Within your very own Seoul Box, there are many different varieties of snacks you can find, from sweet, savory, mealtime, drinks, or sour Korean snacks!

Korean Snacks

These snacks are carefully picked by the team so that you can get the best Korean snacks from all over South Korea.

So you get to try out popular snacks from different regions. Not to mention some of these snacks are hard to find, but like always, Seoul Box has your back in obtaining these snacks for you. 

You'll have part of South Korea at your fingertips; the best part of all, it's delicious!

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Savory Snacks

Korean Snacks SeoulBox
  • Fried Chicken: 

For starters, you can't go to Korea without trying their forever-famous fried chicken. Now we can't send warm fried chicken in your boxes so that the next best thing would be the fried chicken snacks! This crunchy chip tastes like fried chicken and is inspired by the classic Korean fried chicken. 

  • Kokkalcorn Dip YangYum Chicken Pack: 

This Korean snack was a blockbuster hit in our Movie Themed box! A must-try savory. Crispy corn snacks taste sweet and spicy with Korean Yangyum chicken dip. Its intense flavors will make you cry crave a delicious chicken dish after the movies, for sure. 

  • Butter Rings: 

Smooth like butter, ring cookies are so perfect that they complement anything like a nice glass of milk, tea, or coffee. Anyone who eats these will sidestep right-left to a beat.


Meal Time

What's a Seoul Box, box without a meal!? Each month you are guaranteed a different type of RAMEN!

Korean Snacks SeoulBox
  • Nagasaki Style Seafood Stew: 

From our much anticipated Jeju Themed box, this stew brings a little spicy kick that adds to the depth of the taste. A famous dish inspires this Ramen in the Nagasaki region. 

  • Pear Pepper Bibim-Myeon:

Fan-favorite because of its fantastic balance of sweet and sour, with a hint of spice. There are rich flavors of pear, red pepper, and radish water kimchi which is called Dongchimi. 

  • Rabokki:

If you are a fan of Ramen and tteokbokki then this is the Ramen for you! It's the best of both worlds. You can never go wrong with a Korean snack like this! 



After all of the spice from the Ramen, why not give your mouth a nice refreshing beverage. Tea, coffee, or juice which one would you choose?


  • Teazen Lemon Kombucha: 

A sharp yet slightly sweetened infused with lemon flavor. This baby went viral after BTS's Jungkook was seen drinking it on a V-Live once. Soon after, the kombucha has been hard to find and sold out everywhere. Luckily Seoul Box was able to put them in a box. 

  • Bae Pear Juice: 

It's a light, refreshing juice that isn't bland! Think of this as apple juice; just instead of apples, its pears. This drink is also one of the most famous hangover cures in South Korea. 

  • BTS Cold Brew: 

You don't need permission to dance once you drink this rich coffee. Each bottle stared 1 of 7 BTS members in all of their glory. This coffee can make you shine, dream, smile. 


Sweet Snacks: 

There are many Korean snacks in the box, and it's always hard to pick which one to eat first! Chips, gummies, flavored almonds, cookies, crackers, and so much more are all there for you to enjoy. 

  • Turtle Chips Chocolate Churros: 

Super popular Korean snack right now with its crunchy layers of chocolate chips and cinnamon toppings to bring the essence of churros.

  • Malang Cow Strawberry: 

Soft cotton candies that taste like strawberries. This candy practically melts in your mouth. As if you just tasted a piece of the strawberry cloud! 

  • Jeju Tangerine Dark Chocolate: 

 A slice of dried Tamla gem tangerine dipped with chocolate. Intense flavors of dark chocolate dictate the overall feel while tangerine supports with refreshing aromas. 


Let us know if you have ever tried these authentic Korean snacks yet or not? If yes, which one is your favorite, and if not, then which snack do you want to try!


Author - Kathy.

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