What's inside in June Seoulbox!

What's inside in June Seoulbox!

Today is a super exciting day because we're unboxing the June Seoulbox! If you love K-beauty and Korean culture, get ready for a real treat. The June Seoulbox brings a taste of Seoul right to your door! Let's dive in and discover all the awesome surprises together!

What's inside in June Seoulbox!

Sweet Snacks

1. Corn Cho

Corn Cho


Indulge in the ultimate sweet treat that perfectly marries fluffy corn puffs with rich chocolate ganache, designed to satisfy the most intense cravings. The airy texture of the corn puffs harmonizes beautifully with the smooth, decadent ganache, creating a delightful blend of flavors and textures. For an elevated experience, freeze the dessert before serving to enhance the texture and flavor of the ganache, making it even more luxurious and satisfying. The freezing process allows the ganache to firm up, providing a delightful contrast to the soft corn puffs. This versatile dessert, simple yet rewarding to prepare, promises to impress and indulge, making every bite a moment to remember.

2. Panda Dunked in OREO - Limited Edition!

Panda Dunked in OREO - Limited Edition!


This delightful treat features the beloved Panda biscuit, now enveloped in a rich layer of Oreo's iconic chocolate cookie crumbs. Each bite offers a delightful crunch and a burst of cookies-and-cream flavor that will thrill your taste buds. Perfect for snacking or sharing, this limited edition snack combines the playful charm of Panda biscuits with the timeless appeal of Oreo, creating a must-have indulgence for cookie lovers everywhere. Grab yours before they're gone and experience the ultimate fusion of two snack-time favorites!

3. Namhae Yuja Pepero

Namhae Yuja Pepero


This snack is a unique treat born from a collaboration to utilize Namehae County’s distinct Yuja (Korean citron). Experience the refreshing zing of Yuja paired with the satisfying crunch of almonds and the rich, smooth taste of chocolate in every bite. This delightful combination offers a harmonious blend of flavors, balancing the zesty citrus notes of Yuja with the nutty undertones of almonds and the indulgent sweetness of chocolate, making each mouthful a truly captivating experience.

4. Nuneddine Apricot Pie

Nuneddine Apricot Pie


Did you know this pie is affectionately nicknamed 'Dry Food for Humans' (인간사료)? Much like pups eagerly devouring their treats, people find it irresistible, too! Its golden layers, crisp and flaky, offer a delightful texture that pairs perfectly with its sweet and savory filling. Each bite is a testament to its popularity, capturing the hearts and taste buds of those who try it. Indulge in this beloved treat and discover why it's become a favorite snack for so many.

5. April Tangerine Gwazeul

April Tangerine Gwazeul


Experience a tantalizing fusion of textures and flavors with this unique dish, where crispy fried layers meet the zesty essence of tangerines. Each bite delivers a perfect crunch, achieved through a meticulous double-frying technique, ensuring an unparalleled crispiness that beautifully complements the delicate sweetness of the citrus. This harmonious blend of crunch and zest creates a captivating culinary experience that delights the palate with every mouthful.

6. Custard Cake

Custard Cake


Indulge in the creamy, dreamy delight of the custard center, a luscious escape for those craving a sweet treat. Its rich flavor and sponge-like texture make it irresistibly indulgent, creating a perfect symphony of taste and mouthfeel. Elevate your experience by pairing it with the refreshing Honey Pear Green Tea, which adds a delicate sweetness and a hint of fruitiness, perfectly balancing the richness of the custard for an unforgettable dessert moment.

7. Chaltteok Rice Cake Chocolate Pie

Chaltteok Rice Cake Chocolate Pie


This innovative snack masterfully combines the chewy texture of Korean 찰떡 (sticky rice cake) with the familiar richness of a chocolate-coated pie, filled with smooth and savory peanut butter. The fusion of these elements creates a delightful contrast of flavors and textures, making each bite a unique experience. For an even more indulgent treat, microwave the snack for 10-15 seconds to enhance the gooeyness of the chocolate and peanut butter, creating a warm, melty delight that's irresistible.


1. O'Sulloc Honey Pear Green Tea

O'Sulloc Honey Pear Green Tea


Imagine sipping a perfectly blended tea that evokes the refreshing experience of a honey pear popsicle, a beloved flavor in Korea. This exquisite tea combines the aromatic and fruity notes of fresh pear with the delicate, floral undertones of green tea, all enhanced by a touch of honey's natural sweetness. Each sip is a harmonious blend of flavors, offering a refreshing and soothing escape that perfectly balances the crispness of pear with the gentle earthiness of green tea.

Savory snacks

1. Charcol Grilled Seaweed

Charcol Grilled Seaweed


Experience the rich, smoky flavor of charcoal-grilled seaweed, expertly coated with fresh sesame oil to achieve a perfect balance of nutty and crispy sensations. This delicacy uses the finest hand-selected seaweed harvested from the pristine shores of South Korea, ensuring superior quality and taste. Each bite offers a delightful crunch, complemented by the subtle smokiness and the rich, nutty essence of sesame, making it an irresistible treat that captures the essence of traditional Korean flavors.

2. Ivy More Deep Cheese Cracker

Ivy More Deep Cheese Cracker


Savor the perfect harmony of subtle saltiness and rich, creamy flavors with these exquisite crackers, featuring a blend of Camembert, mascarpone, and yellow cheese. Each bite offers a delightful balance of savory notes, making them an ideal choice for anyone seeking a deliciously balanced and indulgent snack. The combination of these premium cheeses ensures a sophisticated taste experience that is both satisfying and memorable.

3. Pocket Nurungji Kimchi

Pocket Nurungji Kimchi


Kimchi fried rice, a beloved and economical staple often featured in K-dramas, has been creatively reimagined as a convenient snack! This delightful twist captures the bold, tangy flavors of traditional kimchi fried rice in a portable form. For an irresistible upgrade, sprinkle some cheese on top and give it a quick toast to achieve a gooey, savory experience that perfectly melds the zesty kimchi with creamy, melted cheese. This innovative snack offers a deliciously unique way to enjoy a classic Korean dish anytime, anywhere.

4. Yangyum Chicken Ramyun Snack

Yangyum Chicken Ramyun Snack


Open, smash, shake! Dive into the fun with this ramen snack, bursting with the savory and spicy flavors of Korean yangyum chicken seasoning. Each bite offers a delightful crunch and a tantalizing taste experience that's both playful and satisfying. For an added touch of excitement, check out the fun instructions on the back of the packet, guiding you to prepare your snack perfectly. This interactive and flavorful treat is perfect for those who enjoy a hands-on snacking adventure. 


1. Doongji Naengmyeon

Doongji Naengmyeon


Bring 3 1/2 cups (800ml) of water to a lively boil in a pot, then add the noodles and vibrant vegetables from the sky-blue packet, cooking them together for a quick 3 minutes. Afterward, rinse the noodles under cold running water until they’re refreshingly cool and let them drain. For the broth, mix the contents of the deep blue packet with 1 cup (260ml) of cold water, using the handy line inside the white tray as your measuring guide. Place the chilled noodles and colorful toppings into a bowl, then pour the freshly prepared broth over them. To elevate your meal to restaurant-quality, consider adding a luscious soft-boiled egg, some crisp, thinly sliced cucumber, and a sprinkle of chili for a delightful kick. Enjoy this culinary creation that’s both easy to prepare and wonderfully satisfying!


1. Bacchus Sour Jellies RIIZE Edition

Bacchus Sour Jellies RIIZE Edition


Experience the electrifying fusion of sour jellies and Bacchus, South Korea's #1 energy drink! In collaboration with RIIZE, this thrilling combination doubles the excitement, offering a burst of energy and tangy flavors in every bite. For the ultimate experience, enjoy these treats while listening to RIIZE's hit song "Get a Guitar," amplifying the fun and energy of this unique snack.


1. BT21 Summer Sky Card Holder

BT21 Summer Sky Card Holder


2. Centellian24 Madeca Derma Season III

Centellian24 Madeca Derma Season III
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