Snack boxes have become popular in many countries and are purchased mainly by snack enthusiasts! Who wouldn’t love a box full of surprises?

Idle Snack Boxes

What is a Snack Box?

Snack boxes are boxes that contains specially curated snacks for you to enjoy depending on the season, themes or country.

It is called a subscription box where you may be able to subscribe to it on a monthly, quarterly or sometimes yearly basis depending on your preference.

The idea of a snack box is to allow international snack lovers the opportunity to enjoy these snacks without having to visit the country.

What is a Snack Box?

Other than Korean based snack boxes, there are Japanese snack boxes, Chinese snack boxes, American snack boxes, and many others that are trending nowadays.

Besides snack boxes, there many different variety of boxes in the market. Ranging from beauty boxes to jewellery boxes, you name it!

Here are some of the known boxes from different countries;

Japanese Boxes

  • Tomotcha

Have you heard of a tea subscription box? To be more detailed this box consists of authentic Japanese Tea leaves.

You will receive about 40-60g of tea leaves each month. The box contains of a variety of loose green tea leaves where you’ll be able to discover Japan’s unique taste in their tea leaves.

They provide instructions together with the tea leaves to ensure you enjoy the taste to its fullest. Tomotcha also provides worldwide shipping!


Tomotcha Box


  • Kawaii Box

By sharing their passion towards the cutest things Japan has, this box will surprise you will everything adorable!

If you’re looking to boost your mood, these boxes filled with the cutest Japanese characters will be the cure to your problems.

Kawaii Box offers free worldwide shipping and has delivered to 120 countries!


Kawaii Box

Chinese Boxes

  • I Luv Chinese

It is a Chinese learning subscription box made for kids ages 3 to 6. Each box consists of different themes that makes learning fun!

The box also includes free video lessons and various learning activities to help children in learning the Chinese language.


I Luv Chinese

Korean Boxes

  • Bomi Box

You’ll receive full sized Korean skincare products monthly! It includes eight different products full or deluxe sized suitable for all skin types.

It features products from several famous Korean skincare brands like Innisfree, Laneige, Nature Republic and many more.

They ship worldwide and offer free shipping to the US.

Bomi Box


  • Seoulade

If you are a K-pop fan this box might be the perfect one for you! They curate a box filled with K-pop merchandises and clothing.

They have a subscription box especially for BTS fans which contains 5-7 unique merchandise only for $49.99!

To cater to the cheap price, the products are pre-order therefore it would take longer time for it to be delivered to you.



American Boxes

  • America’s Crate

 Enjoy a box filled with American made products curated from cooking utensils to outdoor gears.

Pick the boxes according to your budget! Get well known brands available in a box


America’s Crate


  • Fabfitfun

Lifestyle products at a lower price? Yes! This box offers beauty, fashion, wellness and home products delivered to your doors step 4 times in a year.

You’ll be able to customize the products included in your box where a few products will be added as a surprise!

They provide free shipping only within the US and is shipped out within a month after purchasing.



  • Bespoke Post

A subscription box specially curated for men! Choose from a range of themed boxes containing hobby related items.

If you’re in a dilemma on which box to choose, don’t worry they got a quiz that would help you find which box is fit to be your first!

They usually ship their boxes mid-month.


Bespoke Post


Thai Boxes

  • Thailand in The Box

They put together the essence of Thailand all in a box and deliver to you with variation of snacks, homemade and handmade Thai products.

The snacks and products are specially curated from local sellers from the markets in Thailand.   

Their boxes are delivered worldwide through airmail with no extra fee.

Thailand in The Box


Filipino Boxes

  • Chibundle

You can curate your own snack box from the diverse selection of snacks from the Philippines. They also have pre-curated bundles for you to purchase.

They offer free shipping on orders above $75 and ships worldwide.



Must Have Items Inside a Snack Box! 

A snack box is not completed without these snack in it;

  • Chips

  • Chocolate

  • Nuts

  • Crackers

  • Tea

  • Coffee

  • Gummies

  • Mints


What are the items inside a Snack Box!


What’s the Difference Between a Regular Snack Box and a Korean Snack Box?

Well we know in both of the boxes it is packed with various different kinds of snacks. According to the themes of the month, the boxes may include special featured snacks.

Regular boxes will cost lesser than any other boxes as it mostly is curated with snacks or food.  

However, Korean snack boxes might be pricy as it has premium snacks. The boxes may also contain products related to K-pop and K-drama’s.

Since the K-pop craze has attracted many foreigners into the Korean culture, most Korean snack boxes will include the idols favourite snacks for the fans to try.


What’s the Difference Between a Regular Snack Box and a Korean Snack Box?

Idle Snack box for a K-lover 

Since Korea is home to many known snacks, you have a wide variety of snacks to try from!

What are the snacks? We got you the list of snacks you should definitely try once in your life if you’re a K-lover!

  • Let’s start with Honey Butter flavoured snacks, ever since the craze for everything honey butter it has become the Korean’s go-to snack.
  • Among the many snacks, we can’t miss out on the famous Pepero which now has a variety of flavours!
  • We must include the favourite snacks of K-idols such as banana milk which is BTS Jungkook’s favourite drink. He is also seen drinking coffee very often which why Korean coffee is a must!
  • Korea has a variety of spicy food; we can’t leave out snacks like Tteokbokki chips or anything related to spice.

Wanna try these snacks? You can easily get these snacks in our Seoulboxes! In our latest box, we have the orange flavoured Pepero and BTS’s hot brew latte.


 Idle Snack box for a K-lover

Seoulbox – A Korean Snack Box

Seoulbox’s mission is to share the love for the Korean culture with people near and far so they will be able to experience the taste of Korea!

Seoulbox offers an array of premium Korean snacks packed into a box and delivered to you straight to your doorstep.

It is a monthly subscription box with different themes each month. However, the boxes are available for one-off, quarterly or annually purchase as well.

Seoulbox – A Korean Snack Box

There are different options of subscription boxes for you to pick from – Signature Seoulboxes, V Seoulboxes and the Life Seoulboxes.

For the Life boxes, it is released on a seasonal basis and has a higher price that the rest as it contains premium products from Korean snacks to Korean merchandises. 

The V box is made vegetarian and halal to cater to a wider range of preferences from customers.  

With different themes each month you’ll be able to taste different flavours of Korea!

Seoulbox – A Korean Snack Box

You can now find many websites online that offers various box subscription whether it’s snacks or lifestyle you name it - Click here!

Since these boxes have garnered many people into subscribing, it has enabled many to learn about the cultures of a different country.


Comment down below which country’s snack box is your favourite!


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