White Day in Korea: A Romantic Celebration You Need to Know About

White Day in Korea: A Romantic Celebration You Need to Know About


Korea is truly the country of celebrations, and White Day is just one of those special days. In the world of celebrations of love, White Day stands out as a unique and enchanting tradition. In Korea, Valentine’s Day is largely a day for men to receive gifts from women, and so on White Day this is switched around. It is like a second Valentine’s Day, but just for the ladies this time. While Valentine's Day is widely celebrated around the world, Korea adds its own romantic twist with the introduction of White Day on March 14th, a day dedicated for men to reciprocate love and affection to women. Let's look into the details of this charming celebration and discover why it has become an essential part of Korean romantic culture and what you can gift your significant other on this pure day.

The Origin of White Day

White Day, celebrated on March 14th of every year, is a relatively recent addition to the Korea’s romantic calendar. The tradition originated in the late 1970s and early 1980s when the Japanese sweet industry introduced the concept of "Marshmallow Day" to encourage men to return the romantic gestures of women who had gifted them chocolates or other things earlier on Valentine's Day. This idea quickly gained popularity in Korea and evolved into what is now known as White Day, celebrated every year. 

The Gifting Ritual

The Gifting Ritual

White Day has a unique gifting ritual that revolves around the principle of reciprocation. On Valentine's Day in Korea, women typically express their affection by giving chocolates or other kinds of gifts to their crush, significant other or valentine. So, in response to this on White Day, men are expected to reciprocate by presenting gifts to the women who gave them chocolates. The gifts range from traditional or handmade chocolates and candies to more elaborate expressions of love, such as jewelry, flowers, and personalized items. Traditionally, men were limited to giving gifts that were the color white. These days, some men might give gifts of any color they desire. Before the second week of March, all the convenience stores, department stores, and supermarkets sell ready-made treat baskets and large stuffed teddy bears, candies, and flowers that men may also want to buy for their girlfriends on this day. Every year on March 14, these stores are filled with men thinking about what to give their significant other for White Day. 

Symbolic White

The name "White Day" itself holds significance, as the color white symbolizes purity and sweetness in Korean culture. Men often choose white-themed gifts, such as white chocolate, marshmallows, or flowers, to convey their pure and heartfelt emotions. The emphasis on the color white adds a touch of innocence and sincerity to the exchange of gifts on this special day of love. 

Creative Celebrations
Creative Celebrations

While the exchange of gifts is fundamental to White Day, couples often engage in creative and thoughtful ways to express their love. Some plan surprise dates, romantic dinners, weekend getaways or many selections of workshops they can select from in Korea like making couple rings or making perfumes together. The element of surprise and effort put into these gestures adds an extra layer of intimacy to the celebration. 

Friendship and Collegial Bonds

What makes White Day truly special is its adaptability and inclusivity. While couples engage in the tradition of reciprocal gifting, friends and colleagues also partake, turning it into a celebration of various forms of affection and friendship. This inclusiveness underscores the universal nature of love and the importance of expressing appreciation in all relationships. In Korea, it is also common for friends, colleagues and family members to exchange gifts on this day as a gesture of their appreciation to their friendship. This inclusive aspect of White Day adds a warm and shared dimension to the celebration, making it a day for expressing various forms of affection and celebrating all kinds of love. 

What to Gift on White Day

What to Gift on White Day

You might get confused trying to pick out a special gift for your special someone, but worry not! We are here to help you. Many stores in Korea have readily prepared gift sections a week before this special day. These sections include readily made box of sweets and chocolates, flower arrangements, jewelries, or teddy bears. If your significant other has sweet tooth and loves flowers, you can get a bouquet of them both included.


Or, if you have a high budget, you can get a jewelry that your girlfriend would like.


If she is a skincare junkie, there is a whole world of selection of gift sets you can choose from shops like Olive Young.

gift sets

And last but not least, do not forget to buy something white themed! It can be a teddy bear for example.

teddy bear


As we conclude our exploration into the enchanting world of White Day in Korea, it becomes evident that this celebration surpasses the boundaries of a typical romantic gesture. White Day is a cultural symphony that harmonizes tradition, symbolism, and the genuine essence of love. The act of reciprocation lies at the core of White Day, transforming it into a dance of emotions where both partners express their affections through thoughtful gifts. In the midst of this celebration, creativity takes center stage. From unique, personalized gifts to surprise dates and romantic gestures, White Day becomes a canvas for couples to paint their love story in vibrant hues. It is not merely a day marked on the calendar but a canvas where emotions, care, and affection are artistically woven together. As the streets of Korea come alive with the exchange of gifts, sweet treats, and smiles on March 14th, White Day serves as an evidence to the enduring power of love and the beauty found in expressing it. White Day in Korea stands out as a day rich in sentiment, tradition, and the timeless language of love. Happy White Day in advance!




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