Winner Winner Chicken Diner: The Reason You Must Have Chicken Today

Winner Winner Chicken Diner: The Reason You Must Have Chicken Today

Today is the beginning of Boknal (복날) in Korea.  Boknal is a month-long weather pattern that brings the hottest part of the year to Korea.





Koreans prefer to consume nutritious foods during Boknal, in order to preserve their energy and strength. Boknal's first day is known as Chobok and usually the Koreans eat Samgyetang or Ginseng Chicken Soup on this day! It's assumed that this ginseng chicken soup cools the body on hot and humid days.



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The interior of the little chicken is stuffed with glutinous rice, shooting ginseng, and jujubes. The chicken is then cooked in a transparent stock and served in a single pot made of earthenware. Its actually pretty tasty, more on the bland side, which after all the spicy food I eat here is sometimes good for the glands. In reality, great as an alternative to our regular "chicken noodle soup" when you're ill on a cold winter day.


Yes, on the hottest day of the year it's hard to wrap your mind around eating and drinking hot soup.

But hey, why not try it for yourself? You may find it another great Korean food to try in every summer!

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