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You Are The Best

October 31, 2019

You Are The Best


Friendship X Korean = The Dream Match 🤤

A good friend motivates you, makes you feel supported and cheer you up in difficult situations 👫

Today, Seoul Box prepared some care package you can use for your lovely friend 😚💕 1. 너가 최고야: Use this when you honestly think that person is so amazing and literally, the best! 👍

2. 난 널 믿어: If you want to give some support to your friend, this is a perfect phrase to cheer them up 🥁

3. 잘 할꺼니까: Are they writing a big exam? Use this to give them morale support! This phrase means ‘I know you’ll do well, (so I’m not worried)’ 😌

What’s your pick? 😃 Tag a friend you want to share these talks with 😺😸

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