10 Delicious Korean Snacks You Need to Try!

10 Delicious Korean Snacks You Need to Try!

Korean cuisine has many tasty dishes, but there are also lots of amazing snacks. There is such a variety, we had a hard time narrowing down this list. Here are 10 delicious Korean snacks you need to try, and one place where you can find them!


Five boxes of Pepero sticks

Image Credits:¬†ace.gourmet via InstagramÔĽŅ

One of Korea's most iconic snacks. Originally available as plain chocolate-covered biscuits, Pepero is now available in many other flavors, including Strawberry, White Chocolate (Cookies and Cream), and Almonds. It's tradition for couples to exchange Pepero boxes on November 11 (Pepero Day), so keep that in mind when you start dating!

Orion Choco Pie

Orion A Basket of Spring Choco Pie with a bouquet of flowers

Image Credits: Orion via Instagram

A classic that has been delighting taste buds for years. Choco Pie is two layers of spongy cake with marshmallow filling and a chocolate coating. Its simple yet appealing flavor profile keeps people coming back for more. This sweet treat is available in several special editions, such as "A Basket of Spring" included in our Pocha: A Street Restaurant box.

Honey Butter Chips

Fromage Blanc Honey Butter Chips

Image Credits: Haitai via Instagram

The Haitai-Calbee collaboration that set off the Honey Butter craze. Their sweet but salty taste and crunchy texture make them popular with children and adults alike. Look for their special editions, including Fromage Blanc and Cherry Blossom.

Sindandong Tteokbokki Chips

Tteokbokki chips arranged in a dinner display

Image Credits: Haitai via Instagram

Pretend you're strolling through a night market as you¬†crunch your way through¬†these chips. While mimicking the taste of spicy tteokbokki (ŽĖ°Ž≥∂žĚī),¬†these tteokbokki chips are on the sweeter side. Warning: they're not the quietest food for late-night snacks!


You may be surprised, but instant noodles¬†are a popular snack¬†for students and office workers. Available in different flavorings and varying degrees of spiciness, ramyun¬†(ŽĚľŽ©ī¬†) is cheap and can be quickly prepared¬†with boiling water. Take it to the next level by adding egg, cheese, scallions, and other toppings.¬†

Tom's Farm Korean Almonds

Roasted Onion Almonds

Image Credits: Seoulbox via Instagram

Now for something a little healthier. These Korean Almonds are available in many different seasonings, from sweet flavors like Strawberry and Honey Butter to savory or spicy options like Wasabi and Roasted Onion (shown above). With fewer calories than other popular snacks, you can eat as much as you'd like with a clear conscience!

Kkobuk (Turtle) Chips

Cheese Turtle Chips

Image Credits: Orion via Instagram

Another nutritious snack, and a Korean childhood classic. Kkobuk, or Turtle, Chips' appeal is in the texture: with four layers, these chips are puffy and very crunchy. Besides the original Corn Soup flavor, there are Chocolate Churros, Shrimp, Cheese (shown above), and Flaming Lime, just to name a few.

Crown Heim and Couque D'Asse Cookies

Choco Heim Cookies

Image Credits: Crown via Instagram

We've included many of Crown's cookies in our boxes, and for a good reason: they're delicious! Choco Heim wafers contain a chocolate hazelnut filling, while White Heim offers a white chocolate hazelnut alternative. Both pair well with coffee, tea, or even milk.

Couque d'Asse cookies

Image Credits: Crown via Instagram

Couque D'Asse is Crown's other popular cookie brand. Buttery and melt-in-your-mouth, they come in rectangular wafers or sandwich cookies. Crunchy and sweet at the same time, they're easily the fanciest treats on this list.

Korean Fried Chicken Chips

Nongshim Fried Chicken Chips

Image Credits: Courtesy of Anytime Basket

Craving fried chicken but don't want to splurge on an order? Try out these Korean Fried Chicken Chips. Marinated in a similar blend of spices and fried to perfection, they're the ultimate snack for bingeing your kdrama.

Banana Milk

Banana milk packs in a store

Image Credits: Liz du Canada via Flickr

We can't be Grammy-nominated global superstars like BTS' Jungkook, but we can buy his favorite drink. A beloved childhood snack for many Koreans, it can be enjoyed on its own or in smoothies and cereals. If you can't find it in your area, there are recipes you can follow to make your own. 

Where Can You Find These Snacks?

Some of these snacks may be available at your local grocery store, but most are only found online or in Korea. But don't worry, there's another way to get them: through Seoulbox! 

Seoulbox March 2023 box

Image Credits: Image by Seoulbox

Each month's Seoulbox contains an assortment of Korean candies, cookies, and chips. With a subscription, you'll save time searching for snacks and you'll learn more about Korean culture. Plus, with each box you review, you get a chance to win a free box.

Seoulbox options

Image Credits: Image via Seoulbox

Are you ready to enter the world of snacking? Go to our website and choose from Seoulbox Signature or V (Vegetarian). Pick how often you'd like to get the box and then pay. Now relax and wait for your Seoulbox to arrive!

Seoulbox March 2023 box

Image Credits: Seoulbox via Instagram

Are there any treats we forgot to mention? What other Korean snacks have you heard of or tried? Let us know which ones are your favorites!

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