Creamy and Fizzy: All About the Korean Milkis Drink

Creamy and Fizzy: All About the Korean Milkis Drink

There’s nothing like a cool beverage on a hot summer day. And Koreans have a few tasty options. Today, we’re here to tell you about the Korean milkis drink and how you can enjoy it, too.

What Is Milkis?

Milkis was first sold in South Korea by Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co. in April 1989. Unlike the name suggests, this soft drink has no real milk. Instead, it contains skimmed milk powder and milk flavor, which are added to carbonated water.

A soda can with peach ombre and text and a woman holding a parasol

Image Credits: Image via Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co.

The name is a combination of “soft milk” and “sweet kiss.” The original packaging has the picture of a woman floating over the city while holding a parasol. For its 30th anniversary, Milkis released new images with a young couple floating up in the sky.

Three sizes of cans with a blue background and a couple on clouds painted on cans

Image Credits: Image via Behance

Lotte Chilsung’s slogan was “New feeling of soda beverage,” and Milkis is certainly a different kind of soda! Besides its regular flavor, you can also find it in strawberry, muskmelon, mango, orange, and peach, to name a few. There are even two versions with lactobacillus for extra probiotics!

Yellow, pink, green, and orange Milkis cans with a brown background

Image Credits: Tsuki via Instagram

Why Is Milkis So Popular?

To promote the new beverage, Lotte Chilsung launched an ad campaign featuring Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-fat. Having reached great success with A Better Tomorrow (1986), the actor quickly drew buzz for Milkis with his dazzling smile and catchphrase “I love you, Milkis!” (saranghaeyo milkis, 사랑해요, 밀키스!)

Other celebrities have endorsed Milkis. For example, Wanna One promoted Yo-Hi Water (one of the lactic acid versions) in 2017, while BTS’ RM and Suga made an impromptu ad for Milkis during the first episode of Suchwita (2022).

While Milkis is quite popular with Koreans, it doesn’t seem to appear as often in k-dramas as soju, makgeolli, or even iced Americano. However, it does appear in Reply 1988 (2015).

A girl leaning against a table with cans of soda talking to a boy slightly out of frame

Image Credits: tvN via LouisBlue

What Is Milkis Used For?

Milkis is great on its own, but Koreans love experimenting with this soda. For starters, you can get milkis-flavored ice cream and shaved ice (bingsu, 빙수), which is perfect for hot weather.

A hand holding a Milkis-flavored ice cream stick

Image Credits: Nadya via Instagram

You can also use milkis in a glaze for pastries, breads, and cakes, as Tours les Jours did when they collaborated with Milkis in 2021.

Cakes, bread, and a glass of milk on a blue background with blue lettering

Image Credits: Tours les Jours Korean via Instagram

Finally, you can make cocktails using milkis. The easiest recipe is 3 ounces of soju to 3 ounces Milkis, but you can get more creative. One recipe combines Milkis with Sakura syrup and Roku Gin for a unique concoction. Whatever you make with Milkis, Seoulmates, remember to drink in moderation!

A glass with Nami from One Piece holding a fan and flowers in the background

Image Credits: Carly via Gluten Free With Me

Seoulbox: Bringing Milkis (and Other Snacks) to You

Many people like Korean snacks but can’t find them in their area. We put together our Seoulboxes to help Seoulmates around the world try delicious food and drinks from Korea. Milkis has appeared in several of our boxes, most recently last month’s Han River Picnic box.

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Red Seoulbox with pink bunny, bag of chips, and more on transparent background
Image Credits: Image via Seoulbox


Have you tried Milkis before? What’s your favorite flavor? Tell us below, and don’t forget to stay hydrated this summer!

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The first time I tried Milkis was in last month’s box. My children and I each had some and we all loved it! Thank you for bringing wonderful tastes of Korea to us. We are looking forward to our next box!


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