Your reviews on seoulbox and why to choose SeoulBox?

Your reviews on seoulbox and why to choose SeoulBox?

Your reviews on seoulbox and why to choose SeoulBox?


You’ve just heard about SeoulBox but you’re afraid to jump in and try ? Today we are going to talk about 6 good reasons to subscribe and share some customer’ reviews.

As you have probably seen, SeoulBox is a monthly themed subscription box with Korean surprised items like snacks, kit for famous dishes, kpop and Korean related goodies.

 Happy Seoulmate with her SeoulBox!

Reason #1 : Lockdown

As we are in the middle of the pandemic of Covid-19, it is almost impossible to travel or even to go shopping for some countries, and we’re quite sure that so many of you had to cancel their trip either to South Korea or to other places.

We truly believe that these boxes could help you relax, think about other things than this anxious period of time and help you escape even if it’s only for one lunch or one episode of a K-Drama with some snacks. We all need to use every means possible to destress these last two years and to take care of ourselves with some joy.


 Happy Seoulmate with her SeoulBox!

Reason #2 : Memories

It can give you back some old and good memories from your trip to South Korea or some dishes you have tasted a few years ago in a Korean Restaurant or at a K-pop Concert. We are aware that not all of you had the chance to visit and discover this beautiful country but there are great chance you’re either keen on K-Drama, K-pop, K-food, K-fashion, Korean Culture or Korean landscapes and places. As you can’t come right now, we’re trying to make those different aspects of South Korea come to you.

That way you can continue to discover a little deeper your knowledge about South Korea but also to make your passion grow.


Happy Seoulmate with her SeoulBox!

Reason #3 : Sharing

With this pandemic it might be hard to get great time with you beloved entourage even with the ones you live with because you are always together. Sharing a meal you’re not use to eat, or sharing a K-Drama evening with snacks can help you strengthen your bonds.

Plus, if you’re not the usual cook of the house, everyone will get even more delighted.


Reason #4 : Lots of choice

Comparing to all the boxes that exist, most of the time the prices are quite high for less than 10 items inside. Here it is quite cost-effective, especially when you see that your shipping is free, wherever you live. Plus you have around 20 items in each box touching a lots of elements of the Korean culture : food to cook, snacks, K-pop related goodies, K-beauty, and even K-Drama. That way, your box last in time. You probably won’t have eaten and test in the same day, and you will probably finish a few days before the arrival of the next box.


Happy Seoulmate with her SeoulBox!

Reason #5 : Convenient

If you bought this box it might be because you couldn’t find Korean food where you live, so it’s quite convenient to get delivered at your place, even if the items inside are a surprise. Indeed, according to where you live, it’s quite complicated to find dedicated market with Korean food. That way, you don’t have to spend hours shopping in the groceries next to your place.


Reason #6 : Gift

It can be the perfect gift for a friend, family member, or the person you love. Indeed, as the items are a surprise each month, it can be the perfect idea to make a person know about a new subject, or a subject that the person love, here South Korea. By taking a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription box,  it is like you were offering to you beloved one, a present each month, which will make him or her very delighted and excited each month.


Your Reviews from all over the World :

“"A few days ago I’ve got my 2nd box full of goodies and what I wanted to say is that it made my day so bright. I am sooo happy that I’ve found you guys and thank you so much for bringing Korea closer to us! I definitely recommend this box for those who want to get to know this amazing country and it’s culture!

감사합니다 ^^ :heart:"

  • Kornelija, amazing SeoulMate

"my daughter gets the box monthly and is always so excited. she simply loves the entire box and looks forward to it so much. highly recommend"

  • Julie-Anne, wonderful SeoulMate

Here of our happy Seoulmates unboxing their SeoulBox


“Second star to the right and straight on till morning” – Peter Pan


 By Camille Dsz

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