WOODZ 2021 Comeback

WOODZ 2021 Comeback

South Korean singer-songwriter Cho Seung Youn, also known as WOODZ (formerly a member of the now-disbanded boy group UNIQ), is set to make a comeback in March of this year.

Sharing on social media earlier this week, he released a short teaser video on his Twitter and Instagram.



WOODZ followed up with an update afterwards which revealed the name of his comeback album, titled SET. He also released a timetable for the promotional concept photos, MV teaser, and the eventual release date for the full album and MV alongside the track list for the album.



WOODZ’s last release was in November of 2020 with his EP album WOOPS! which features his upbeat and head-bopping song Bump Bump as the title track. The album also includes the unconventional Trigger, which incorporates the use of an electric guitar, and the sweet but groovy love song Thanks to.

WOODZ also had success with his insanely catchy and funky song, Love Me Harder (which is a personal favourite of mine and I would highly recommend listening to it) which is the title track on his other 2020 album, EQUAL.


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