Ever wondered the reason behind why the K-Pop band BTS decided to split on 2018?

In every band through the history of music had problems in one stage of their career, some of them split up and some continued together, and BTS was not the exception, in 2018 the band considered splitting up.

Thankfully they didn’t, they managed to get over all the problems and continued together. Today the idols are one of the most successful K-Pop bands, with millions of fans and known worldwide.

RM revealed some details about this situation the Bangtan Boys went through.

ARMY remember about their possible end as a band but didn’t know why or had more detailed information for their decision. RM went transparent for an interview for GQ Magazine nd explained more about it:

“Only once the moment has passed and we have processed and identified our feelings do we look back and share a more coherent version of what we have been through. In doing so, people realize that we are human too … I really think we need to open up to some degree”.

Although it is nice, he and the band are always trying to be as transparent as possible with ARMY, it is not always easy:

“But to be honest, it scares me. I am afraid that people will think that I am a pushover or that these confessions could be seen as weaknesses and prompt a backlash”.

RM believes the best way to express feelings and struggles are through music and books:

“It feels good. Once you turn over a card, you can’t help turning over the other cards. In a way, I think its only right to be honest, rather than hiding the negative and always saying, ‘We’re doing well’. But the manner in which we confess our fears would have to be mature and professionally ethical.

Between books, documentaries, interviews, and music; music would be the best medium for us, no? And to do it in such a way that listeners can gain something for themselves, just as I had, and then be able to apply it to their own lives. I regularly contemplate what the best way would be to share such things”.

BTS Break The Silence trailer:

We really appreciate his effort opening his heart and sharing with ARMY this moment.

You can read the full interview here.

What is your thought about artists opening to their fans? Share with us below!

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