Would You Enter Squid Game Reality Show?

Would You Enter Squid Game Reality Show?


Did you watch Squid Game and think, “I wish I could enter to win 45.6 billion won?” Well, now you can – sort of.

Netflix announced on June 14th that there would be a reality show based on the hit series. Squid Game: The Challenge will air ten episodes filmed in the UK. It is currently accepting submissions from English speakers around the world 21 years or older.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

There are few details about the show. However, 456 contestants will play the same games as in the original series, along with some new contests. The winner will get $4.56 million. Eliminated players will leave empty-handed – and alive.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Feeling brave enough to join? Click here to apply to Squid Game: The Challenge.

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