What Is Shooky BT21?

What Is Shooky BT21?

Tiny SHOOKY loves pulling pranks, especially ones dropped on friends. The one thing SHOOKY hates most is milk. Hailing from Planet BT, Prince TATA dreams to spread love across the world. Concluding that predetermination is nearby, TATA brings watchman robot VAN to get ready for an interstellar excursion to Earth. Soon after appearance, the Prince reasons that the best means to prevail upon the hearts of earthlings is to turn into a super, no... something substantially more aspiring. Understanding that an aggregate exertion is urgent, TATA and VAN scout for similar hopefuls to partake in the fantasy. Before long they find 6-KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, and COOKY-to become what will be known as the most persuasive mainstream society sensation the universe has at any point seen.


SHOOKY's Story

SHOOKY is a tasty supernatural treat willfully ignorant with unique mending powers and a boundless measure of articulations! He's so yummy he even has a Bakery Tiny Sweet certificate! SHOOKY was brought into the world in Bakery Tiny Sweet.



Birthday: 09 March (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)


Step-dad: Jung Kook

Sworn enemy: Milk

Hello BT21 photo album: Mischievous SHOOKY


SHOOKY's dearest companion is LOKY (most likely named after the film Rocky) however, SHOOKY has 362 companions, which incorporates Bah-ky (comparable sound to a wheel/bah-kwi/in Korea), Helsinki, Donkey, Doorlocky (Door lock key) (cr.). The entire group is known as the crunchy crew, we see a few of them in this video (screen captures of every part). Together they make a gathering who tries sincerely however plays more earnestly! You can follow every one of their trickeries on #CRUNCHYSQUAD.


SHOOKY's Character Attributes

SHOOKY's tinyness and flavor generally put him in the peril of being stepped on and eaten yet he's as yet cheerful! His small scale size doesn't hold him back from being progressive.

After once getting soft as a result of it and because it made MUSTACHE sick, SHOOKY concluded milk was the foe he should overcome. However, he's not terrified of water. He has several allies to help him in his quest. First is COOKY who can drink all the milk for SHOOKY - but don’t reduce their relationship to milk only. The second is the Crunchy Squad!


Fun Facts:

SHOOKY is a combination of the numerous articulations SUGA drew and COOKIEs choco-chip treat that Jung Kook had given him from the start. SUGA concluded that each of SHOOKY's qualities were to be yummy, that he detests what's not yummy, that he cooks as a side interest and that he strolls with a "byong byong" audio effect. He additionally portrayed SHOOKY as an activity taker

SUGA said in the creation of that SHOOKY's companions were called Sooky and Tchaikovsky however these two haven't been referenced from that point forward Individual from the heart-molded group: wannabe

SHOOKY appears to have an ability with regards to chiseling, be it pumpkin, snow, or sand.


For 2018 Christmas, SHOOKY gave COOKY free weights with his face on it and got a train pink like the rabbit.

SHOOKY's goal for 2019 was to battle milk!

At the point when he's not occupied with tricking everybody, SHOOKY generally plays with a b-ball or sits in front of the TV.

SHOOKY's beloved things incorporate his treat companions and eating.



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