snacks will be included in your box assuring the satisfaction of your K-soul! 

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