Why You Should Subscribe to Seoulbox's YouTube Channel

Why You Should Subscribe to Seoulbox's YouTube Channel

At Seoulbox, we bring Korea to our subscribers across the world through curated boxes, informative blogs (which you're reading now!), and shorts on social media. But did you know we're also on YouTube? Today, we're giving you 5 reasons why you should subscribe to Seoulbox's YouTube channel, if you haven't already.


For Seoulmates who'd like to see what it's inside each month's box, we have unboxing videos. Each unboxing has the name of the product and, in many of them, feature a staff member or intern who will do a quick taste test.

Suji Sohn eating a wafer from the Busan (July 2022) Seoulbox

ÔĽŅImage Credits:¬†ÔĽŅSeoulbox via YouTube

We also have unboxings for Seoulbox Life, our Lifestyle box. While you won't get any snacks, you'll have adorable K-pop merch and excellent skincare and makeup products. Think of it as a snack box for your face and skin!

We also have unboxing videos from you! We've sent a few of our boxes to YouTubers and other influencers to review, and now they're available on our channel. Check them out!

Tutorials and Tests

Most of the items in our boxes are easy to use or make. However, we do provide YouTube tutorials for our instant ramen. Whether it's Buldak or Shin, we show Seoulmates that they're easy to prepare. (Even if they're not easy to eat!)

We also try the snacks and other Korean food you won't find in our boxes. Most of these videos are in our Shorts section, but we also have longer videos on the main page. From strange ice creams (below) to popular convenience store snacks, you'll see raw reactions to things we like and don't like! 

Besides ramen tutorials, we also test out drink recipes (like the Soju and Peach Drink combo from our Pocha box) and snack hacks (like this one for potato chips), to see how well they work or taste. 

A girl drinking iced coffee in a beige coat in a convenience store

Image Credits: Seoulbox via YouTube

Like we said earlier, you'll get our honest reactions. We all have different tastes, but you might be more tempted to get a snack if it gets Seoulbox's stamp of approval. Plus, you'll see a goofier side of us, especially when it comes to the more unusual snacks!


Wondering what it's like to work and live in Korea? Look no further than our vlogs! You'll see YouTube videos from past and current staff and interns showing their day-to-day life at home and at Seoulbox HQ. (There's even a video for Seoulmates curious about daily student life in Korea!)

There are also fun activities, from day trips to special events like Christmas and local/seasonal festivals. And for any Seoulmates looking at specific destinations, we have a short trip to Busan and a fall getaway at Nami Island and the Garden of Morning Calm. We even have a vlog just for Seoul cafes! 

For something different, we have on-the-street interviews with both locals and foreigners, where we ask questions and have them try out snacks. It's fun for us to see their reactions and hear about their experiences in Korea.

Like our taste tests, you'll get to know the people behind Seoulbox better through these vlogs. And you'll get a firsthand look at some popular destinations and underrated places. Another reason why Seoulbox is your gateway to Korea!

A woman wearing a mask in front of trees with red-orange leaves

Image Credits: Seoulbox via YouTube

Facts About Korean Culture

Have any burning questions about Korean life? We have videos for you. Our most popular series is our "Red & Green Flags" about dating Koreans. They teach you signs about what to look for and what to avoid in a Korean partner, as well as Korean dating life in general.

A list of some of the "Red & Green Dating Flags" videos by Seoulbox

Image Credits: Seoulbox via YouTube

Another series we have is "Your Average Korean (YAK)." Our CEO and founder Suji answers questions you may have about everyday experiences, like how to make friends or some useful Konglish phrases. You'll learn facts that you need to know, and some tidbits that you didn't think you needed!

Suji Sohn explaining Chuseok with Seoulzine and Chuseok foods in front of her

Image Credits: Seoulbox via YouTube

Finally, there's the "Seoulmate Did You Know? (SDYK)" series available under "Shorts" and on our Instagram. You'll get a mix of essential, interesting, and bizarre facts about Korean culture and places in under 60 seconds. 

Some of the SDYK videos by Seoulbox

Image Credits: Seoulbox via YouTube 

Whether you're looking for detailed information about a certain topic or unusual facts that you can easily remember, Seoulbox can teach them to you. Feel free to suggest more topics that we can cover in upcoming videos!

SDYK and other shorts by Seoulbox

Image Credits: Seoulbox via YouTube


Finally, we've mentioned them before, but we also have shorts, some of which are posted directly to Instagram. Of course, not all our Seoulmates have Instagram, so we pick IG shorts to upload on our YouTube channel, too.

Most recent Seoulbox shorts

Image Credits: Seoulbox via YouTube

The shorts are a combination of facts (including "SDYK" and "Red & Green Dating Flags"), product testings, and vlogs. If you're just scrolling through YouTube or need a quick viewing experience (e.g. commuting to work), these videos are your best bet.

More shorts available on Seoulbox YouTube channel

Image Credits: Seoulbox via YouTube

Please note that the quality of the videos can differ between a PC and your mobile phone. (The screenshot below was taken on an iPhone 8, for example.) These shorter videos are better for watching on a small screen, though we do have shorts in a longer video format.

Seoulbox YouTube shorts taken on a phoneImage Credits: Seoulbox via YouTube

Now that you know about our YouTube channel, we encourage you to subscribe! You'll have a better idea of what we offer and decide whether to get a box, plus you'll learn about Korean culture in bite-sized pieces. Keep your notifications on so that you know when we upload.

Promo image for May 2023 Picnic Seoulbox with cherry branches in the background

Image Credits: Seoulbox via Instagram

And if you're planning on subscribing, we have a few days left for our Han River Picnic box. There's no time to waste - order a box now for a chance to experience your very own Korean picnic!

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