10 Best Offline Kpop Stores in South Korea

Kpop Store Near Me — KpopshopKpop has taken the world by storm and has garnered many fans over the years. Each K-pop group will have a fandom of their own and there is no doubt that the current generation, Army's, has the biggest population on this earth. 

Being a Kpop fan tends to make you collect their merchandise and can be categorized as a hobby. We’ve got you some information on some of the best stores to get your merch from!

Best Online Kpop Stores

Before we get into the offline stores, I'm sure if you are an avid K-pop fan you should know where to purchase your items! 

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Labels such as SM, JYP, YG, and Hybe are known to have dedicated platforms where they sell their artist's merchandise and albums. 

Besides that, you can only purchase from online stores where every album or K-pop merchandise you’re looking for would be available. 

Some of the most popular stores are:


They not only sell Kpop merchandise but you can find different kinds of Korean items ranging from K-beauty, K-fashion, and even lifestyle products. 


If you’re on a budget this website would be good for you as they offer many various shipping offers to ensure you’ll be able to afford Korean merch!


Only a few websites allow you to preorder albums but lucky for you Kpopmart is one of them! You might even be able to find second-hand albums at cheaper prices.


If you tend to purchase Kpop merchandise in bulk, this website will help you save some money! Affordable prices are provided when you buy more than the usual.


Gmarket ships internationally and has a wide variety of Korean items. Not only K-pop merchandise is sold but household supplies, electronics, beauty, accessories, and even clothing are on their site. 

10 Best Offline Kpop Stores in South Korea

If you want to live your dream in the K-pop world, South Korea is the place! If you ever visit Korea, this should be included in your must-visit list!

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K-pop stores usually sell items like albums, plush toys, official merchandise, limited-edition merchandise, lightsticks, season greetings, apparel, and many other items that are related to Korean artists. 

Music Korea 

Among all the Kpop merchandise retailers, Music Korea is among the largest retailers in the industry! 

It is most famous as an online store, where buyers can preorder their albums and receive complimentary gifts such as posters or even photo cards. 


(Picture: Credits to the rightful owner)

Their store is located in Myeongdong just opposite a huge Uniqlo building. As you might know, this is the place where artists often host their fan signing events!


Making it big online, Ktown4u finally has a physical store in Korea!  The store is in Jung-gu, Seoul.

Ktown4u has a variety of items from original lightsticks, magazines that feature K-pop idols and include limited-edition merchandise. 

A K-Pop Fan's Ultimate Guide To Shopping In Seoul - KKday Blog

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I can say this store gives you vintage vibes as it is not as modern as the rest of the music stores. The stores consist of merchandise of artists from the 90’s such as H.O.T, g.o.d, and many pioneer kpop groups. 

seoul-future-heritage-5 - Seoul Metropolitan Government
(Picture: Credits to the rightful owner)

Buruttrak is located in the streets of Myeongdong, however, before visiting you can browse through their website and decide on which items to purchase when you arrive there! 

K.Art Offline Store 

Located in the most visited spot by tourists, the K.Art store is found in the district of Dongdaemun. 

You can find many K-pop merchandise ranging from groups of the past generation to the ones that debuted recently. 

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Myeongdong Underground Shopping Center

Having been the busiest place as it connects to the Metro Station, along the walkway you may find various stores which sell K-pop related items. 

It is said that you may be able to get these merchandise at a lower price which is highly recommended by fellow K-pop stans to visit.

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Being an online platform that provides pre-order for albums and merchandise, they are also a bookstore which is located in Hongdae, Seoul. 

If you are a bookworm, visiting this store will be worth it! Not only do they sell K-pop merch and albums, but they also have second books up for grabs! 

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M2u Record 

This store is among one of the many music retailers! You should be familiar with the name as they often provide lucky draw benefits when you purchase an album through their website. 

M2u is located in Sinchon-dong, Seoul, and is close to a subway station that can be easily accessed. 

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If you want to experience Korean culture, snacks along with kpop goodies then get a Seoulbox today!


Hottracks has several branches spread out all over South Korea. This store however is located in Seoul. 

They have a wide variety of items such as stationery, albums, and everything about K-pop! Tourists often visit this store to purchase gifts or souvenirs. 

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withDRAMA Offline Shop

Rumors have it that this store is one of the biggest Korean wave merchandising companies. Their four stores are located all around Seoul. 

If you are attending a K-pop concert or miss the chance to get their specific merch, this store has got you covered! They also stock up most items from big groups such as BTS and Blackpink.

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I Doll Look 

If you are a soft toy collector this store provides all the merchandise from your favorite K-pop groups!

You’re able to purchase adorable clothing for your dolls at their miniature size! They might even come with accessories to make sure they are as stylish as your bias! 

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I Doll Look is located in the streets of Hongdae and now has branches in Busan and Seomyeon. 

Pop Up Stores

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What is a pop-up store? It’s pretty simple actually, pop-up stores simply exist for a short period. Unlike regular stores, pop-up stores are not permanent and are often moving around to various locations. 

Most idols have pop-up stores where their limited merchandise will be sold. 

Here are a few Pop Up Stores:

In the Soop Pop Up Store 

(Picture: Credits to the rightful owner)

As you know In the Soop has now several seasons featuring Hybe’s artists BTS and Seventeen. 

The store was open to the public for about 2 months at the Hyundai Seoul Mall in Korea. 

Lucky for our Seoulbox team, they were lucky enough to visit the store! Watch their vlog here 

The store was filled with apparel that was worn by the members throughout the show as well as other distinctive merchandise.

Many items that vary from blankets, apparel, plush toys, accessories, and stationaries were available for purchase.  

SM Town Pop Up Store 

The store was supposed to be open for a few months but has now been permanently open for everyone to visit due to the high demand. 

Recently, they added new merchandise to the store including the Toraegi by Baekhyun official items. 

(Picture: Credits to the rightful owner)

The store is located in Young Plaza and is the biggest store owned by SM Town. You may find all the merchandise from artists Exo, Super Junior, Girls Generation, and NCT.

Blackpink ‘4+1 Project’ Pop Up Store

In conjunction with the groups’ 5th anniversary, YG entertainment held a pop-up store event to celebrate the milestone. 

The pop-up store was held for nine days located at a café building opposite YG’s office.  

(Picture: Credits to the rightful owner)

There were installations of their outfits, sets and a huge projection of their music video was prepared for the fans. 

Limited merchandise such as clothing, bags, accessories, and stationaries was designed according to the theme and made available for purchasing. 

BTS Permission to Dance Pop Up Store 

The pop-up store was held in Seoul and was associated with their online concert which was called “Permission to Dance”

The store featured the concert merchandise product line as well as additional limited items. Different styles of sets can be found throughout the store making it Instagram-worthy!  

(Picture: Credits to the rightful owner)

As it was held during the pandemic, a limited number of people were allowed to be in the store. However, the store was open for about a month!

Since there were only certain things we were allowed to record, our team took a visit and gave us a sneak-peak of how it looks inside!

Check it out! 



In conclusion, K-pop stores are worth a visit if you are a fan! You’ll be able to experience shopping for the items in person rather than shopping online. 

Let us know below which stores you are most excited to visit!


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