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Halal Box

Enrich your journey to Korea with the world's first halal Korean snack box

*COVID-19 update: all standard shipments are delayed 4-8 weeks (subject to change

15-19 Authentic Korean Items Including:

✔ 3 Party Pack Korean Snacks
✔ 1 Korean Almonds (Tiramisu, Honey Butter etc.)
✔ 1 Korean Meal Packet
✔ 1 Korean Drinks
✔ 1 Korean Seaweed Snack
✔ 2 Korean Stationery/Cute Goodies
✔ 1 Exclusive Tasting & Culture Guide
✔  Pause or Cancel Your Subscription Anytime
✔ FREE Shipping Worldwide

* At Seoul Box we provide a halal friendly product to our customers. This means either halal verified or non-haram items will be featured in our Seoul Box Halal. By purchasing this box you have confirmed to accept these conditions

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